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2023-08-31 14:19:22

Record Minecraft On LOW END PC (NO LAG, NO OBS)

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What's up guys back to the video .

And in today video , guys , I wanna show you guys how to record minecraft with no lag and still keep your FPs kind of smooth .

So if you're new here , don't forget to subscribe and let's get started .

So I was once like y'all and uh I wanted to record my , some of my videos and I tried O BS out and it was just a terrible time .

And so it was so jittery , so laggy , so stutter .

I was like , wow .

And I thought it was my game itself .

So after I tried other Softwares , nothing could work until I found this now .

I used to use this a long time ago .

And I , it's funny how I'm bringing this up now , but I guess I should , should share it with .

Y'all .

Share the software is called D 3D Gear .

I used this software a long time ago and it really helped me for some of my youtube videos , especially when you have a low N PC .

The specs are running gears with the I three GC , 10 30 .

Those are the main core things you should know with eight gigs of ram .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , some of y'all may have heard of this software and you guys know that it's cost money .

Now , youtube , this is for educational purposes .

Only guys a hooked you up with a free software just like it .

And uh don't tell youtube .

So if you do have money , I suggest you go buy their software is on Amazon cheapest version right there .

Uh It still gets to the latest version , but it's cheaper because if you go to their original website , it costs 30 bucks the same as Minecraft .

And if you go on Steam , it costs you $35 .

So I suggest you go on Amazon which costs like 15 or $16 over there .

But if you don't have any money , y'all go on the link down street from below and you go here and you click on this download button .

When you click on this download button , it will start downloading , just click on open and it will run like this .

You click on .

Yes .

And then you click on next and then you accept .

I agree next .

And if you want desktop next and then you click on install .

Now , I already have the software open .

I already haven't installed ever since .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

in this video , I show you how to download crazy craft four on Minecraft and go and install it .

If you're new to the channel , please go down below and hit that subscribe button .

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I really do appreciate it .

And it helps out the channel .

Make sure you will subscribe right until the end , because I'm gonna show you important steps throughout the whole video .

And without any further ado , let's go and get into this .

Now let's go and get straight into this guide .

So , as you can see , I'm on my desktop and the first thing you want to do is go and open up your search browser .

So let's go and open up .

My now I personally use Google Chrome and then you want to come to a search engine such as Google .

Now , in order to go and get crazy , we're actually going to go and use a launcher for this so we can't just use a standard Minecraft launcher .

We have to go and get a specific one .

Now , in order to use crazy , I must add on you need to own Minecraft , you have to have a paid version Minecraft of the Minecraft Java edition .

This is not free .

You actually have to pay .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , I suggest you put the quality at best no matter what computer you're on and just change the uh video code it for those who are on slow computers .

Um I suggest if you have a intel hardware , use the in graphic card , you on the video use that .

And if you're on , am t use that if you want to .

Now the audio , I suggest a ac or unless you guys like MP3 , depending on your video editor depends on which one it supports .

Now , if you're not a pro editor , like I do , which I do separate tracks and stuff just to make sure my audio is all right , then uncheck this , you do not need this whatsoever .

If you're not a pro editor , advance editor or something like that , uh We check your audio , then you don't need that .

But for me , I do .

As you guys can see , there are two audio tracks .

One is my game and one is my mic .

I don't really talk in here but my mic was just on .

So , and if you want to show your mouse , you click on this footage of how the recording will look .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But as long as you've got that Minecraft Java edition , you can then go and use that to go and play crazy .

So the first thing you want to do is simply go into the Google or any search engine and simply search for voids .

Wrath , just like so .

Then you want to come to the top result here , which is currently voids wrath dot com .

Just click here and it's gonna go and take you to the website .

Then once you're on the site , you want to go to this top bar and simply go and click on mod packs .

Click here and it's gonna load you here .

As you can see , here we have the void launcher and then below where it tells you all the mod packs you can go and get using the void launcher .

Now do keep watching as I'm showing the full install process how to get everything set up .

Then all you want to do is go and click on , read more and download , and it's going to tell you a bit more about the launcher , so it comes and sort of describes what it does .

Um , but basically , I'm showing you that in this video .


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