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2023-08-31 14:43:55

German Beef Rouladen Recipe + Homemade Spaetzle

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This beef Aladdin may be your new favorite Sunday meal stuffed up with bacon mustard , pickles and onions and a tasty sauce .

Oh , my goodness .

Is this so good ?

We've got a whole bunch of stuff to prep up .

So let's get to it .

Sound good .

Let's cook in chef Billy Rey fashion .

We're gonna start off by prepping up an onion .

I'm gonna be using a half of a yellow onion .

You could use a red , a white , a sweet or even a shallot .

So after you slice it in half , remove that outside peel , we want to thinly slice it or Julian it just like this .

And again , we're only using a half of an onion .

Now , for the pickles Gherkins are classically used , which is a small to medium sized pickle .

I'm gonna be using five of these slice off the end and then what we wanna do just like the onion is actually Julien them .

Now , if you like big bold pickle flavors , go ahead and quarter these .

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If you quarter them , you are gonna need twice the amount of pickles .

These thin little pickles will spread perfect throughout our root .

And now for the beef I have a £2 piece of top round .

The other alternates that you could use are sirloin rib , eye bottom round or flank steak .

Now , what we wanna do is cut this in half because it is such a long piece of meat .

And then after you slice it , we are gonna take each piece and we're gonna thinly slice it again .

So what I'm gonna do is just put it up on its side and then thinly slice four slices in this chunk , giving us a total of eight slices .

And for that last piece , you're gonna need to lay it flat , put your hand on or else it's gonna wiggle all over the place and the shape of it is not gonna be too pretty .

OK ?

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Set this to the side on a plate , platter sheet tray line with parchment paper , going back to your cutting board .

I'm going to lay down a big piece of plastic wrap .

You could also use a Ziploc bag as well .

Now placing one piece of meat onto the plastic wrap , putting the rest of the plastic wrap over top of it .

We are going to use a mallet and we want to pound it thin for size .

We're essentially doubling the size , but it's still going to be about a quarter inch thick .

If you're a little bit thinner or a little bit thicker .

No problem .

As long as it's doubled in size , then just simply set it to the side on a plate or a platter and repeat the process until all eight steaks have been pounded out .

And now to roll this up , starting with just one piece of the pounded out round steak .

We're gonna season just one side with salt and fresh cracked black pepper .

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And then what we want to do is spread on one tablespoon of Dijon mustard or a good German ground mustard like I'm using now , I have eight total slices of bacon sliced in half long ways .

We're gonna place two of those right on top of the mustard , followed up with a little bit of the Julianne yellow onion .

Now we're gonna evenly spread the onion through the other seven .

So make sure to use accordingly .

Same thing with the pickles .

We are gonna add some right to the center now to roll this up .

What I like to do first is roll over the sides just like they do at Chipotle when they roll up the burrito and then starting from the back to the front , tightly roll it , making sure that centerpiece is rolled over to the middle all the way until the end .

Then we're just going to set it to the side on a platter or plate or sheet tray line with parchment paper and repeat the process until all of the beef and all of these stuffing ingredients have been used .

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Now using about a foot of butcher's twine .

What we wanna do is just wrap these around the center .

You could absolutely do another wrap going in the opposite direction .

I don't think you need it because we folded in the beef just to be safe .

Then just give it a double knot of course and then trim off any access , repeat the process again for all eight total of these beef or Latins .

Now , I washed my cutting board because I had beef on there .

We have a little bit more prep to do and this has to do with the sauce .

We have one yellow onion , slice it in half , remove the ends , take off that outside peel .

And then what we wanna do is just simply large dice .

These , this is gonna be used as in our sauce , set it to the side in a bowl .

We have two stocks of celery that we are also going to large dice .

Then followed up with two carrots that I peeled again , large dice just like everything else .

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Now set those to the side in the bowl .

I've got two leaks here .

Remember , you can go up a little bit into the green .

We're gonna slice that in half and then slice it again .

So essentially quartering it .

And then what we wanna do is thinly slice both of these leaks .

We're going to transfer them to a bowl along with the carrot celery and onions .

We're taking that bowl of vegetables along with our beef or Latin over to the cooktop .

I've got a large rondo pot .

You could also just use a large pot .

I'm gonna add in a quarter cup of clarified butter .

You could use vegetable oil or canola oil , turn the heat on to high .

Once it begins to lightly smoke , we are going to add in a beef for Latins one at a time .

Make sure they don't touch each other .

We don't want to steam them , we want to sear them .

You may need to do this in batches if your pot isn't that big after about 3 to 4 minutes or so , we're just gonna flip them over .

We're just trying to get a little bit of a brown sear on both sides just like this .

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Once we flip them , cook them for another 3 to 4 minutes , we're gonna come back to this pot .

What we wanna do is set each of these beef ro Latins to the side on a plate , platter , sheet tray line with parchment paper , whatever you got .

Now , go back over to that pot .

We're still on medium high heat .

We are gonna add in all of those vegetables and in addition , we're gonna add in a small little bunch of flat leaf parsley .

Now we want to cook this for about 3 to 5 minutes .

We're really just looking to get a light brown on there .

You're gonna get some of that fond off the bottom .

Some of those nummy goodnesses from the beef on the bottom cooked right in there .

It's absolutely perfect .

And at this point , we're gonna add in two tablespoons of tomato paste .

This is gonna help add some body help thicken up our sauce .

It's also gonna give it a nice red color at the end .

This only takes about two minutes or so .

We just stir it constantly until it's completely mixed into the vegetables just like this .

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Now , we are gonna deglaze with one cup of cabernet sauvignon or merlot .

If you do not drink wine , just simply skip this process .

We are gonna cook this down until OSE are almost gone .

You see how that wine has absorbed mostly into the vegetables ?

