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2023-08-31 09:27:54


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ऍम करने को लेकर लोगों के बहुत से डाॅ ।

आपकी भी उम्र क्योंकि मेरे पास ऍम करती है या फिर मेरी एजबॅस् क्या मैं अभी भी दो ऍम कर सकता हूँ ऍम कैसे क्या करना चाहिए फॅमिली करने के लिए कुछ हाइट ही बाली जो लोग गलत चीजें बिलीव करते हैं उनको बस करने के लिए उनको क्लीन करने के लिए आज मैं विडियो बना रहा हूँ ।

इस विडियो ऍसे मैंने खुद भी सत्रह अठारह की एज के बाद तीन से चार इंच हाइट इंक्रीज करिए तो अपनी स्पिरिंट है ।

अपनी माँ से आपको कुछ फॅस दूंगा ।

हाइड्रो करने के लिए तो ये विडीओ ॅ जरूर देखना ।

आपके लिए बहुत यूस फल होने वाली है ।

आपके सारे ॅ , सारे डाउट सब हो जायेंगे ।

ऍम पहला डाॅॅ करती है ।

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Today , I'm making a one pot three ingredient version of a recipe classic .

Everybody loves this .

It's creamy .

It's cheesy and I guarantee you make a pot of this and everyone will come and running .

Let's make my beautiful one pot .

Three ingredient , mac and cheese .

I'm the one pot chef .

This is the easiest mac and cheese recipe you're likely to ever see .

And it's also gonna be one of the tastiest .

I'm using an amazing cheese today .

That's so full of flavor .

It's gonna knock your socks off .

So let's get started first things first .

I've got a large deep pan which I am going to add in five cups of milk .

It's about 1.25 liters roughly and over a medium to high heat .

We're just going to bring this to the boil as the milk is being boiled .

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एक अच्छा खासा प्रपोर्शन करती है बाॅन बाकी का ऍम आप अपनी हाइट तीन से चार सकते हो अगर आपके डाइआॅक्साइड कर रहे हो तो इसी से राॅड पीपल बाली हमारी हाइट तीन के बाद रुक जाती है ।

फॅमिली वन , सिक्स टी ये इतना आसान नहीं होता की सब की अठारह बजा के एकदम से बहुत लोगों की बाईस तक भी बडती ॅ बहुत लोगों की सत्रह अठारह भी रुक जाती है ।

सबके लिए डिफरेंट होता है ऍम इसको पता करने का एक ही तरीका है कब तक आपकी हाइट बढेगी ऍम आप कम से कम छह महीने ॅ डालो ।

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आप अपनी डाइट अच्छी लाॅचिंग करो सब कुछ करो आप छह महीने करो तब आप अपना मेडिसिन लो की आपकी हाइट बढ रही है कि नहीं बढ रही है क्योंकि बहुत ॅ बढ जाती ऍम ऍम आपकी हाइट कोई फर्क नहीं पडता ।

आपकी बोर हो आपके मसल हो चाहे आपका ब्रेन हो कुछ भी आपकी बॉडी पार्ट में जो डिवलप होना होता , ग्रो होना होता है , उन न्यूट्रीशिन से ही होता है फॅस के बाद न्यूट्रीशिन सबसे बडा ॅ आपकी हाइट ग्रो करने के लिए ।

सो इस पॉइंट कोई भी लॉजिक नहीं है ।

आप अच्छा न्यूट्रीशिन लोगे ।

आप अच्छी डाइट लोगे , आपकी हाइट जरूर करेंगे ।

क्या करना चाहिए आप को अपनी बॉडी को सारे ट्रीट देना , प्रोटीन ऍम सारे आइटम आपको सब कुछ प्रवाइड करना है ।

हमारी लाइफ कैसी होती है ?

सिंपल वर्ल्ड में बताऊंगा ताकि आपको भी समझ बोरिंग ना लगे ।

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I strongly recommend you give it a good stir every 30 seconds or so just to make sure the milk doesn't stick to the bottom and burn because otherwise you'll end up with a terrible mess and a very bad smell in your kitchen .

Our milk is boiling .

So we're gonna add in our pasta .

I've got 500 g packets of dried macaroni and all we're gonna do is just stir this for about 10 minutes or until the macaroni is cooked .

Now , you're probably wondering why am I boiling pasta in milk ?

Well , this is comes under the category of killing two birds with one stone cos what we need to do is obviously boil the pasta and we also need to make a creamy cheesy sauce because we're making mac and cheese .

Now , normally when you boil pasta , you do it in water and it releases a bit of starch which we discard when we drain the pasta .

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But what we're doing here is the starch is releasing into the milk , which is going to help to thicken it and be the basis for our sauce .

So when we add our cheese in , we're gonna have a beautiful cheesy thick sauce with lovely cooked pasta and it's done all in one pot .

So there's less washing up .

So just keep stirring this continuously , making sure nothing sticks to the bottom until that pasta is lovely and tender .

And after 10 minutes , you can see the pasta has swollen up and the milk has reduced down and thickened slightly so we can turn the heat off and we're gonna take this off the heat completely .

And then we're gonna turn this into mac and cheese before we finish up our mac and cheese .

I just thought I'd take this opportunity to remind you to check out my social media , Facebook , Twitter and Instagram links in the video description underneath this video on youtube .

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Hey friends .

It's Rosie .

And in this video , I'm making macaroni and cheese in the crockpot .

If you would like the exact measurements , visit my blog iheart recipes dot com for my macaroni and cheese .

I will be using elbow macaroni pasta .

Like many of my other mac and cheese recipes .

I will be using half and half for this recipe .

I'll be using some cheddar cheese caden in soup .

I have my sharp cheddar cheese and I also will be using Kobe cheese .

Now , those are really inexpensive cheeses .

I like to actually shred them myself instead of buying them pre shredded because in my opinion , it melts a lot better that way when you , you know , shred it yourself .

They don't have all those fillers that the pre shredded cheeses have .

So we're going to start off by mixing up our cheddar cheese soup and our half and half .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now you can season this with a little bit of salt and pepper if you desire otherwise this is ready to serve .

Cheesy , cheesy , cheesy .

Oh my .

That looks amazing .

Alright .

Well , I am going to have a little taste .

Let's see how I did .

Mm mm You gorgeous .

The sauce has coated everything .

It's beautiful and creamy and the cheese in it .

That red Leicester gives it that lovely sharp bitty cheddar flavor , but it's not too overpowering and the pasture is beautifully tender and everything just , it just works together so well .

It's just absolutely gorgeous .

Your family's going to love this .

Well , I hope you enjoyed this recipe .


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