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2023-08-31 09:23:53

Guntur Chicken Biryani Recipe _ How To Make Guntur Biryani _ Chicken Biryani Recipe By Varun Inamdar

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Hey guys , it's me , the Bombay chef and welcome to get curry .

Well , today's recipe is my take on chicken Ur Biyani .

Well , earlier I used to get a little confused about the color of the biryani , whether it's red , green or yellow .

Eventually I started making the biryani yellow and color .

So this recipe is from me to you .

That's the , well , this biryani is very special .

It's very peculiar because it uses three spices .

Primarily .

The first one of course is mace .

The second one is and the third one is a very unique spice called Marti Mogo .

Well , Meraki Mogo has got nothing to do with or with Maharashtra .

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It is a spice which is fairly used in South Indian food most over food and food from the .

And well , I personally know for a fact that Marra Mogo could be a challenge in terms of sourcing .

But let me assure you when tell you the basic flavor combination of Marti Mobo is a combination of mustard , black mustard and black pepper .

Use a little bit of both crush that together nice and fresh and add it right towards the end of the Biryani .

And you will reach a little closer even by avoiding the use of Marti Mugo .

So remember that and let's get cracking .

Let's begin with heating a pan on high flame and adding in a combination of oil and heat .

We of course need g in 2 to 3 stages in this recipe .

This is the first part , of course , when the Guan oil combination just kind of begins to heat up , we'll start adding in the garam masala .

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In this case , Maati Mogo stares maize , green cardamom , cinnamon , black peppercorns , cloves and royal cumin also known as Shahira .

With this , I'm also gonna add in cashew nuts and sliced onions to hasten up the cooking process .

I'm gonna add in salt and mix this space at this stage .

You'll notice three things .

The onions have just begun to shrink .

Also , they're changing its color simultaneously .

The cashews are getting toasted and changing the golden brown .

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The third thing is that the spices are gradually releasing its flavor , which is very important .

Once the onions beautifully caramelized , you lower the flame and add in paste of ginger and garlic .

And along with this , some powder spices breaking with red chili powder , coriander , powder herbs like mint Ganda and give this a quick step .

Once the raw flavor of the ginger and garlic goes away , we'll be adding two more ingredients , sliced tomatoes along with green cherries .

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Now the masala is done and ready at this point in time in case you want to make the biryani at a later stage .

This masala can be refrigerated .

When you begin to make it , you get the masala out , put it on the pot , add in the rice , add in the water , milk , coconut milk and get cracking right from the beginning .

This is almost like I said , like a , quite a misnomer .

Well , they call this a biryani but it's a good to biryani for all we know .

So you just let's add in the pieces of chicken .

And on top of this , I'm gonna squeeze in some lemon .

I'm gonna add in some more salt this time for the chicken .

Now remember the earlier measurement was only for the onions to get caramelized .

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And along with this , I'm gonna add in for milk , regular milk and car .

Let's mix this one and a chicken .

You need to cook the chicken on medium flame for 15 minutes .

You can cover it only if you wish to .

Let's have a quick check , stir this .

Well , and if you see the chicken closely , it's just started releasing from its bone at this stage .

After lowering the flame , I'm gonna top this up with parboiled rice which is still warm , spread this out like so without pressing the rice , it needs to breathe literally even while cooking further .

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The next step is to create a coloring mix in half a teaspoon of turmeric .

I'm gonna add in three tablespoons of cold water .

Start this one , ensure that there are no lumps and this gets added on top of the rice like soup .

This will add in a wonderful element of color without bringing in the taste of turmeric .

Finally , I'm gonna place hard boiled eggs after placing the eggs adding in the remaining amount of key .

Remember I said we're going to use it in 2 to 3 batches , but this happens to be two .

You can add some while serving as well .

Finally , we will cover this and cook this under th for 15 minutes on loaf lame with this .

Of course the flame , you keep the biryani cover it for a little while and that's how it looks .

Now .

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Now this is ready to serve with this .

Your chicken Guntur biryani is done and ready .

Well in gun , I've seen several grains of rice being used while making this Biryani long grain grain alike .

You choose the grain that you have at hand or you like in this Biryani specifically on that note like the video , if you've liked it , share it with your family , share it with their friends and stay tuned to get carried for most such recipes .

Bye .


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