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2023-08-31 09:30:13

Creamy Mac n Cheese Recipe _ Thanksgiving side Dish _ Baked Mac n Cheese

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Hi , everyone .

Welcome and welcome back to my channel in today's recipe .

I will be showing you guys how to make this 10 out of 10 would recommend baked mac and cheese if you want to see it .

Keep on watching , be sure to like if you enjoy and let's get started .

Ok , guys to begin .

I am going to grate the cheeses now and nothing like grating your own cheese when making mac and cheese .

The cheese I'm using are from the Burn Cracker Barrel .

I am using go cheese , sharp yellow cheddar , white cheddar as well as some Kobe Jack cheese .

Now that I'm done grated all of the cheese , I am going to show you guys the ingredients you will need to make this mac and cheese .

Ok .

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I'm starting with the elbow pasta and also I'll be adding some heavy cream with milk and also you will need some flour .

Yes , as well as some mince garlic and for the seasoning , I will be sure to leave them down below .

I have butter also to make this super creamy .

We are using mac and cheese sour cream , the cheese , of course .

And you guys see the milk right there .

First thing first , we're going to boil our pasta now to boil your pasta .

There's always instruction on the packaging , but this is the way that I like boiling my pasta .

I have the water on the stove .

I'm going to season the water with chicken as well as some salt .

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Then we are going to cover it , allow it to comes to a boil , then we'll add the pasta in .

Now my pasta is al dente .

I am going to remove it from the heat , pour out the hot water , set it aside to make the rule .

I added the butter to a sauce pan once that is melted , I am going to add in my mince garlic .

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Yeah , I'm going to fry the garlic for about 30 seconds .

Next , I am going in with the flour .

Now you're gonna wanna cook the flour for at least 30 to 60 seconds .

You want to remove the raw flour taste .

Then I am going to pour in the milk .

Now , I'm going in with my heavy cream .

All of the measurement will be below for you guys .

I made a little bit too much of the pasta sauce .

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However , you can reduce that in half if you like .

Now , I'm going to add the um cream cheese in there .

I love adding cream cheese to my mac and cheese and just make it so creamy .

I love that part and also you cannot forget about your sour cream add that in there .

The po the the milk was cold .

So for some reason , it took a little longer for it to start boiling .

Now I'm going to keep adding the cheese and once that is nice and melted , I am going to season the seasoning I'm using for today's recipe onion powder , paprika Creole , seasoning celery salt with the ground black pepper .

I'm going to add that in and give it a stir .

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Now , once everything is well mixed together , my cheese is nice and melted and creamy and cheesy .

I am going to grab the pasta and pour the cheese sauce on top of it .

However , this cheese I'm not going to lie .

I didn't really like it because it was not cheesy enough for me .

Ok .

Cracker Barrel .

Never again .

OK .

So I recommend you guys don't use it because look at this , what is this ?

But we're gonna make it work as you can see by the thumbnail .

It was b looking .

So I'm going to pour the pasta sauce in there .

It was creamy .

I'm not gonna lie .

It was nice and creamy .

So I'm going to add more cheese in there , more cheddar , cheddar cheese and mix it up together .

Oh , yes .

That's what we're talking about here and then we're getting ready to bake this .

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Ok , guys , it's looking good .

The color is looking good .

The consistency is looking good .

So that's great .

Now I'm going to grab my baking dish and add some butter to it .

Not that I needed the butter .

I don't think you need the butter .

Ok .

So because we already have butter and the mac and cheese .

Like , come on now .

So now I'm going to pour the mac and cheese to my baking dish .

Don't worry , this dish is clean .

I just don't know how to get rid of the stain on the side .

Like what's going on ?

Somebody helped me .

I even tried baking soda with vinegar .

Give me some , some , some tip you guys because it's perfectly fine .

I can just throw it away .

So I'm going to add some more cheese on top just like so make it nice and cheesy .

I'm going to cover it with lots and lots of cheese .

Like I said , this cheese was not cheesy for me .

Ok , let me stop talking and let you guys watch .

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Now , one thing I like to do is add some paprika , smoked paprika to be exact on the top of the cheese just to give it that beautiful color once it's done baking .

Yes , that's what we're talking about .

Ok .

And then we're going to bake this guys , make sure to cover it .

I'm going to cover it with the foil so I don't burn the cheese on 3 50 for 35 minutes .

I hope you all enjoyed today's recipe .

Please don't forget to give it a thumbs up .

If you did enjoy it .

If it was helpful , please hit the like button .

Also , I need you guys to leave a comment down below .

How do you make your mac and cheese ?

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I need to know and if it's something that I can do , I'll probably make a video about it .

Thank you for watching .

I will see you guys on the next one .

Bye guys .


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