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2023-08-31 14:34:29

Sweet & Spicy Pickles Recipe _ The Crunchiest Pickles You'll Ever Eat

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Pickles , pickles .

There's so many things you can do with a pickle .

You've got your bread and butter , you got your dill , you got Pickle spears , whole pickles little Gherkins .

But no one really talks about a sweet and spicy pickles .

Hello , welcome to register for dinner and I'm Sebastian register .

And if you guessed it today , it's all about the pickle .

So stay tuned before we dive too far into the world of Pickles .

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But , but without further ado , let's get started at the end of the day .

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Probably the most crucial and important part of making a pickle is the brine makes sense , right ?

I mean , at the end of the day , your pickle is only really gonna taste as good as the brine tastes .

So before you get started picking any of your items , you're really gonna want to make sure that you master the brine .

So to do this , what I'm going to do is I have two cups of white distilled vinegar .

I'm gonna go ahead and pour that into my pot .

I have 3/4 of a cup of water .

Next , you'll be adding 3/4 of a cup of white granulated sugar .

Three tablespoons of kosher salt , 1.5 tablespoons of whole black peppercorn , one tablespoon of mustard seed and four hot chilies that I'm gonna cut a little slit into .

You wanna cut a slit into your Thai chilies because that helps extract some of the heat and some of the natural flavors .

Now thai chilies are very hot .

You don't have to use four like I'm using it .

All depends on how spicy you want your brine to be or if you don't want it spicy at all .

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Leave out the Thai chilies .

But I'm gonna take this and move this over to my brine .

Give it a nice mix and you're just gonna boil this onto the sugar , the salt all dissolves and then your brine is ready .

Your brine is finally ready .

So I went ahead and turned off the heat and I'm gonna let it cool down to room temperature .

But without further ado , let's talk about the cucumber for a second .

There's a lot of variations of cucumbers out there from your English cucumbers to your normal cucumbers .

But the ones that I'm using are in fact called a pickling cucumber reason being is they're short , they're fat and they have less seedss but more meat .

So what we're gonna do first is we're gonna go ahead and slice them into pickle chips .

I have here a serrated blade .

And if you're boujee like me , you can use these .

I picked it up at my local Asian store , but you can use a regular knife .

It's totally fine and I want to cut them into relatively thick pickle chips .

And the reason being is as they're starting to pickle , they're gonna remain , uh , and nothing better than a crunchy pickle .

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Now that your pickle chips have been formed , it's time to transfer them over into your jar .

You can use really any sort of jar um as long as it's glass .

So if you have a mason jar that works perfect , but you can also even use an old pickle jar .

And then I'm going to take three garlic cloves that I went ahead and lightly mashed .

And that's just to release some of the aromas and flavors of the garlic , add that into your jar .

And then now you want to tightly pack your pickle chips into the jar , but leave a little bit of room at the top .

And that's just so that when you're pouring in your brine , you don't create a mess all over your countertop .

So this should be good .

And now that my brine is cooled down , it's time to add it to the jar and start the pickling process , you're gonna want to let these pickle for at least 24 hours .

But honestly , the longer they sit the better and these can be stored up in your fridge for upwards of six months .

So I'm gonna go ahead and take these place them in my refrigerator and after about three days or so , they should look something like this .

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Now , let's test out that crunch factor , shall we ?

Now ?

That's a crunchy pickle .

Thanks for watching guys .

I hope you enjoyed today's video and learning a little bit about the pickle .

Once again , my name is Sebastian Register and this is Register for dinner if you enjoyed today's video and can't wait for us to cook something else up .

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But until next time , stay hungry .

My friends .


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