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2023-08-31 14:17:44

How to install Minecraft on Windows 8

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Hello , everyone .

We're gonna do a video on how to uh put Minecraft on uh Windows eight and to show you that it does work on Windows eight .

And to prove that I have Windows eight .

I will uh first of all , here's my start panel , but uh I will show you that I have Windows eight installed on my laptop .

There you go Windows eight pro right there .

Sweet .

OK .

First of all , uh I will put a link in the description below and it'll bring you to this page , which is the download page for the Minecraft .

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Uh Just click the download button like like so and save file , choose your desktop and save it to your desktop and let that download , takes a few minutes .

Sometimes it's a , not a big file , but it's a , it's a good size file .

It's 45 megs .

All right .

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Once you get that downloaded , close out the page or bookmark the page , whichever way you want to do it , you have the Minecraft here on your desktop , right ?

Click it , extract all , OK .

Once you have it extracted , double click the setup file , it'll open up the uh set up wizard just pretty much go through it and uh choose to make sure you get the right destination folder and uh pretty much install it .

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I'm not going to install it because I already have it installed .

Um So I'm just gonna cancel it .

But uh yeah , I'll show you that .

It does work .

I believe you can play this one online .

Uh It does give you the option to log in .

I play offline because I don't have a premium account .

Uh , because mostly all I do is just build stuff , build houses and stuff .

Here we go , Minecraft .

All right .

We'll go single player , go to the world that I'm building and I'll show you how it works .

And there we go , there's the house I built so far .

This is all I've done is just some walkways in the house .

I'll show you guys what's inside my house .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You got a big empty room with windows .

My neat little lava fireplace that I built , I have a stairway that goes upstairs behind my stairway is a hidden chest and upstairs is the second floor and this is the top part of my fireplace , which I'm gonna continue up here , act and uh extend it through the roof .

So it has like a little chimney .

But um , yeah , there you go guys .

There's proof that uh Minecraft does work on Windows eight .

Uh The down , like I said , the download will be in the link .

Uh The download link will be in the description below .

Sorry about that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Uh If you guys have any questions , uh feel free to either leave a message or inbox me and I will do my best to answer uh the questions as well as I can .

And uh as always , don't forget to rate the video , subscribe and like all my videos .

All right and don't forget to share them .

Alright , thanks .


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