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2023-08-31 09:24:08

Chicken Biryani - 65 Makhani Chicken Biryani - Spl Biryani with Hyderabadi Dilkush Bakery Sweet

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Of course , you have to be in love .

But there is another way also , you know , during the time we love to get this and yet you can make that very easily at home .

What is this is a kind of a sweet bread with a lot of sweet stuffing .

So that is made with leftover cakes .

This is nice walnut , raisin , muffin .

And here is a chocolate muffin , another fruit cake which we make .

So in this , it has all the dry fruits , the walnut , fruity , fruity everything .

So all we're going to do is just crumble them .

And in this , you can put some fruit jump .

We're going to add some sugar , had very little water so that this becomes nice and moist .

So the dry cake is now moisture and this is what we're going to use as a stuffing .

Most of the times when you get at the bakers , they add a little bit of reddish color .

Hm .

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It's got the right taste for my .

We're going to make the bread dough , warm water in which you add some sugar , then add some yeast and mix it .

Well , take all purpose flour and add a little bit of salt and this yeast water into it and make this into very soft dough .

When the dough is nice and soft , add a little bit of oil punch , it need it well , and then let it rest rest for one hour .

That's when it will become double in size .

Give it a punch .

Let all the air go away in this .

We're going to add some flour and we're going to take the dough this time .

All you need to do is just press the dough .

Punch it a little bit again .

Turn it to the other side .

Boom , boom .

Take the entire sweet mixture .

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Put it in the center , imagine very thick para so just get the edges and put it in the center like this , turn it to the other side and slowly with the hand , just press it once you let it rest for some more time , this is going to be beautiful .

Take a tray which I buttered and put some flour and now on the edges press it like this .

That should be enough and just we're going to give some egg wash .

We're going to let it rest for another 15 minutes .

So after resting for some time and we're going to give milk wash .

So milk sugar and uh a little bit of water , just dip the cloth .

Give this wash .

What this does is the milk wash will give a very nice color for your ilk .

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Uh Now take it and in the oven at 220 degrees C So this next biryani is an accidental biryani .

A lot of you may be thinking , oh , these guys makes all the time biryani .

But we make so many biryani at home .

This is so tasty that I have to share it with you .

We had , you know , masala gravy leftover , we had some chicken 65 leftover and we put both of them together and we made a Biryani .

It was so , so , so , so , so , so tasty .

I thought I will share it with you .

This is chicken 65 ni Biryani , you have to spice it up only then you will thoroughly enjoy it .

So here I've got chicken pieces with bone on first , we're going to make it like , you know , chicken 65 we're gonna add some ginger garlic paste .

And here the Kashmiri chili powder , jira powder , garam masala Coriander powder in this add salt .

That's it .

We do not want to add anything else .

Mix this .

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Well , if we're going to fry these chicken pieces separately and we're going to make the gravy .

And also when we mix both of this , we're going to add some rice .

And I'm telling you , wow .

Wow .

Wow .

We're going to kind of shallow fry this pieces .

We're going to add these chicken pieces and slowly fry till they are nice and done .

Well .

So look at these chicken pieces one by one , drop it in the Meanwhile , we'll make our awesome mac gravy .

We're going to take some oil from here , pour it in this to get the best of the flavor .

We could add whole garam masala , cinnamon bay leaf Jira Claus Cardamom had green chili , had mint leaf coriander powder , cumin powder chili powder .

And also I want a little bit of reddish color .

So Kashmiri chili powder add garam masala and the masala just look at this .

The oil is still not very hot .

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There's still sizzling a little bit in this add tomato pure for our mac sauce .

Here is a sri meti powder .

You can add it right away a little bit of cashew paste if you want to add a little bit of cashew powder that also you can add , this doesn't have to be asked for perfect as a you know , regular mac gravy because the chicken is going to get into it and going to make it perfect .

So now look at this , the slowly this is getting thicken .

We can only call it mac gravy if we add butter to this .

So add butter , we're gonna add salt , mix it and on a slow flame cook this add all the chicken pieces in there .

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Oh , we are going to add rice on top of it and we're going to dump it for 15 minutes , add yogurt that will add the required moisture , squeeze in some lemon juice in the hot water , add salt so that this water tastes like what sea salt water .

So that's when your rice will be good .

And some of the oil , what we fried from the chicken , we're going to add it in this add rice .

The basmati rice that has been soaked for some time .

Now when the rice is , you know , almost getting ready , transfer this rice very carefully on top of this chicken , the sizzling chicken and always just throw the rice there .

You have to kind of spread the rice beautifully .

Look at this .

So the underneath the moisture from the chicken will come and start cooking this .

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We're going to add one layer of uh brown onion , mint coriander leaf and we're going to put another layer of rice one more time , one more layer of brown onion meant some coriander , put the lid on on a medium heat for 15 minutes and you have a fantastic biryani after almost uh 30 minutes of uh baking our is nice and ready .

So beautiful and it's got the wonderful color on top .

Just do some butter wash and this will shine .

Wow , so beautiful .

Now , the bread needs to cut , you have to let it cool down .

But who has the patience for that ?

So just use a bread knife ?

My God , the bread is so delicate hot .

Look at this .

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Awesome smoking hot .

The Queen Victoria is going to be super happy with this .

Awesome .

So now you know the family is supposed to enjoy this .

So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to fight this biryani .

So just turn it upside down and the biryani , whoa , look at the rice falling off .

Beautiful .

The chicken is so perfect and it is like roasted the and you have to look at the rice .

We're gonna add some onions , of course , some cucumber lime to go and is also ready .

Now , let's enjoy this family .

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Biryani , the hydra Biryani where our family is that when eating Biryani , the silence that is there is the awesome silence which I really love .

Hm .

De Oh , chicken .

I'm telling you this chicken 65 Biryani is just too good and you should try it because this is just out of the world .

This is , you are only , this is a favorite of my wife .

Usually we get this from outside but you know , you can easily make it at home .

And what is it ?

It , this is so good .

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This is super tasty , beautiful , make it for your family .

And when you eat best of the best food one more time today .


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