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2023-08-31 14:24:05

How to make pickled hot dogs

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What's up guys , Pedro here and on this video , we're gonna be pickling some hot dogs coming up right after this , ok ?

Those of you that know me best know that I love just about anything pickled .

Um except for pickled pigs feet .

I tried those one time .

I cannot , I cannot stand , I spit them out and I threw the doorways .

Sorry for that uh picture .

OK ?

So I've been watching a lot of pickling videos on youtube and I've come up with a recipe that I tweet just a little bit to make it my own .

Ok ?

This recipe is really simple and I'll put a uh put it in the description below , ok ?

So I've already pickled some little smokies with the same brine .

Uh and they came out great .

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So I'm anxious to try them with the hot dogs , ok ?

So we'll , we'll go ahead and cook the brine and while the brine's cooking , I'll go ahead and cut up the hot dogs .

Ok ?

So you wanna bring the ingredients to a boil ?

I'm putting in four cups , 04 cups of white vinegar .

Uh You can use apple cider if you want to , you want to , uh , one cup of Frank's red hot sauce .

Uh , of course you can use uh , whatever hot sauce you want to .

Let me see if I have a spectrum .

They got me a spatula .

Yeah .

Get all of that in there .

Hm .

Oh , yeah .

Ok .

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Ok .

Um , tablespoon and a half of garlic minced garlic .

Yeah .

And three tablespoons of pickling spices and a quarter cup of sugar .

Believe it or not .

That is it stir this up , bring it to a boil , let it cook for about five minutes while this is cooking .

I'll go ahead and cut up the , the hot dogs .

Ok .

So I just got some bar s uh hot dogs from Walmart and I bought a big pack of them .

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This will probably do two quarts , I hope .

And we'll see .

Oh , ok .

Ok .

This is uh , simple .

Cut them in half , cut them in half again , in half again .

So you got quarter , you got quarter pieces , cut them in half and then cut each half in half .

So you got quarter pieces and that's about the size you want right there .

Let me get a couple of jars and we'll stuff them in the jars .

And as soon as that brine is done , we'll let it cool down a little bit before we pour it into the jars .

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Ok .

So I got my jars ready .

Should have had them already .

Type .

Looks like I'm gonna have about four quarts .

This big pack I got , yeah , maybe not .

It looks like it's gonna go quicker than I thought .

Let's see .

Half have half stuff .

This joker right here .

Oh yeah .

Now it's gonna be about two I think cause that's probably that right there .

About half the package .

Maybe even a little bit more .

I might and leave a little room for the wind .

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Let's try this one now .

Yeah .

Oh yeah , these are gonna be good .

Yeah .

Okie Dokie .

We are almost done .

Brian hasn't started boiling yet .

That was a big pack of hot dogs and it filled , I'm gonna stuff them into two jars .

It filled two jars .

That was perfect .

Perfect for two jars right there .

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Ok .

So I hope I let this cool down enough , uh , that it won't shatter my jars .

Uh , we're about to find out , put it in the sink though .

So if it does shatter , I should probably won't be wearing safety vests .

Yeah .

Well , I haven't shattered yet .

I think we're good to get .

I'll go fill the other one .

We're gonna have quite a bit of brine left over .

Yeah , I better do that right there .

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Not a whole lot enough for about another jar though .

About , there was enough prime for about three quarts and we've got two court jas , um , four course .

I made sure that my jars and my lids were sanitized or clean little tip .

I learned from a shotgun red is once you've poured your brine into your jars and got them full and everything , turn them upside down .

And that way the , uh , you see how there's some up here at the top here that , that aren't in the liquid , they're not in the brine .

Um , so they're not really getting pickled .

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If you had it the other way around , the top ones would not be getting pickled .

So if you turn them upside down , it's gonna pickle it from the , from the top actually up or you know what I'm trying to say ?

Anyways , turn them upside down it , it'll pickle better and when you go to eat them , you'll turn them back of this direction .

Of course .

And by the time you get to the bottom , those have pickled as much as the top ones if that makes any sense .

Oh my God , this smells so good .

My wife had begged to differ .

Oh , yeah .

Oh , yeah , I cannot wait to try these .

Like I said , I've already pickled some , these little smokies here .

These jokers Rye here .

I've already pickled these and I've already tasted these and they are awesome .

So I can't wait to try these uh hot dogs .

Ok .

So I hope you enjoyed the video .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you did , please hit the like button and share it if you're so inclined .

And if you're new here , consider subscribing until next time .

God bless y'all .

Take care


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