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2023-08-31 13:50:03

Guy Fieri Eats Barbecue Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese _ Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives _ Food Network

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So we found a place where two buddies that went to school together , build a place that everybody loves to go to .

This is pounds .

Kicking him out in the window .

It's our go to date night .

Great spot for food , drinking dancing .

Got your Lotte over ready to sauce up .

Favorite thing on the menu ?

I had never heard of a poutine and they said that this place has gravy and fries and cheese curd all mixed in one .

And I was like , what the is that ?

Well , it's the kind of stuff brand and hers and all in case they are putting together after a journey that started in high school and ended as owners of this joint .

We actually didn't like each other in high school .

We didn't like each other in high school .

That's a good way to start the business .

Well , we worked together in this place before it was pounds .

The offer came up to buy it and we pooled together money really quick .

What's the food ?

But we wanted to take good culinary foundation and apply it to like everyday everyday concepts .

Yes .

Pork or mac in the window , the barbecue pork , mac and cheese all around .

Just a very flavorful dish .

Think it's kind of a guilty pleasure .

Actually , what dish should we make ?

At first ?

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Pulled pork on macaroni and cheese with barbecue sauce .

The health craze is taking over Fargo .

We're gonna make the spice rub for our pulled pork , brown sugar , paprika chili powder , cayenne , garlic powder , onion powder , kitchen sink , dried oregano , coriander , cinnamon nutmeg Feta Greek dry mustard powder .

Sue mac chipotle powder .

Nothing else you want to add to it .

Why weren't you guys friends in high school ?

Well , I didn't get the seat at the cool kid table .

Well , who's the one on the show right now ?

The tables have turned ?

Yeah .

Oh , how are you enjoying the lobby ?

We're gonna take our pork .

We score it a little bit .

We want the salt to be in every little square inch .

Really work its way through black pepper as well .

Pork rub .

Now we're doing the mustard .

This has vinegar in it , which is gonna help break down a lot of the connective tissue that we have here .

We're gonna grill it with the mustard .

That's correct .

Ok .

It's like that Charred flavored .

Now we're gonna get our braising liquid together .

Beer cola cider vinegar .

Some Worcestershire liquid , smoke a lot of it .

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Salt , pour this in braise this for about 2.5 hours .

Just can tell you can shred it , dig it next up .

Mac and cheese , half and half in the double boiler .

So she doesn't have direct flame contact .

She doesn't burn it .

Heavy cream , cream cheese , shredded white American cheese .

Do you think you want to get a bigger pot ?

Shredded cheddar ?

No , it'll mix .

Gotta give it some time .

Oh , I'll get the time for you .

What do you want ?

No , I need my assistant back .

That one .

You're into Guta .

All right .

It's so good little guy bird feeder .

Just put some guta out there .

Now we're gonna make our little sauce mixture for the mac sauce , buffalo sauce , salt pepper , onion and garlic .

Stir that up .

Add it to our sauce , take our immersion blender and make sure everything gets incorporated properly .

What do we have left barbecue sauce ?

Ketchup , Dr Pepper , Worcestershire , Cider , Vin brown sugar , paprika cayenne , chili powder , garlic powder , onion , onion powder , bay leaves salt , bring it up to a boil and then simmer for about a half an hour .

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Gosh , there's a lot of ingredients in this monster .

Take a little bit of oil pork .

Let this sear off noodles into our mac sauce plate .

Our pork sauce .

This comes with the side of treadmill , pickled jalapenos .

It's a dynamite dish .

Everything's gonna be right .

Any one part of this is not being right .

You just put two sides together and call it a main dish that's right on top of right and added some more , right .

The pork is delicious and not dried out the barbecue sauce .

It's got fantastic tang and not overly sweet .

The mac sauce gives you that thin silky creamy texture .

And the real kicker to the whole thing is the diced jalape os , a little bit of the acidity .

A little bit of the heat delicious dish .

I mean , like really you have to take it away from me .

I want to eat it all kind of dish .

You got the barbecue pork or mac and cheese .

The pulled pork has a really nice flavor and the mac and cheese is nice and gooey .

It's just the perfect amount of sauce on it .

It has a little bit of a tang .


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