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2023-08-31 09:27:10

5 BEST Supplements To GROW TALLER At Any Age _ Austin Wayne

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What ?

So guys , my name is Austin Wayne .

Welcome to Tower Life Fitness .

Today's video is part two of my growing taller height series .

You guys have been asking for it today is five of the best supplements that you can take to get taller at any age .

And now I did not take all these supplements .

I'm going to be completely transparent .

I I actually only took one of these supplements during my big growth spurt going from 5 ft 9 to 6 ft five and pretty much a year .

So in this video , I'm going to break down the best supplements based off scientific research to help you grow taller and maximize your high potential .

So let's get into the video guys .

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So let's go guys .

The first supplement is my all time favorite supplement .

This is what I took to get taller .

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But vitamin D now specifically very high doses of vitamin D .

Now as humans , our power source is literally the sun .

Now take away most of the mainstream knowledge that you know about humans in the sun because most of it is actually very false .

So the sun powers us as humans think of it as a plant without sunshine .

Will this plant grow to its tallest potential ?

No , it will not as a human , you need sunshine or at least vitamin D supplementation .

Now , I suggest very high doses actually .

So 10,000 units plus minimum 10,000 units .

Now this is the equivalent of one hour of sunshine on a sunny day or it is pretty much just supplement , supplementing with it and taking vitamin K two so that you don't overdose on the vitamin D three because the K two will help you absorb the D three .

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And now there is also mainstream misinformation saying that you can overdose from vitamin D and doing high doses of it .

This is completely false .

I will link a leak in the description box to an ebook called something about the benefits of vitamin D where somebody took up to like 125,000 units per day and it cures all kinds of stuff .

This is just from his research , his scientific , all everything .

This is not my research .

OK ?

So this is the first supplement that you have to be taking if you want to get taller .

I still take 10,000 units every single day with the K two .

OK ?

So this is the first one .

OK , guys , my second favorite supplement is going to be Maca root .

Now , I first discovered Mac root last year during my time in Latin America , Mack root is extremely powerful man .

And pretty much what it does is it boosts your hormones to the fullest .

If you are a man or a woman , it maximizes your testosterone .

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It max maximizes your sex , drive your human growth hormone .

All of this , the ancient Peruvians and I think uh like Mexicans , Aztecs , all of them , like they used to take this supplement literally before going to war .

Like they would pretty much stack it almost like a steroid before going to war because it would make them that much more aggressive and it would really hype up all of their male hormones .

So this is obviously going to be very beneficial for you during your high growth journey .

So Maca root is going to be my second favorite supplement to grow taller .

OK .

OK .

Guys , supplement , number three is going to be one that you've probably heard of in the high growth community , but it is going to be Awada .

Now , Awa Gonda is an ancient herb that has been known to help people grow taller for hundreds of years .

Now , there's a host of other things that pretty much just put your body in the optimal state to get taller .

OK .

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So it doesn't directly just make you taller , but it puts your body in the healthiest state possible to maximize your genetics .

For example , it helps you release more h DH human growth hormone , which obviously this is the height hormones will help you grow taller .

It also has very calming sleeping effects .

So it's going to help you sleep more , push for those nine hours per night , which once again will make you taller .

And it's also going to reduce the stress hormone cortisol , which if you have too much cortisol , too much stress , this will pretty much limit your potential to grow taller .

So , Astrada is a very successful herb to help you get taller during your journey .

But do not just rely on this .

If you've completely tapped out your height , it probably won't be like some magic herb that you take and you just grow like a plant , you know .

So this is the third best supplement to take .

Ok , guys , the fourth supplement to grow taller is going to be something known as this is not a very common supplement that most people know .

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Now this is actually grown in the Himalayans and it has very ancient powerful powers , ok to get taller and pretty much just increase your overall health .

Now , pretty much Shila helps balance all of your hormones , helps increase all of your energy , helps boost human growth hormone even more .

And it also has anti-aging effects .

Pretty much it helps you be more active and it's going to help you get everything else that you need to to increase your height .

This is a very short supplement , but this will help you grow a little bit taller .

OK .

OK .

Guys .

And the fifth supplement is actually going to be a food which I consider supplements because all of this stuff , man , I want it to be as natural as possible because this is about maximizing your health .

So the fifth supplement is going to be eggs .

Now , eggs , they've actually done a study in Ecuador where they put one egg in a child's diet each and every day .

And the Children who ate the eggs actually grew taller during this six month trial period .

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So eating eggs , it's going to boost your testosterone like crazy .

It has vitamin B 12 which is also very vital for testosterone production , producing , HGH , all sorts of things .

This will help regulate all your hormones to maximize your height growth potential .

OK .

So this is the fifth way to get taller .

The fifth supplement .

OK , guys , that is it for the video , the five best supplements to grow taller and maximize your high potential .

Once again , I'm 6 ft five .

My brother is 6 ft five .

Both of my parents are 5 ft nine .

So and I'm the tallest person in my entire family .

And yes , so I know a couple of things about growing taller .

So doing these things in this video will help you get taller and I will be continuing the High growth series .

So I hope you guys stay tuned , subscribe if you're new to the channel like this video if you like the video that is it ?

Peace guys .


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