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2023-08-31 10:16:02

Haitian Macaroni Au Gratin _ Baked Macaroni & Cheese _ Episode 54

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Hey guys , welcome back to my channel .

In today's video .

I'll be showing you guys how to make a homemade baked macaroni and cheese , also known as macaroni and Haiti .

This video is a highly requested video by some of my fellow Haitians here on youtube .

So to get started with this recipe , you need about half a teaspoon of seasoned salt and half a tablespoon of butter and one can of evaporated milk .

And I have half a cup of chopped onions and half a cup of chopped red and green bell pepper .

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And I have one clove of garlic that I crushed and I'll be using one cup of grated Parmesan cheese and 1.5 cup of grated cheddar .

I'm going to be grading this , this by myself and I have £1 of pasta .

I chose to use the penne pasta and of course some salt and pepper to taste and I'll be using a eight by 11 baking pan .

And guys , please remember to always check that description box where I always list the ingredients and the exact measurement that I used just in case you missed it .

So let's get cooking guys .

Ok ?

Guys .

Now we're gonna start by sapping our veggies .

I have my pasta cooking according to the package direction .

So I went ahead and put my butter in here and I have my stove set on medium .

So I'll go ahead and add my onions to this .

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We're going to this for about two minutes .

It's like , so go ahead and mix it all in and saute for two minutes .

Make sure you keep your eye on it .

Ok ?

It's been about two minutes at this point .

I'm gonna go ahead and take my cooked pasta and dump it right in and stir it in really good .

I'm going to also grab my cheese .

I save half a cup of that cheese just to Sprinkle on top when we start the baking process .

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And I also preheated my oven at 350 degrees and I add the milk slowly just mix it in really good .

Oh , starting to look so yummy .

It smells so yummy already .

And I add some Parmesan cheese again .

Say in half .

So you can Sprinkle on top of your macaroni for the baking process .

Just mix it in really well .

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Add your seasoning salt and I add more milk , just keep stirring it and taste it as you go .

So you can add a little more salt to it and that's totally your preference .

So I'll give mine a little taste .

Ok ?

And I will be adding about half a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of brown black pepper .

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Keep stirring , not add the rest of the milk .

Look at how great this looks you guys .

This looks amazing .

Now , I will be putting this in the baking dish and cook and bake it for 45 minutes to one hour .

I went ahead and spray my baking baking dish with some pan and now I'll go ahead and dump the mix in my baking pan .

Make sure you get every piece of that macaroni and I scrape off the sauce really well .

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Just like so and now I'll go in with some cheese on top and I'll Sprinkle some Parmesan cheese .

And you guys , you can definitely use mozzarella cheese .

If you want this to be an all white cheese type of dish , it's really up to you .

Cooking is totally up to you .

You can make anything with whatever ingredients your heart desire , you can switch up anything , add some , take some out whatever you want .

So now we're gonna bake this for 45 minutes to an hour .

Ok , guys , my baked macaroni and cheese is all done .

As you can see , they have a pretty golden brown color on top of it .

And as I mentioned earlier , guys , this is totally um an easy um recipe .

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You can definitely add some mayonnaise to this as you mixing your cheese with your macaroni .

I know I like lot of people in Haiti do that , but this is how I love mine .

So hopefully you guys enjoyed watching this video and please don't forget to subscribe to my channel , comment like and please share this recipe with your friends and family .

And as always , thank you guys for watching and I love you guys for watching .

See you in my next video .

Bye bye .

This is the final step of this beef and cabbage and it looks pretty , pretty good and it tastes really good .

This is done .


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