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2023-08-31 14:32:21

Cauliflower Cheese Mac & Cheese - Kid Tested & Approved

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OK , dear .

Let's make dinner .

What are you guys making ?

We're making mac and cheese .

Mom , cauliflower , cheese , mac and cheese and we have to chop the cauliflower .

Exactly .

Yeah .

Push who ?

Man ?

Down by a second ?

Ro Daddy is gonna take a Cali flour .

I'm gonna take some cash shoes that I soaked in some water .

They're so perfect with that roast .

And then daddy like a big one and put it in like that .

Ok , let's boil this roast for 10 minutes .

I never had so much of a mess this early in the recipe roast .

Uh-huh and right here a little more .

Push it all on the board .

I want to grate it .

There we go eating and grating .

I have a little more cheese and then help dad .

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Let's get a little bit of Parmesan or Reggiano .

Too damn ingredient to make sure we don't run out of cheese for the recipe rose .

I'm gonna move this closer to market for now .

Well , you don't like the Parmesan here .

Chase it with the cheddar .

Can you zest some lemon for daddy ?

Uh-huh .

Thank you .

Squeeze , squeeze , squeeze .

Squeeze , hard , harder .

Push , push , push uh Good olive oil zeros .

Can you pour them in ?

444 ?

Good .

Thank you .

Uh Keep going good .

Uh-huh , the cooking liquid here so we can blend it up .

It's hot , careful and blend it into the cheese sauce .

Mhm .

Daddy made another mess .

Hi , you .

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Oh , that's gotta be so cheesy and delicious .

You tell me , do cauliflower cheese .

Is that good ?

That's a yes .

Let's finish cooking the pasta .

We're using this really good chickpea shells here .

So it's a really high protein , high fiber pasta shell recipes .

Coming straight out of the cookbook , y'all , five ingredient , cauliflower cheese , mac and cheese .

This is what it's about .

Get tested and approved for making a message .

Can daddy have some ?

I took the ball away from her and she's just going to town , take the pasta , put it directly in there .

What ?

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Yeah , let's put the mac and cheese in here .

Roasty .

Oh , perfect .

Yeah .

Look at that .

We'll cover it and pop it in the oven for 30 minutes .

Let's get all the cauliflower and salt out for us .

Can you open this for ?

Thank you .

Turn the timer off .

Oh , look at this .

Rusty .

Oh my goodness .

Look at that cheese and bubbly goodness .

Yes .

It's very hot .

Very hot .

It's cooled down for about 10 minutes .

Let's go in .

Look at that cheesy and beautiful .

Yeah , I wanna get a nice one for you right here .

You first .

Mhm .

Wow .

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This is not what daddy had when he grew up , he had the stuff in the blue box .

Zika mommy needs something .

Tell me I , and I , we did it .


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