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2023-08-31 09:38:03

PICKLED JALAPENOS _ Easy Pickled Jalapeños Recipe _ Jalapeños En Escabeche

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Today , I'm going to be making an easy recipe for pickled jalapenos , also known as jalapenos .

This is something I do that is quick and easy .

You can add extra seasonings and spices to make it your own .

But this is something I do in a pinch .

So today I'm going to be making pickled jalapenos .

Um Here I have 10 jalapenos .

I also have my cleaned jar .

Here , I'm going to be using a half cup of distilled white vinegar , a half cup of water , one tablespoon of sugar , one tablespoon of salt , one clove of garlic that I sort of pressed a small piece of onion .

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It's like three little small pieces and I have just half of a medium size carrot that I cut into these little round coins .

So I'm going to start slicing up my jalapenos .

I'm gonna put some gloves on , by the way , this is a spicy situation and I will be back .

OK .

So here I have in medium size to small pot that I'm working with to that I'm going to add uh maybe a tablespoon and a half a royal .

I'm gonna let that preheat for a second there .

OK .

So once it's preheated , I am going to add my pieces of onion , my carrots and my garlic .

And if you guys hear a lawnmower , that's my neighbor .

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So I'm just going to saute this for , I don't know , less than a minute .

You sort of want to get the flavors of the onion and the garlic and you know , the carrot , I'm just giving it a head start to soften a bit by the time I , you know , pickle it with the liquid , but you'll want to do this for about a minute .

And I am using a smaller burner on a medium heat .

If you're using a larger burner , maybe medium to medium low , you don't want to burn anything .

Ok ?

Now , I'm going to add my water .

I'm going to add my vinegar , my salt and my sugar .

Let's give that a mix .

And this is pretty much going to be the pickling liquid or the , the brine for the jalapenos .

So now I'm going to add my sliced jalapenos .

I slice them into rings .

You could possibly just have them or do strips .

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I've seen my grandfather did this a lot when I was growing up .

He would just leave them whole .

Ok .

So once it starts to gently simmer , I'm gonna cover it with the lid and I'm just going to let this gently simmer for about 1 to 2 minutes .

Ok ?

I'm shutting the heat off .

It has been about 11 minute , 1.5 minutes and I'm gonna give that a mix and as you can see , it still has a little bit of bright green .

It did start to , you know , cook a bit and that's really all you want .

You don't want to overcook this because it will continue to pickle and brine when you store it in your container .

So the heat is off and I'm just gonna give this a mix .

Some of them didn't get into the liquid .

But basically , now I'm just going to let this hang out for another minute and then store it in my jar .

You could also use just a glass storage container and I am not going to seal this and can it .

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I'm actually just going to store it in a , a cleaned glass jar and put it in my refrigerator .

One thing that I did not mention is before you add the jalapenos when you're sauteing the onion and garlic and you add the water vinegar , salt and sugar .

You'll want to taste your pickling liquid for seasoning or flavor .

You might find that you want a little more salt or you want a little more sugar to balance out the vinegar .

But anyways , this um , liquid , I am going to actually , let's see here if I can show you I'm going to strain it through a wire mesh strainer to just remove any of the excess seeds .

Then I'm going to pour it into my jar gonna go in with all the good and I tasted this liquid .

Whoo .

It's got heat .

It's got definitely a kick to it .

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So now you'll just want to pour your liquid into your jar and the longer that your jalapenos sort of set and just kind of marinate in that pickling liquid , it , it will render more liquid .

And this recipe , you can definitely do the same exact recipe using just carrots if you like pickled carrots and maybe add one jalapeno to give it a little bit of heat .

I do that all the time .

My grandfather would literally add cauliflower carrots .

Uh you know , more onion , more gar garlic .

He would pickle garlic carrots and onion with Serrano peppers .

Sometimes .

I mean , you can do the combo and ratios of your choice .

Only other thing I did differently than what my grandfather does is I did not add bay leaf .

Um I do find when I make larger batches like maybe aa triple of what I make today .

I like to add one bay leaf .

But to this amount , sometimes I find the bay leaf overpowering .

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I probably could have tossed in a bay leaf while I was just kind of simmering the liquid and just remove it .

So that is , you know , uh something I'll put , I'll list in the ingredient list .

Should you wanna try it ?

But I find when I add a bay leaf to this amount , I , I don't know , it just kind of overpowers it , but it's still good .

This is still a good recipe without the bay leaf the other day .

By the way , I made a queso Blanco and I love eating it with the pickled jalapenos .

So I'll leave the queso Blanco recipe video somewhere here throughout the video or at the end .

But yeah , this is it .

I hope you give this recipe a try .

I hope you like it .

And thanks for watching .


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