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2023-08-31 14:42:40

How To Make Fried Pickles (Crispy and Delicious)

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One of my favorite appetizers is the fried pickle .

And this recipe , I'm gonna show you how to make a crunchy , uh breaded fried pickle that you can dip and ranch or just eat by itself .

Perfect for a ball game or maybe just to make a meal out of the first step is to take your pickles , lay them on a paper towel , take you another paper towel and just block those dry .

Try to get them as dry as you can .

Now we're gonna put those into a large , I use a gallon size resalable bag .

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I wanna put about uh three tablespoons of all purpose flour in here just to lightly coat these , seal the bag up and then just shake those around and let the flower lightly coat all those pickles .

And I'm just doing a small batch of these just to show you how to do it .

All right , we're gonna make our wet batter .

Uh put a cup of all purpose flour in a bowl .

You'll wanna add a teaspoon of paprika and a quarter of a teaspoon of cayenne and that's it .

Not gonna really overcomplicate this .

You want the taste of the pickle to really stand out .

I'm gonna add some butter milk and I didn't exactly do an exact measurement .

What you wanna do is just add a little bit and then stir it and then add some .

You wanna get this batter to the consistency of a pancake batter .

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All right .

That's got a wet batter .

Now , I'm gonna take a little bit of fresh deal .

Wanna just chop this up real fine about a tablespoon or so full is enough .

And then I'm gonna put about a cup or so of panco bread crumbs into another bowl .

Add my deal into that .

You wanna just toss that around or get in there with a fork or with your hand and just kind of mix it up a little bit .

That'll be the final coating to go on the pickles before we put them in the oil and fry them .

All right .

Now you wanna take the pickles out of the bag , they lightly coated it with the flour and put those into your wet batter .

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And then once you get those coated really good with the batter , uh You wanna put them over into the bread crumb and the deal mixture and just give them a little coat of that on the outside , just toss those around in that a little bit and go ahead and put them in some hot canola oil about 325 degrees .

I'm only doing five for the purpose of this video .

But if you're cooking a lot of them , you want to do them in batches , you just probably want to fry a few at a time .

You don't want to cool the oil down too much .

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You just wanna let those fry just for a few minutes .

You're not really trying to cook the pickle , the pickle .

You want to have some crunch to it still , or at least I do , but you're looking for the coating or the batter on the outside , the breading rather just to get nice and brown .

He's been cooking just for a few minutes .

I'm gonna go ahead and take them out now and you wanna put them on some paper towels and let them drain .

Um All right there you have it .

That's fried pickles and you can serve these with some ranch or whatever dipping sauce that you like .

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