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2023-08-31 10:17:25

2 Easy Ways to Make Cheese Sauce Like a Chef _ Mac 'n' Cheese & Cauliflower Cheese _ Sorted Food

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Hi , I'm Ben , one of the chefs at sorted Food .

And today I'm gonna show you how to make cheese sauce two different ways .

It stems from a mother sauce be .

It's a basic you're gonna want to learn it because you can use it for so many different things .

The first dish we're gonna do is got your name all over it .

Mike Kimchi , Mac and cheese .

Oh , can't wait .

It starts with a white sauce that we turn into a cheese sauce and then we'll turn it into a Mac and cheese and basically no recipe .

There's only three ingredients in this basic white sauce .

Butter , flour and milk .

We're gonna start with the butter , so into a pan over a medium heat , you're gonna add about a heaped tablespoon of butter .

Now you can't really tablespoon of butter , but cut it off the block or the stick of butter .

So you end up with about a heaped tablespoon .

You throw it in the pan .

Now you want to let that melt down .

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It will begin to foam .

When it goes quiet .

You're then gonna add in the same quantity of plain flour , so a heat tablespoon now you can weigh it out , and it's about 50 grammes of butter , and it's about 40 grammes of flour .

Fine , but a heat tablespoon of butter and a heat tablespoon flour is all you need to remember .

So there we go .

The butter's completely melted .

It's foaming , and that's really the key .

For whenever you're cooking in butter , you want it to foam .

Then you want it to sizzle a bit .

See how it's quieting down .

Scatter in the flour and then quickly stir it into a paste still over the heat , and you're just gonna stir it until all of that flour combines into all of that butter , and then you're gonna add milk a little bit at a time .

Every time you add some milk , stir it again until it becomes lump free , and eventually you're gonna add in a whole pint of milk .

So it's a heat tablespoon of butter , a heat tablespoon of flour and then a pint of milk .

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Now the initial stage , it'll actually look like it's getting thicker , and you'll think , How am I adding in liquid ?

Yet ?

It's getting thicker .

Don't worry , that's what it's supposed to do .

But then add a little bit more , you see , it'll go lumpy .

Stir it until it's no longer lumpy and then add in more .

Some people choose to whisk a sauce .

Personally , I've never bothered cos if you do it this way , it's lump free anyway .

Once that's combined , even a little bit more this whole time , you're over a gentle medium heat now .

This is not how I was taught to make a white sauce or a best meal .

Typically , the milk would be warm when you add it .

Typically , you would have infused the milk in a pan with flavours like an onion that you've studied with cloves made a couple of bay leaves .

It gives the milk flavour that you're adding to the sauce .

That's the classic version .

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And if you're doing it just as a white sauce , maybe for layers in a lasagna , then yes , add that extra flavour for me .

Midweek .

I don't bother .

I use the milk cold .

I don't bother to infuse it cos we're adding flavours later on .

Now you can see it's nice and smooth .

Once it starts to become more liquid , you don't want to add too much more until that has come to a bubble .

If you wanna heat it to a bubble , then add in more .

At first you do very small amounts .

When you get towards the end , you can do bigger amounts until that entire pint is in .

You do wanna keep stirring it to make sure that it doesn't stick on the bottom .

But once all the milk is added , you're then going to let it very gently .

Simmer while you carry on , stirring for another couple of minutes and one last thing to add one of your favourite words .

Mike .

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If you don't want to use milk , use stock , stock , fish , stock , chicken stock and what you end up with exactly the same method .

Heat , tablespoon of butter , heat , topo of flour , pint of stock , a volute and that can be the basis to chicken pot pie that can be the basis to fish pie .

You can make so many different dishes with this same method .

I'm a chef , and this is my ballot .

Once it's been gently simmering for a couple of minutes , you want to season it if you're keeping it as a white sauce .

Salt , pepper and a little grating of nutmeg is traditional and delicious .

We're gonna leave the nutmeg out because we're gonna divide this basic white sauce into two .

And I'm gonna show you how to make two different cheese sauces with two different uses .

Purists would say white pepper , so you don't spoil the sauce , but I use what I have and don't give a monkey's genuinely .

This is how I make a white sauce , which I can then turn into a cheese sauce at home .

