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2023-08-31 14:35:52

Growth Spurt Story

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Mm .

Some good vegan water .

I can't believe that she thinks I'm attractive , but she would only date me if I was 6 ft and above , man .

I wish I was taller .

I won't be able to dunk at this height .

But boy , if I was 65 , I be dunking like Dunkin Donuts .

Yeah .

Dunking like Dunkin Donuts .

Let's see what we got in the fridge .

Ah .

Hm .

What if I just drink more ?

Milk ?

Milk makes you taller , right ?

Or is that stronger ?

And which milk should I be drinking almond milk ?

Oat milk , cow's milk ?

Uh , but cow's milk gives me the bubble guts .

Oh my God .

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I don't know what to do , man .

Maybe I just need to stretch more .

Yeah , stretch more .

Let's find that old stretching video .

The dude was super , super cool .

Oh , yeah , this guy right here I'm already subscribed .

Then I have post notifications on and if I'm 57 , I should be able to stretch my way to 65 .

Right .

Oh , yeah .

This is the stretch right here .

I believe this stretch .

If I do it every single morning and every single night for a year , I should grow to 65 , like at a minimum like 65 .

So I feel like stretching might take a little while .

So I did hear sleeping on the floor will lengthen your spine so we can try that , you know , proper posture .

Yeah , this is just uncomfortable .

Let me try on my side .

This is uncomfortable too .

I feel like I'm just wasting my time .

This can't be the way to get taller , man .

How do I grow taller ?

Drink more milk stretch every day , get more sleep or all things .

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The majority of you have probably heard or seen in your research on trying to grow taller on May 30th 2020 I created a video called The Last How To Grow Taller video you'll ever need to watch .

And this video went kind of crazy 1 million views .

100,000 likes and 46,000 comments later and I literally had no expectation for this video , but being straight up with you guys and two years later , I still received so many messages about my gross story and how to grow taller .

And I typically respond with the same thing which is , did you watch the whole video ?

Hello .

What's up sis ?

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How do you think I got taller ?

Do you think it was , you know , certain things I was doing ?

It was my lifestyle or you think it was just genetics ?

Uh I mean it has to , I I would say it's partly genetics .

Hello ?

What's good ?

Bro , bro .

All right .

My question to you is how do you think I got taller ?

Right .

Do you think it was my lifestyle ?

Certain things I did or do you think it was genetics ?

Um I'm gonna keep it a buck .

I think it was genetics .

You think it was genetics ?

So I made those two calls , two people I loved dearly that have known me my whole entire life because I wanted you guys to hear from their mouth that there was no secret sauce to my gross spirit story .

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Right now , I'm standing tall at 6 ft six and I can't think of anything special that I did every single day that led to me growing taller but just having good genetics .

But I will say my sister did bring up something very interesting that I will bring up .

At the end of the video .

I made this video because I noticed a lot of young men and even young women were being misled into thinking that you could just grow taller out of nowhere , grow taller in one week or do a few stretches and just grow taller just like that .

And that's why that viral video that I showed you guys .

I titled it the last , the last meaning that it comes down to genetics .

OK ?

And in my humble opinion , I believe that if there was some secret sauce to grow and tall taller , that a majority of men would be at least 6 ft , don't you guys think ?

But that's not the case .

And that's ok .

I've had plenty , literally over 100 conversations with other people about growing taller .

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Not one person came to me with some secret sauce on how to grow taller .

Usually the messages went like I'm 14 and I'm this tall and I wanna grow this tall or I'm 17 and I wanna grow this tall and be this high and my parents so this tall and I typically respond with the same thing which is bet on good genetics , right ?

Bet on good genetics because a lot of you guys are super young and you expect to be very tall at that age .

But when I was 14 , I wasn't 66 .

You know what I'm saying ?

When I was 14 , I was maybe 6 ft , but I definitely wasn't 6 ft 66 .

So you still have time to grow and always bet on good genetics .

I also said I'm not a height guru , right ?

I am not a height guru .

I do not know the answer to you growing taller .

And a lot of people will try to tell you that they know exactly what you need to do to grow taller .

But literally , I'm 66 .

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And all I did when I was younger is wake up in the middle of the night with some growing pains and that was about it .

There was nothing special .

I will say I was hoping that this video would give everybody that still asks me questions , a complete understanding about growing taller .

But then when I talked to my brother Dylan , who I spoke to on the phone , he told me he's like , bro , that video is so big .

I honestly don't think that it's ever gonna stop , right .

As long as that video is gonna keep growing and I don't think the questions are ever gonna stop and that's OK with me because I'm still creating so many amazing videos .

So it's all right .

All right .

And if you're watching this right now , make sure drop a like and subscribe .

I would appreciate it .

I thought this was very interesting .

When my sister brought up and from my research , I noticed a pattern and the only thing that I've noticed that could mess with your height .

The only thing which would be hormonal changes because what my sister was telling to saying to me is that she didn't really notice anything that I did all the time that , you know , led to me growing taller .

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But what she did notice is that I didn't take all these crazy vaccinations when I was younger .

Right ?

So I had the combination of good genetics , but also not infusing my body with vaccinations that could potentially mess with your DNA , which would lead to you not max at your , the height you're supposed to actually be .

So when it comes to hormones , that is potentially something that could mess with your height .

So just look at all the different things that could mess with your hormones in a negative way .

And if you wanna grow taller or that bad , stay away from those things .

So next time you see a grow taller video , I hope you really see genetics , genetics because regardless of where you stand at the end of the day short or tall , they both come with different pros and cons .

So just learn to appreciate your height , your body and master your body .

Ok ?

And I wanna let you guys know that my new upload schedule starts next week .

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That's gonna be two videos a week , Wednesday and Saturday at 9 a.m. And I am very excited to just unload the clip with a bunch of amazing content .

So make sure you guys subscribe , turn on post notifications and I will see you guys real soon .

Stay true to yourself .


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