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In today's video .

We are making the world's best macaroni and cheese .

But wait , there's more .

We're also doing fried mac and cheese balls .

Let's go .

What's going on everybody ?

Welcome back to another episode of more seasoning .

I'm your host Farnum .

And today we are kicking off the Thanksgiving recipes a year ago .

We made one of the most popping videos on this channel .

It was our mac and cheese video and I'm gonna remake the exact same thing today , but we film things a lot faster , a lot more different .

So you'll be able to watch this and make the mac and cheese .

But also if you want to level it up just a little bit , we're gonna do fried mac and cheese balls with the same recipe .

So whether you wanna just make the greatest Mac and cheese ever or make mac and cheese balls .

I mean , this is the video for you before we get into that though .

Make sure you scroll down , hit that like button , hit that subscribe button and drop a comment below and let me know what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving season .

Hey , like I said , we're getting Ooey Gooey with the mac .

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We're getting crispy , cheesy fried mac and cheese balls .

I got nothing else to say but watch the B roll .

Let's , let's go .

Now , if you just wanna make some fire mac and cheese , here's what you're gonna need .

Flour , butter , elbow macaroni , extra sharp cheddar cheese , Koby jack cheese , grier , regular cream cheese , garlic herb , cream cheese , smoked , paprika onion powder , Dijon mustard , whole milk and Frank's red hot sauce .

If you want the fried mac n cheese balls , you'll also need eggs .

Parmesan Italian bread , crumbs and vegetable oil to fry .

All right .

So what we're gonna do right now is start with the prep work .

Basically , we're gonna knock out everything we can over here that way .

When we hit the stove , it's very easy and seamless .

And we're gonna start by shredding one cup of Kobe Jack cheese .

All right .

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Next , we're gonna shred one cup of grier and of course , the staple for our mac and cheese , 2.5 cups of shredded extra sharp cheddar right next .

You're just gonna do half a cup of flour .

Next , we're gonna do four cups of milk .

All right .

So if you're just making the mac and cheese , your prep work's done , you could skip over this and go to the stove .

But if you wanna make the fried mac and cheese balls , we gotta set up our flour egg and bread crumb stations .

So the first thing we're gonna do in our first bowl is one cup of flour .

A nice big pinch of salt .

Plenty of fresh black cracked pepper .

Half a teaspoon of onion powder and half a teaspoon of smoked paprika .

Go ahead and whisk .

All right .

In our second bowl , we're gonna crack in three whole eggs .

Now , whisk and our third bowl , we're gonna add one cup of bread crumbs and then we're gonna grate in about a quarter cup of Parmesan and just give it a mix right at this point .

All your prep work is done .

I'm gonna throw these eggs in the fridge until we need them .

Later on .

I'm gonna hit the stove .

We're gonna make this mac and cheese and it is gonna be amazing .

Let's go .

All right .

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So here we are over at the stove and this is what your set up is gonna look like .

We got our cream cheese , butter , flour , spices condiments .

Next to that , we have got a deep saute pan and next to that , we've got our boiling water for our pasta , right ?

So these noodles take seven minutes to cook to a firm texture , which is right where our on it for the mac and cheese balls .

So I'm gonna test myself today .

We're gonna pour this in .

I'm gonna see if I can finish this cheese sauce before we finish these noodles .

So the first thing we're gonna do is this salt your water like the ocean , add all your pasta in .

Give it a mix , set a timer for seven minutes .

First thing we're gonna do one whole stick of butter on a medium heat .

We're gonna let this melt entirely .

Then we're gonna add our flour in .

Next , we're gonna add in half a cup of flour and then we're gonna whisk until this is fully combined .

This is what we call starting a roo .

We're just gonna keep whisking for about 45 seconds to a minute .

All right .

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The next thing we're gonna do is slowly whisk in one cup of room temperature milk right after you whisk in about a cup , you're gonna , it's gonna turn into this kind of globby texture and we want it to be just a bit more viscous .

So I'm gonna add about another half a cup of milk .

Now , we've got it at this kind of like pasty gluey consistency , almost like a vanilla frosting .

And once we get it to this point , we are gonna add in all of our shredded cheese .

Let the whisking begin as the cheese starts melting .

We're gonna add in more milk .

Damn .

So we didn't beat the clock .

Obviously , I'm only at the , you know , I just added the shredded cheese in .

So we're just gonna dump the pasta out .

We probably got another five minutes left on the cheese sauce .

I tried , it's hard to make it happen when we're filming , but let's get that pasta out of that water .

All right .

So at this point , our shredded cheese is mostly melted .

It looks like this .

Now , we're gonna add in our cream cheeses and our extras in the last bit of milk .

So this is what it's gonna look like .

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All right , we're gonna add in half a tub of cream cheese , half a tub of garlic herb cream cheese .

2 , 10 tablespoons of Dijon mustard , one teaspoon of onion powder , one teaspoon of smoked paprika , couple dashes of Frank's red hot sauce .

A pinch of salt , some black cracked pepper .

Another little splash of milk and we mix again .

We're still on a medium heat before you take this off the heat .

