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2023-08-31 13:53:47

Hypnosis for Water Fasting ~ SLEEP ~ plus subliminals

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When you're ready , take in a nice deep breath and close your eyes , get comfortable and allow your body to sink deeper into your bed .

Just focus on the sound of my voice relaxing you and guiding you .

Feel the feeling of the velvety darkness behind your eyelids .

The darkness seems deep relaxing and soothing .

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Allow all the tiny muscles around your eyes to relax deeply , to unwind deeper and deeper , relaxed and allow the same quality of relaxation to start to flow down your entire body .

The tiny lines in your forehead begin to smooth out relaxing , relaxing , deeper and deeper .

Any tension in your scalp area floats away .

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Everything relaxes that wonderfully deep quality of relaxation continues down your throat and your neck down into your shoulders , massaging out any stress , any thoughts , any tension of the day , your chest , your belly , you are begin to feel deeply , deeply relaxed .

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There's one wonderful quality of relaxation goes into your very cells penetrates every muscle fiber as it continues to slow down your pelvic area , your thighs , your knees , your calves , deeply , deeply relaxed your ankles , your feet , your toes , and even the soles of your feet , the palms of your hands .

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Everything is so deeply relaxed .

Now , you have a feeling of sinking deeply , deeply into your body , into the bed .

Almost a feeling of detachment now .

And as you sink deeper and deeper , as your body continues to relax more and more profoundly than ever before , just imagine the landscape of your mind as a clear white canvas .

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Any thoughts , the comment , they just float on by like white clouds on this white canvas and you're so relaxed , you don't even pay much attention .

They just float on by .

No one needs anything from you right now .

No one wants anything .

It's just you in this moment .

And my voice guiding you deeper and deeper into the state .

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A profound , yes , profound relaxation and the thoughts you wipe them away on the white canvas in your mind and the canvas is there waiting patient .

But first , we're going to relax our minds even deeper .

So imagine a staircase in front of you .

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The staircase leads down down down to the depths of relaxation .

And let's begin to descend the staircase .

Only 10 steps to the deepest levels of our minds .

10 deeper and deeper .

Nine going down , going down further .

Hey , let him go .

Let him go seven , deeper and deeper , relaxed sex .

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Oh This feels so good .

Five halfway there for reaching very deep levels of relaxation , sorry , deeper and deeper to let him go .

One and now step off of the staircase into the deep deep , subconscious part of your mind .

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It's OK here where you're deeply relaxed and you can create anything you desire .

See the canvas now floating quickly down the stairs down to meet you and presented once more in front of you in this d deep , deep state of relaxation and calm .

Now you're going to imagine seeing an image of yourself on the canvas , an image that is perfected , that is gorgeous .

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Any way you want , see yourself at your perfect weight , fit healthy , happy , active , loving your life , able to engage more with others .

See yourself having come through all of your fasting .

See yourself having achieved your goal at the end of your fast .

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Think back to how exactly you fasted .

Did you do it in one shot or did you have smaller fasts to get to your goal ?

However you did it , it was perfect for you .

It got you to your goal .

Your perfect goal , weight of health , happiness , fitness .

Now step in to the canvas , try on your new body for size .

Imagine yourself now putting on that new body .

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Look down at yourself , look at your flat stomach , look at your nice thighs and your cute butt behind you .

Look at your arms , beautiful , your collarbones , you're back , run your hands over your body .

Feel how amazing it feels .

Your body feels slim and tight , so nice , so good .

You have achieved your objective .

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You have released the excess fat and the excess weight you didn't really need .

Your body is healthy , happy , your joints feel better .

Your health has improved so much .

Your heart pumps happily in your chest .

You have good positive feelings about yourself .

You feel beautiful or handsome , you feel sexy , you know who you are , you feel wonderful .

You've achieved your goal , you stuck to it .

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You didn't give up because you're not a quitter .

You achieve , you finish because that's who you are .

Fasting is easy for you .

You simply don't care about the food .

You can easily even cook for others if you need to .

And it simply doesn't affect you .

You might enjoy the smells , but that's all it is .

You can enjoy it without it affecting you without wanting to partake in it .

It's easy for you to say no and you drink your water faithfully .

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Any supplements , electrolytes , you take those faithfully so that you continue to feel at your best .

It's easy to fast .

You're so focused on other things .

You don't even notice the time passed .

You are dedicated and you are achieving your goal every single day .

You wake up in the morning and you feel thinner than you were the day before .

It feels so good as you reach down and put each hand on your hip bones , you're healthy .

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You're exactly the way you want to be full of life , full of energy and full of happiness .

You've reached your desired goal , weight , your mind is clear and your body healed during fasting , your body has had the needed time to heal from any conditions to recycle the old unwanted cells that weren't functioning at their optimal level .

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Your body is a magnificent machine and it knows exactly what to do and it's been doing it this entire time as you've been fasting faithfully and easily .

You don't care about food anymore .

You focus on drinking your water and keeping your mind focused on other tasks .

Things that you want to accomplish .

It's easy for you to fast and people admire you at how dedicated you are for you .

It's not a big deal .

It's just so easy to do .

In fact , you can incorporate fasting at any time .

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Always with optimal health and mind , you feel wonderful at achieving your goals .

Fasting gives you the mental clarity , the health , the spiritual clarity that you've always wanted .

You've found the key to perfect your body and mind .

It's so easy for you to fast .

And as you go to sleep at night , you'll continue losing excess fat .

You don't need , your body will continue to heal itself and do all it needs to do from the inside out .

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Your mind is settled and calm and you feel amazing .

You've never felt so good in your entire life .

Fasting feels so good and you easily incorporate it into your everyday life .

Now , it's just a part of you continue on .

Now , as you sleep tonight , continuing to envision your perfectly fit and healthy body .

In perfect health , mentally , physically and spiritually raising your vibration with each and every day as you come closer and closer to achieving your goal , your envisioned self perfected , drift off into sleep .

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Now , with the knowing that you are achieving your goal .


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