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2023-08-31 14:30:47

How to make Curry Leaf Pickle Recipe - or Curry Leaf Thokku in Tamil

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Indian kitchens , especially South Indian kitchens cannot do without this .

This morning , I received this fresh bouquet of curry leaves from my friend's home garden .

Let's see , what am I going to do with this today ?

Keep watching Kara , I'm Sujata , an educator in biology and environmental science , a health and wellness consultant and your host on Man curry and curry leaves .

Incidentally , this is called in Tamil .

What a curious coincidence .

These aromatic curry leaves are a rich source of calcium iron and much , much , much more .

Let's check it out .

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Curry leaves or kippa constitute an important ingredient in the Indian diet to improve appetite and digestion .

These leaves are known to be rich in antioxidants .

Vitamin A and vitamin C .

As we have seen , they are also helpful to treat dysentery and diarrhea .

It is known to cure piles , reduce body heat , thirst , inflammation and itching .

Regular use of curry leaf powder helps in burning fat thus leading to weight loss and reduced cholesterol levels .

It has even been reported that leukoderma and blood disorders have been controlled too .

Besides these leaves are good for protecting the liver .

Thre leaf extracts , stimulate production of insulin by beta cells of pancreas and thus can be used in the treatment of type two diabetes .

These extracts also contain alkaloids which have anti cancer properties .

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Wow .

Having seen the magical benefits of curry leaves .

Isn't it a pity that most of the people pick up the curry leaves from the plate and discard it .

I suggest we should be using curry leaves in a much larger quantity in our daily regular diet .

I have already uploaded the recipe on curry leaves powder or po Please check it out .

There are various ways in which we can incorporate curry leaves into our daily life .

Do watch the mull point at the end of the video to know more today , I'm going to be making curry leaves pickle popularly called as to in .

So here are the ingredients to make our , I've taken a bowl full of fresh curry leaves , a lemon sized ball of tamarin which I've soaked in water for about one hour .

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Five red chilies , about 3 to 4 tablespoons of raw cane sugar or jaggery powder .

A medium sized piece of ginger , one tablespoon of turmeric powder , salt to taste and a pinch of as or these ingredients will grind it together to make a paste and then saute it in oil and season it with one tablespoon of mustard , one tablespoon of Channa dal and one tablespoon of UD .

I have taken four tablespoons of sesame oil .

It's also called till oil and the to tastes wonderful with sesame oil here .

Let's grind the ingredients together .

I'm putting in the curry leaves , adding the tamarine , just mix it well , so that there are no seeds , the ginger I've chopped it to small pieces so that it's easy to grind the red chili jaggery powder .

Turmeric powder as or salt .

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So now let's grind this , give it a mix so that it's easy to grind it .

Let's add a little bit of water So that grinding becomes more easier .

So here it is , it's ground to a nice paste .

Let it be a little coarse and take care that you add a very little quantity of water so that the grinding becomes easier .

I've taken an iron kaha to make this .

So once the kai is hot , I'm pouring the sesame oil .

So once the oil is heated , let's add the mustard chana .

And now let's add this curry leaves paste .

Give it a mix initial to three minutes .

You can just sort it on high flame and then reduce it to si flame .

We need to sort this for a maximum of 7 to 8 minutes .

That's all .

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Take care to keep mixing it without it getting burned .

Look at the dark green color .

Curry leaves are rich in iron and we are making it in an iron cut high .

Now we'll switch off the gas .

It has , you know , left the sides of the pan .

You see it has just come out like ha basically the moisture has to get removed .

And also we've used less soil .

Once it cools , we will transfer this to a nice glass bottle and it can be kept out for a week , but it's best stored in the refrigerator .

Here is my bottle of homemade Carrie to or curry leaves pickle heavenly aroma .

Let me taste it .

Spicy , tangy , delicious .

This curry or curry leaf pickle goes well with it .

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Do puri curd rice ?

How about using this as a sandwich spread ?

You could also mix it with hot rice , add a little sesame oil or and give it as a quick lunch box recipe to your family members .

Such incredible possibilities with the curry leaf pickle apart from seasoning and the curry leaf recipes that I have shown you .

What are the other ways in which we can use curry leaves ?

Let's mull over it .

I use a liberal quantity of curry leaves in my daily cooking .

I grind curry leaves along with my dosa batter wada batter chop it and mix it with my dough .

Also use a liberal quantity in my chutneys .

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There is a traditional recipe of grinding curry leaves and green chilies and mixing it with butter milk .

It is popularly called a samba in Tamin which is in extremely cooling drink during summers .

By the way , I also use curry leaves in making my homemade hair oil .

The recipe of which I will be uploading soon .

Does this motivate you not to discard that curry leaf from your plate .

And what are the various other recipes that you can think of which can include a liberal quantity of curry leaves .

If you happen to make this pickle , let me know how you liked it in the comment section below .

And of course , if you liked it , do share it with your friends and family .

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