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This method , it's not traditional , but it is awesome , and it will work .

You don't even have to put the chef's jack up on to do it .

Thank goodness for that cos I care about how I look .

Oh , I quite like this .

This rendition of chef jacket that was unnecessarily mean for me .

I apologise , mate .

Sorry .

These quantities obviously make you a pint of white sauce , which you then turn into cheese sauce .

That would be enough for four portions of the two dishes we're making if it's a side dish or a light lunch or two portions .

If it's a meal , how do you know when it's ready ?

Well , one .

The consistency .

You should be able to draw a line through the back of a spoon and it hold that line .

That's the kind of consistency you're looking for and then taste it and make sure it's a seasoned and B , not chalky or floury .

It should be smooth and silky and absolutely delicious , which that is for a cheese sauce .

Obviously you want cheese , and it should be a real cheesy cheese .

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You get lots of flavour for this first one , I'm gonna use a cheddar , a mature cheddar , and in terms of quantity , you want about three times as much sauce to grated cheese , so 3 to 1 as a ratio .

If you go 1 to 1 like super super cheesy , it'll be really thick , and you can let it cool down and you can spit it on toast .

And that becomes Welsh reddit .

Over the gentlest of heat , you're gonna stir through your grated cheese until it's all smooth .

Once the cheese has melted into the sauce , then you can add your flavour .

Fresh herbs .

You could add some pesto in there .

We're going for chopped up kimchi .

So a nice , crunchy kimchi .

Stir that through and just watch the colour that that turns this amazing sauce .

Mm .

So kimchi is a South Korean cabbage dish that's full of kind of chilli and is fermented , so it's tangy as well .

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And I think that combo of kimchi and cheese was really made famous in L a several years ago in the street Food trend really kind of Mexican and Korean food combined .

And that is why this just works so well to turn it into our Mac and cheese .

I've just got pasta , which we've just boiled still slightly , Auden Cos it is gonna go through the oven and stir that in .

Yes , this is happy food that's so easy .

Yes , I know this is an even macaroni pasta in a Mac and cheese , but use whatever pasta you have in your Staples cupboard , finish it with a little bit of cheese and then into a hot oven as hot as you can or under a grill .

You just want to colour it .

The second dish , one of the Internet's favourite , one of my favourite dishes cauliflower cheese , exactly the same white sauce before .

Obviously , I've already got half a batch that I saved into that .

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Instead of cheddar , I'm gonna add blue cheese , a blue cheese , cauliflower cheese unreal and exactly the same ratio as before .

3 to 13 times as much sauce to cheese .

It's a strong blue cheese .

Crumble it in and stir it in until it melts .

Chop done .

Blue cheese isn't for everyone .

Personally , I love it in a sauce like this , but you use whatever cheese you either have or that you love .

Smoked cheese is really good in a cheese sauce .

I'm saving you all the boring bits , just like the pasta .

I have boiled the cauliflower florets in salted water and tail just cooked in al dente , but I've drained them .

I'm gonna pour the sauce over the top and finish it with a crumb of bread crumbs and almonds .

And if that doesn't make you go wobbly at the knees .

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Oh , I don't know what will in Dr OK , there we go two ways with cheese sauce , the kind of food that I love to cook midweek at home , pair either these with a crisp salad or some sauteed green veg , and you've got a wholesome meal and obviously , mix up the flavours .

Mix up the cheese , mix up the pasta shapes , mix up the additional flavours , put it over other veg other than just cauliflower .

Make it your own .

And if you want to give this new skill a go , then right now over on our meal packs app .

There is a hybrid of the two .

It is a one pot cauliflower , Mac and cheese , along with other recipes This week in your meal pack , you can go and give it a go .

You have tasty food .

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You'll save money in your shopping and it's free for a month .

Come on , Go check it out .

Ready for the second best part of this video .

We all know the first part was the bubbling cheese .

Yeah , that's so true .

Do you know ?

I know what kimchi Mac and cheese tastes like , and it's amazing .

I'd like to try your blue cheese .

Holy look , I'm not gonna lie .

There's healthier ways to eat veg , but I don't think there's many that are tastier .

Great point .

Oh , wow .


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