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2023-08-31 09:33:38

20 Strange Tips to Fall Asleep In Less Than a Minute

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Ok .

If I fall asleep right now I'll get exactly eight hours .

Great .

Oh , Melissa liked my picture .

I should like hers too .

Hm .

Seven hours is ok too .

Right .

I should google it .

Newborn kangaroos look like gummy bears .

What ?

Only five hours left till my alarm goes off .

Oh , no , not again .

Yes .

Again .

And every night .

So what can you do to fall asleep when the sheep are nowhere to be found ?

And that warm glass of milk ain't cutting it .

Well , I've got some quick unconventional tips for you and sleep experts swear by them .

Well , they don't actually cuss first stop trying to fall asleep .

Hey , I said they'd be weird .

Just lie in bed with your eyes wide open and challenge yourself by repeating .

I will not fall asleep repeatedly .

Our brain isn't very good at processing negatives .

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So it'll take this as a command to fall asleep instead .

Now , in order to drift off , you need to relax .

Right ?

But to relax , you'd need to be feeling tense first , put two and two together and you've got the muscle tensing method .

So get comfy in your bed and start squeezing your toes .

Then your calves , knees and steadily go just like that all the way up to your head and squeeze your head .

When you've tensed every muscle in your body , it'll then get more relaxed and ready for sleep .

What if it's your thoughts keeping you up at night ?

Easy ?

Get them out of your head and onto a piece of paper .

If you're doing mental aerobics about all the stuff you have to do tomorrow , reassure your brain that you won't forget by writing it all down .

Ok ?

But what if you're lying there , remembering that one conversation you had where you said something really embarrassing and now everybody must think you're weird .

Sounds like you need a distraction .

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Try replaying your day in reverse .

Remember every single mundane detail from the moment you went to bed to the second you opened your eyes this morning , it may just be boring enough to knock you out .

Of course , you can always try to blow some bubbles too .

First of all , it's a super repetitive process and it's kind of hypnotic , but more importantly , blowing bubbles helps put you to sleep because it's like a breathing exercise .

It sort of works like the 478 breathing technique from yoga .

You inhale through your nose while mentally counting to four , then hold your breath and count to seven and finally exhale and count to eight deep controlled breathing for fast sleep , whether with bubbles or not will have your eyelids feeling like bricks in just 60 seconds .

Speaking of your eyes , keep them off the cly .

When you keep checking the time it stresses you out .

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Your cortisol levels rise , blood starts pumping faster and your body does the exact opposite that it needs to , to get ready for sleep .

Just cover the clock at night or even move it out of your room entirely before you say you always check the time on your phone because who has a separate physical clock these days ?

Anyway , the phone needs to go too .

And no , it's not because you feel tempted to check social media and look up any weird question that pops up in your brain .

That's the obvious stuff .

It's the blue light coming from the screen that's keeping you up at night .

It tricks your brain into thinking it's daytime and almost totally prevents the release of melatonin .

Your body's natural sleep inducing hormone .

So the TV , laptop tablet smartphone , they should all be turned off and out of arm's reach when you're hitting the sack and don't use them within two hours of going to bed .

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If you must then get some of those fancy anti blue light glasses or download a special blue light filter app on your phone .

If you're now not sure what to do with your eyes , just roll them .

Hey , not at this tip .

It's a good one .

Sleep specialists say that it stimulates the movement your eyes naturally make as you're sleeping .

This tricks your brain into producing more melatonin .

And soon enough , your eyes will really be rolling around in there as you , you're off to dreamland .

Wait , hold up before you crawl into bed .

There's plenty of stuff you can do to start getting your body ready for sleep .

For example , you can wash your face with cold water instead of shocking you awake , like you'd assume it works to reset your nervous system by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure .

Also known as the perfect body conditions for sleep mode , a warm bath before bedtime kind of works the same way .

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But on a much larger scale and believe it or not , it's not so much about the water relaxing your muscles .

Although that does help , what's even more effective is that your body then has to lower its temperature .

Once you get out of the tub or shower , just make sure you give your body plenty of time to cool down , taking a dip an hour and a half before bed should be enough .

Is your room ready for bed too ?

Lights out curtains , closed , electronics off and nowhere near the bed , check , check and uh fine check .

And is your furniture arranged according to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui in order to aid with sleep and inner peace ?

Oh , yeah , you'll need to do that too .

Make sure your bed is open on both sides and then it's in the northwestern part of the room while you're working on your room , be sure to turn the thermostat down a little too .

You might think that a nice warm cozy room will help you relax and drift right off , but it's the opposite .

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I mean , how many times are you gonna flip that pillow to lay on the cool side ?

Instead , try to keep your entire room quite cool at about 70 °F .

Just don't forget to put some socks on before you get under the covers .

Studies show that if your hands and feet are warm , it helps regulate your internal body temperature .

So not only do you nod off easily , you also sleep more soundly .

Oh , yeah .

And what about your mattress ?

Do you even remember when you bought that thing ?

You might think an old mattress has somehow been broken in over the years to fit your body like a glove .

But yeah , not quite .

You need to change your mattress every eight years .

Body posture is key when it comes to good quality sleep .

Plus how can you fall asleep if you're not comfortable ?

On that note , try putting a pillow between your legs to avoid talking and turning all night .

It'll also help keep your back and hips alive , which means less joint pain in the morning .

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As for me , I'm always surrounded by pillows all night long and a dog and cat .

And speaking of which , what better way to fall asleep than to cuddle up with your pooch .

Hey , it's been proven by science .

A recent study showed that women who share their beds with dogs had more restful sleep than those who cuddle up with a kitty sorry cat lovers .

Participants of the experiment also said that their dogs were less disruptive than their human partners .

Make sure you're getting enough sun during the day .

The idea of daytime , sun and night time sleep might seem totally unrelated , but they couldn't be more connected .

Sun exposure helps your body produce vitamin D .

People who don't get enough sun can end up with a vitamin D deficiency .

And this has been linked to all kinds of health problems , including depression and insomnia .

So better take the pooch for a nice long walk .

Then now for the cat people feel free to take a nap during the day .

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No , really don't be scared that it will make it harder for you to fall asleep later at night , napping for 30 minutes or less can improve your overall brain function , which aids in sleep .

The crucial part is that you must keep it under 30 minutes and don't do it every day .

Otherwise you might throw off your internal clock and really have troubles falling asleep at night , avoid late night eating .

Even if you swear you're about to fall into a food coma .

If your stomach is hard at work , digesting all that stuff you just ate , then your metabolism will be kicked on too .

Can expect your body to want to sleep if you're working it overtime .

Now , can you and finally try to always go to sleep and wake up at the same time .

Our bodies love routine and that includes your internal ticker challenge yourself to wake up and go to bed at the same time every single day , including the weekends .

Remember , 21 days will be enough to make any pattern a habit .

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So what do you do when you can't fall asleep ?

Let me know down in the comments .

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Stay on the you know what the bright side of life .


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