Test it .

Make sure you love it .

If it feels a little bland , add a little bit more salt , add some , a little bit more Dijon , a little bit more Franks , add a little bit more seasoning into this to make it how you want it right ?

Once you get it , how you love it .

Cut the heat off .

We're gonna throw .

Actually , I'll just show you we're gonna flip the cameras around .

Let's go cause this is done right .

So if you just want regular macaroni , this is what you're gonna do .

You're gonna take your strain , macaroni into a big pot , then you're gonna take your hot cheese and we're just gonna dump it right on , but don't dump it all .

Now we're just gonna mix this up .

We're gonna have a little more .

I wish you could smell .

How amazing this smells .

OK ?

You're done .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Your macaroni is done at this point .

Like , seriously , I however , have got a couple more things in store , but I'm gonna taste this before we even get there .

I gotta know like , oh my God , just the creamiest .

I have to know what the so fire .

All right .

So at this point , like I said , the mac and cheese is done .

Everybody loves you .

You've won an award in your city because you know , you're famous for this at this point .

But let's just say you wanna do the fried mac and cheese balls .

We're not done .

We're gonna put it into a pan or a flat baking sheet on parchment paper .

We're gonna flatten everything out and we have to , and we have to put this in the fridge for like I'm gonna say 30 minutes , we want it to get nice and cool .

That way we can form it into balls without it breaking apart and then we get to fry it .

So in the fridge , it goes see you soon .

All right .

So here's what we got going on right now .

I put my mac and cheese in the freezer for like 15 minutes to kind of speed the process up .

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I've got my three bowls right here back there .

I've got my fryer , my oil is at 3 50 I've got the rest of my cheese sauce on the low this heat possible just keeping it warm and nice and liquidy .

So what do we gotta do ?

We're just gonna ball the mac and cheese up just like this .

So we got a mac and cheese ball .

Now , basically , what we would do is flour , egg crumb , egg crumb done .

So I'm just gonna make a bunch of these little balls so we can do it all in one swoop .

Let's do it all right .

So I've got five mac and cheese balls ready to roll .

The first thing we're gonna do is hit them in this flour , shake off any of that excess flour .

Then we go into the egg , get off the rest of that egg , then into the bread crumb , then we're gonna go back into the egg , shake off any of that excess yolk and then finally back into our bread crumb and there you have a mac and cheese ball .

You can see all that Parmesan just shaking right on the top .

That is gonna be beautiful in the fryer for like 1.5 minutes , maybe two mac .

Let's do the rest .

All right .

So at this point , we have got what ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Three , we have got six mac and cheese balls double coated and that Parmesan Italian bread crumb .

These are going to be amazing .

We got our sauce warming up .

We're gonna flip the camera around one more time and pipe it out .

Let's go .

Ladies and gentlemen , we got our mac and cheese balls ready to drop in the fryer .

Ok .

I gotta set to 3 50 .

If you don't have one of these , I recommend you do .

I'll link it down below deep sauce pot , three quarters of the way full or at least a few inches to cover , you know , the mac and cheese ball .

Let's just do it .

We're going in 321 .

Hey , hold up .

We're about halfway through .

Let's pick these up .

Are you kidding me , bro ?

Send him back in .

Right .

It has been two minutes and they are golden brown and oh my God , they look delicious .

Are you kidding me ?

Are you kidding me ?

Are you kidding me ?

Do you see this ?

Get a close shot , bro .

You see that Parmesan in there ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Look at all that Parmesan just nice and crispy all over those herbs .

Just it's time to taste test .

It's time to taste , it's time to taste test .

Let's go .

Ladies and gentlemen , we have done it the fried mac and cheese ball with our own recipe .

This thing is gonna hit like Mike Tyson on fight night .

I know it .

I will waste no more time .

Here we .

Oh , wow .

Here we go .

She's kind of hot on , here we go .

Oh , come on , baby .

Oh , it smells so good .

Even from upstairs .

Oh .

Hm .

What the it was .

So I was waiting on the , at the front .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Don't blow the ball , bro , bro .

Is that not top tier ?

I mean , who doesn't love cheese balls .

It's going down whether you're an gooey mac person bringing it to the potluck or you got a bunch of fried mac and cheese balls ready to get popped into somebody's mouth .

We gotta star scale this .

I'm actually gonna go first five stars stars .

Oh I gonna say the five stars .

You already know what I'm saying .

I give this a five .

This is amazing .

So literally just mac and cheese and fried .

How can you not love ?

It ?

Looks like soft and salty and crunchy and cheesy .

There's black people paradise right here .

I need it .

Ladies and gentlemen , there you have it .

The fried mac and cheese ball .

I'm so burnt like a , I'm jumping on a flight in like five hours and we just made the most fire Thanksgiving side dish you will ever have if you made it this far .

Make sure you scroll down .

Hit that like button , please hit that subscribe button and drop a comment below and let me know .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Are you a gooey mac or are you a fried mac and cheese ball person ?

My name is Farnum .

This is more seasoning .

I appreciate y'all much love .

Happy Thanksgiving .

We out .


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