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2023-08-31 14:22:53

How to Make Pickled Red Onions _ The Stay At Home Chef

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Today on the Stay at Home chef , I'm showing you how to make pickled red onions , making pickled red onions is actually super easy .

Today , I'm gonna show you how to make basic pickled red onions as well as give you a number of flavor options that you can mix and match to customize the red onions to your own personal taste preferences .

Pickled red onions are great on tacos in salads and pretty much anywhere .

You'd have a regular red onion , but instead they're pickled and have that extra bite of ziggy flavor to start .

We'll head on over to the stove , pour 1.5 cups of white vinegar into a small sauce pan and then you'll need two tablespoons of sugar , which you can leave out if you're watching your sugar and one tablespoon of salt .

And we're gonna bring this to a simmer .

I like to add the sugar because it makes your pickled red onions a lot more interesting .

You have that contrast of flavor between sweet salty and that zingy zip of the vinegar .

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Once it comes to a boil , you'll want to remove it from the heat and set that aside for just a second .

Then you're gonna need one sliced red onion and I like to slice mine on the thin side and you wanna stuff your onion and all the little slices into a mason jar .

You wanna press them down in there .

Nice and tight .

One red onion should fit in there quite nicely .

Then we're gonna take our hot liquid and pour it right over are red onions in there .

Fill it all the way to the top .

Now , at this point , you have yourself simple pickled red onions .

You can just screw it on , let it cool to room temperature and pop it in the fridge .

But I wanted to show you different flavor options you can use to spice things up .

Have some fresh thyme leaves , some fresh rosemary , some garlic cloves , a hot habanero pepper , some black pepper corns , some whole cumin seeds and some all spice berries .

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These are all great flavor combinations to pair with the pickled red onions .

You can do each individually or you can mix and match this first one .

I'm gonna keep nice and simple with about half a teaspoon of black peppercorns just put on the lid and then I just give it a little shake to mix up those black peppercorns and that's it .

This is a really simple pickled red onion .

Now , this next one I'm gonna keep simple as well and you can see , I don't have the liquid yet , but I'm gonna tuck in those time leaves and then I'm gonna pour more hot liquid on top .

It's a lot easier on some of these to add the liquid last .

Then we'll pop the lid on with some of these .

It's just easier to add the ingredients in first rather than try and burn yourself tucking them in later .

This next one is a bit of a Mexican inspired flavor profile .

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I'm gonna add in a teaspoon of whole cumin seeds , three cloves of garlic and you want to use whole garlic and then I'm gonna tuck in a habanero pepper as well to add a little bit of spicy heat and pour the liquid right over the top .

And of course , it's totally OK if you spill because you should have enough extra and that's it for that one .

The next one , I'm gonna add some garlic again .

Get those chucked in there as well as some fresh sprigs of rosemary .

So we have a little bit of rosemary garlic going on once again .

Just fill it up with the pickling juice , pople it on and there you go .

A cute jar of pickled red onions with a rosemary garlic infusion sounds delicious for this last one .

We'll keep it simple and add about 10 whole dried all spiced berries and that's it .

Give that one a little shake too and that's it .

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Five different ways to make pickled red onions so that you can keep everything nice and flavorful .

Thanks for watching you can find the full written instructions in the video description .

Be sure to subscribe , like and follow and check out the rest of my videos where you can find hundreds of restaurant quality recipes you can easily make at home .

See you later .


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