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2023-08-31 14:33:48

Betty's Deep-Fried Dill Pickle Slices

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Hi , I'm Betty .

Welcome to Betty's Kitchen today .

We're making deep fried dill pickle slices .

And if you made that ray sauce that I uploaded recently , you might have wondered what you're gonna use it with .

This is one thing that you can use it with and I'll have something else later on , but I wanted to immediately follow that with something that was appropriate .

And , um , what I have here is a large jar of dill pickles .

Uh , you don't have to buy a jar that's this large .

Actually , you can find them sliced perfectly for your needs in this case .

Um , in 24 ounce size jars .

Uh , actually I couldn't find them but , uh , I found uh , the size pickle that I wanted .

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So I just got a large jar and then took out some pickles and you can see , I've used a knife to slice them so that they are so thick and that's about what you want .

So just slice down to the end and if the cap isn't very good , then you could just put that back in or put it aside .

Uh , you need to reserve a little bit of this pickle juice to use in your batter .

Uh So about one tablespoon will be reserved and we'll use that later on .

So I'm gonna set my pickles aside and proceed with making a tempura batter .

And this is gonna be perfect for frying vegetables of this sort and particularly the , the pickled type of vegetable , which we have in this case of the dill pickles .

Uh I want to start with flour .

We have one half cup measured right here .

And I'm using all purpose flour .

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If you want to use self rising flour , that would be fine .

But this happens to be just regular all purpose flour .

So we're through with that .

We're gonna add some spices in and here you see , I have garlic powder .

It's one half teaspoon .

And here I have some crushed red pepper and I'm very meager with that because it can get too hot .

So this is 1/4 teaspoon of crushed or ground red pepper .

Don't get the crushed variety because it would be too big in , in the pieces and then stir this around so that your dry ingredients are mixed .

And actually I have some salt sitting down here .

All I need is just a shake of salt just a little bit .

So I would say a dash of salt and then get all of that combined until it looks nice .

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Then we're going to put some liquid in .

And what we have is chilled club soda .

You need one half cup I got that measured out here .

So I'll pour that in and before I start stirring that around , I'm going to come back and get my reserved dill pickle juice .

It's almost one tablespoon somewhere around there .

It doesn't have to be perfectly measured .

But then we'll stir this around and all you have to do is stir it until it's combined .

But it will still be lumpy .

In fact , you do not want to over stir this .

If you over stir it , then it will have a very dense clumpy nature .

It , it will not be light and airy like we want .

So this is sort of the look that you're going to have for your tempura batter .

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So I'm going to , um , bring some pickle slices over to the stove and I'll just lay them on a plate here and I'll bring my batter over and I've already been working on heating my oil .

I have peanut oil in here and it's probably , uh , 1.5 inches going on too .

Uh , so I've already heated it but I stopped heating when I started talking because I didn't want it to smoke or flame up or anything .

So I got to turn it back on and get it to 370 degrees .

Give me a minute and I'll be right back .

The temperature of our oil is almost 370 degrees .

So I knew I had to say a couple of words .

So I took the thermometer off , turned it down just a little bit .

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And what I've done is put some of the pickle slices into the tempura batter and you can see they're coated and what we want to do is to get those , um , any excess coating shaken off and then get those put into the deep oil .

So , um , I'm going to just kind of ease these in .

I think I'll bring this over here and there are gonna be some drippings that go into it .

But I want to keep each one as clean as possible and it only takes a couple of minutes for these to fry .

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So , um , I wanna get a few of them in there going and I want them covered completely with the batter , which is sort of coming off here re batter them and then let it go and then I'm going to scrape off my spatula here so I can use it for retrieving some of those .

Oh , we'll see what we've got .

You can let them swirl around a little bit and they will take care of themselves .

There will be some excess pieces of dough that will fry off like that and you can scoop them off before the next dough round .

See how they're looking .

That's what they should look like .

They need to brown up a little bit .

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And I have waiting over here a rack and the rack is just sitting on top of a plate so any grease can drop through , but this will allow them to grow properly .

So let , let go just a little longer .

And the next batch I think I'm gonna do less than the batch and try to get them covered a little more thickly .

So you can have more batter .

These are fine , but I just like a little more batter and I think it wasn't quite hot enough .

Otherwise , uh these little uh particles would not have turned off .

So , uh we'll have another go through in just a second .

Just keep watching them and they should have a nice golden can color when they're done and when that happens , we'll take them up .

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So I think you might have to go wait a minute , let's get cooked and then we'll get them , our dill pickles like is in branch and I'm going to uh bring them up and put them on my rack .

So maybe a few little scraps of crust of clinging to .

And that's OK .

I got a few more to get over here and then I want to see what I'm gonna do .

Uh Some of the extra pieces of crust will just fall off like that .

But when you return back to your original pot , you want to skim off any of this extra and just , just put it aside .

I'm gonna bow here waiting for it because the next time around it's gonna get darker colored and darker colored and that's not gonna be good for the rest of our , uh , pickles .

So I'm gonna do another bunch of pickles .

I did turn the heat down a little bit to give me a chance to talk .

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in this video , I'll show you how to add a custom skin in Minecraft bedrock .

If you're new to the channel , please go down below and consider subscribing .

And once you've done that , please go down below and they leave the like and let's jump straight into this guide .

Here we are on Minecraft bedrock and let's go and get into adding a custom skin .

So what you need to do is come to the home screen of Minecraft bedrock and go to the right hand side , where it says your name and dressing room .

So go and tap on dress room , because this is where we can go and basically change our skin .

So there's a few different ways you can go and add custom skins .

The first way you probably want is to be able to upload a skin , for example , like you'd upload a skin in Minecraft java , come over to the right hand side and go and tap this hanger icon , also known as the classic skin button , to tap here .

Then , as you can see , it does say you're switching over to classic skins , and essentially , these can't be customised within Minecraft bedrock .

So if you want to make sort of further customizations , then you should go and use a a Minecraft bedrock skin .

But if you want to upload one , then this is where you need to be .

So here , OK , and then you're here , then to go upload and add a custom skin .

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My daughter Chelsea is here with me to do the taste testing .

And one of the ways that you can serve your deep fried dill pickle slices is to put them on wooden skewers like this .

And I've put six on these two skewers and then I have my sauce to the side and it has been chilled .

So we just put a little bit there for this individual and this individual is gonna be chill , take a bite .

All right off the dip it in .

I've had these at restaurants before , so I'm gonna be compared even better than restaurant .

Oh , well , who would have thought ?

Thanks Chelsea .

Welcome .

And I hope all of you enjoy this recipe .


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