It's almost gone .

This is perfect consistency .

Now , grab four cups of good beef stock .

You know , I've got a great recipe for you .

Here .

We are gonna pour that in there and then we wanna season this well with salt and cracked black pepper .

Now make sure you taste this .

This is the braising liquid that's gonna cook our beef .

So you want it to be well seasoned .

Go back over to our seared beef Ro Latins .

We are gonna add them in one at a time all throughout this Rondo pot .

Now , at this point , we are going into the oven on 325 °F .

It's gonna take about two hours for these to completely cook .

So we obviously have plenty of time here .

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You can go binge , watch a show , read a book , whatever you want .

What I'm thinking , let's make some homemade Spatz while we can in a stand mixer .

I'm gonna add in three cups of all purpose flour .

I have no clue why I added it in the way that I just did .

Next , grab a spoon and we're just gonna make a little , well , right in the center once you've made that , well , we're gonna add in five large cold eggs .

The next thing we wanna do is add in one teaspoon of sea salt .

I've got my whisk attachment .

I'm just going to fix it on and then lock it in place .

Then we're just gonna turn it on low speed here .

Make sure the ingredients are starting to combine just like this .

Now , at this point , we have three quarters cup of cold water .

We're gonna slowly add in there until it is combined into the mixture just like this .

Now , once it is combined , let's go adjust the speed again because we're gonna crank it on to high .

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We want to make this for about 3 to 4 minutes .

Gonna become almost like a thick pancake batter .

A great way that I know how it's done is when I pull it up , it kind of just falls off right like this , this is perfect consistency .

Now , you have the option of letting this rest for 15 to 30 minutes or you can begin cooking right away totally up to you .

Also just another good sign in this is , you'll see some bubbles kind of form in there .

That's perfect .

Now , let's go over to a large pot of boiling water .

We are gonna season it with salt .

I was always told the water should be as salty as the ocean when you cook in there .

Now , I have a spa maker .

You could also use a perforated pan or even a colander with large holes .

Let's take about a half cup of our spl batter .

We're gonna add it right down to our SPL maker .

In this case , it's a little square and we put it right in the center and then we move it back and forth .

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It's got some rubber spatula like pieces attached to this little square here .

And as we move it back and forth , small pieces of that batter go right through the hole into the water .

Now , the pieces are maybe just an inch to an inch and a half .

And as they get heavy , they sort of break off and fall into the water , which is exactly what we want .

Now , these are gonna cook really quickly .

Honestly , maybe just a minute or two .

They say once they float to the top , boom , they are finished now because everything's not done for me .

As far as the are concerned , I'm gonna cook this in batches and add them to a large container full of ice water .

Now , you don't want to leave these in too long or they will be waterlogged but we'll drain them before we cook them .

Now , let's go have a look at our beef aladin .

Oh my gosh , it looks so good .

And the smells are incredible in here .

Just wanna give you a quick warning .

Now that this is out of the oven , it is go time .

Things are gonna move really quickly .

Here's what we do .

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Take each of the beef or Latins out of the Ron dough pot of the sauce and we're just gonna lay them to the side plate , platter , cookie sheet tray line with parchment paper .

Sorry , that's just an old habit from culinary school in the restaurant industry .

Everything goes on a sheet tray line with parchment paper .

Now , once they're all out of there , we are gonna strain this stock completely through a shin or a fine mesh strainer or cheese cloth .

If that's what you have , make sure to get all of that goodness out of that shin as much as you possibly can into that pot , just set that to the side .

Take your pot .

We're going back to the cooktop .

We are gonna crank the heat on to medium high .

This is only gonna take about 4 to 6 minutes .

This is great timing .

Let that beef rest .

The sauce is gonna reduce by about one third .

At this point .

We're gonna finish it with one tablespoon of unsalted butter and 1 to 2 tablespoons of red current jelly or regular grape jelly .

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This is gonna add some really cool flavors in there and the sauce should be well seasoned because we already seasoned it before and as it cooks down , it's gonna concentrate even more and be more flavorful .

Once everything is whisked in , just set it to the side .

Now , quickly for the Spatz , I've got a large frying pan .

I'm gonna add in a quarter cup of unsalted butter .

Once it is melted , drain those spl in the cold water and we're gonna add that right to this pan .

Now , we want to cook it just for maybe 2 to 3 minutes .

We want to get a very light little brown .

And there , remember the heat is on medium high that butter is already starting to brown and melt .

That's all we are looking to do here .

Be sure to season the spa with salt .

A little bit of fresh cracked black pepper .

Give it a good mix .

You could also add things like Parmesan cheese to it .

Fresh herbs .

I've seen spinach mixed in there .

You can do a lot of things here .

I'm doing a very simple , very classic .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Once you've got a little bit of brown on there and they're warm and cook through , send them to the side , these fundamental basic techniques when you put them into practice and apply them to homemade food from scratch .

Oh my gosh , you're not gonna wanna go anywhere else .

Neither are your friends .

They're gonna wanna come to your house .

But when you do these things over and over again , making sure the beef is rolled up tight , the sauce , the spa all of those techniques into these recipes .

It will absolutely help elevate your everyday cooking no matter what it is you're making .

Ok , we are gonna do a few things to plate this up and here's exactly how you do it .

I like to serve the Roan's little casserole dish or a shallow bowl is great .

I also like to slice some of them in half because I want to showcase what's in the inside of these Roans .

The bake and the pickles , the onions .

It's so good .

Now , make sure to pour a good amount of that sauce all over the top .

Leave plenty in the bottom of the bowl just in case people want extra sauce .

Then you finish with some finely chopped parsley or shots for the Spatz .

Add a good amount right to a bowl .

You finish it with parsley .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh my gosh .

I can't wait any longer .

Let's get in this .


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