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2023-08-31 10:16:19

How to Make the Cheesiest Mac and Cheese You've Ever Had — You Can Do This!

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Today we're tackling something that most everybody loves mac and cheese .

Now , I know you're gonna be like , don't with Mac and Cheese Cliff , why you gotta do that ?

But I may be on your side because what we're gonna do is we're gonna test a very modern version of mac and cheese and I wanna see how it tastes against traditional .

So what we're gonna try to do is we're gonna use our friend here sodium citrate to make the absolute cheesiest mac and cheese .

Usually what you do is you make a roux , right ?

With flour and butter and you add a bunch of milk .

This is how much milk they use for a regular .

We're going to reduce that by a third .

What I'm thinking is , is the more milk , the less cheesy .

It tastes simple .

Conclusion , right ?

So if we reduce the milk and we find a way around that , we can actually get the cheesiest mac and cheese .

Let's jump right in .

Noodles are all going in .

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We're gonna cook them all together because we don't want any variances and texture .

Butter's melting , the flour goes in just so , you know , I took one of probably the most popular recipes I could find to do the traditional way because I wanted one that was tried and true .

We're doing this one first because it takes longer to work this on and off the heat and let's get it nice and blonde .

We don't want any of that kind of uncooked flour taste .

I'm gonna drain this pasta .

Do not rinse it .

You don't want , you want the starches on the outside ?

Oh , that's now I have three cups of milk to this .

So I'm gonna add it in and I'm gonna whisk after each one , I'm not getting any lost clumps .

We have our cheese here .

You can use any type of cheese you want .

So everyone has like , oh use a little bit of cream cheese , use pepper , Jack , use half this , half .

That what I wanna do is I wanna create a dead even race here .

So we're using the same amount of butter in each one .

We're using the exact same amount of pasta .

Each one .

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We're using the same four cups of cheese on each one .

All we're doing is we're reducing the milk content .

So we're gonna start adding in the cheese .

We're just using cheddar just so we can get that kind of orange , beautiful mac and cheese color .

That is cheesy .

It's very blonde , but we're using this on the same amount of pasta .

Now , I will say this three cups versus one cups of dairy .

This cheese sauce could be liquidy .

These are all theories .

I'm very excited about this experiment .

Now , we got the second one bay sodium citrate .

Remember the American cheese from the burger that we did you remember that ?

All right .

So this is just a kind of a deeper dive into what sodium citrate does .

Now , it makes the fat soluble sodium citrate is actually easier to get than you think you can order off of web sites that want to fly .

Drones gonna allow us to get a creamy cheese sauce that is still velvety while still reducing the liquid .

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If you just dump it in there , I have a blender here , a hand blender .

This does require a little bit more work than a whisk and the Great bambino .

This is how we break stuff .

Our milk is just coming to simmer .

So I'm gonna start dumping the cheese in just like the other sauce .

We're incorporating a little at a time and I'm gonna blend it .

See , we're , we're like at half the cheese right now and it's already looking like the other one .

Cheesy .

So we're fully incorporated .

We have the same amount of noodles on each one , right ?

We're gonna use all of the sauce .

So that's one really liquidy .

And here's our second batch .

Little thicker dang that almost looks like melted Velveeta .

Now we're gonna mix each one of these up .

Oh My God .

Look at the consistency already on this one .

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So this guy is a little bit more liquidy time for the taste test .

Regular .

That tastes like mac and cheese .

Let's see what happens when I drain them out .

I just wanna be a little bit more true to the texture that we'd be getting , but it's a little bit cheesy .

We can definitely taste the kind of the milky , the creaminess of it .

It's not too overwhelming sodium citrate .

This is the same amount of cheese coverage is good that tastes like you're biting into a block of cheddar .

Like you're not getting a cheese pull out of it .

You're getting an actual cheese sauce , which are two things that are fundamentally different .

This is the creamiest mac and cheese from a cheese sauce you will ever have in your entire life .

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But it is a lot to handle in terms of texture knockdown .

Drag out .

Winner is the sodium mac and cheese in terms of flavor .

The cheesiest mac and cheese is a little too much cheese .

So we got to come back to this one .

If you can sit down and eat a block of cheese , maybe this is the one for you , but I honestly don't think I could last more than a few spoonfuls on that one .

I'm telling you the truth .

This textually much more loose but the milk in it .

So a little bit cheesy and the fix on this is just don't use all of the sauce .

The cheesiest mac and cheese actually is not the best mac and cheese .

I quote the , there are heroes and there are legends , heroes get remembered but legends never die .

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That's the one to check out some videos from our buddies over at the verge .

Click here .


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