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2023-08-31 13:50:30

Slow Cooker Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

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Hi , I'm Lynette from Cleverly simple dot com .

And today we're gonna be making creamy the creamiest macaroni and cheese .

And the best part is it's made in the slow cooker .

Welcome to my farmhouse .

This is a recipe that we found in a newspaper article that my grandma had kept around for , who knows how long .

But it has become one of our absolutely favorite recipes to make for potlucks , family gatherings , holidays .

You name it .

We're bringing this macaroni and cheese .

It's also become one of the most popular recipes on Cleverly simple dot com .

We're simply going to add , add all the ingredients to our crockpot , turn it on and let it work its magic .

First thing we're gonna do is I have already cooked , um , 16 ounces or £1 of elbow macaroni .

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Now , if you are making this recipe in the morning and you want to cut down on time , I have made the macaroni ahead of time and place it in the refrigerator after it cools .

You just want to make sure that it breaks up to this .

We're going to be adding four tablespoons of melted butter , two tablespoons of olive oil and I wanna mention if you ever need those like 234 tablespoons of liquids , having these little shot glass type measuring cups are absolutely wonderful to have on hand .

I'm gonna give that a good stir .

And the purpose of adding that first is that's gonna really separate our elbow macaroni .

So it's not gonna stick together during this entire process .

After that , we're just gonna start adding all our ingredients .

I'm gonna add two cans of evaporated milk .

I've already added one of the cans in here .

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I'm gonna add two cups of regular milk , whatever you have in the refrigerator , I usually have 2% .

So that's what I'm going to add .

I'm gonna add two teaspoons of salt and now comes the cheese .

We're gonna use a combination of cheddar cheese and Velveeta .

That's what's gonna help us get that really creamy texture that everybody loves macaroni cheese .

This is four cups of sharp cheddar .

You can definitely just buy it in the bag pre shredded .

I personally , when I make my recipes like to just buy the bar of cheese .

Sometimes it's cheaper .

Sometimes it's not .

And I just use a grater and grate it up real quickly .

The reason I like to do that is I find that the cheese is actually a little creamier and I think that's probably because of whatever they put around the shredded cheese .

But if that's all you have , I mean , many times I've made it that way as well .

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This is two cups of Velveeta , which is also as I'm looking at my package about £1 of Velveeta .

So 16 ounces and I'm just gonna cut this kind of up to cubes to kind of help melt it as I'm breaking this up , I just kind of wanna well and cut corporate everything and I'm just gonna kind of give it a rough stir .

Now as you stir it , you're gonna feel like there's a lot of liquid in this and that is completely OK .

This is totally normal .

It doesn't look the prettiest .

But man , it is going to taste the best when it is finished .

All right , I'm gonna turn my slow cooker onto low and we're gonna let it go for one hour .

I'll give it a stir , let it go for an additional hour and it will be done in just two hours .

You will have the creamiest macaroni and cheese you've ever had .

All right .

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So it's been one hour in the crock pot on low and I'm gonna give it a stir .

Now , one of the big questions I always get is after an hour .

Should it be so soupy ?

The answer is yes .

Some of the cheese is still not melted yet .

This is totally normal and you have one full hour left .

So I just really stir it well , so that everything's kind of mixed up and we're gonna put it back on low for one hour and then we'll be done .

All right .

It's been two full hours on low for a macaroni and cheese and it's completely ready to serve .

It is so creamy and has such a great flavor .

I just know you're gonna love this recipe .

Now , if you're not ready to serve it , you can keep it on warm for another couple of hours .

The macaroni and cheese will get a little drier , but that's actually how some people prefer it , including my dad .

So however you like it , um , you can leave it longer and make it drier , but I prefer this way .

Super creamy .

I hope you enjoy this macaroni and cheese recipe as much as our family has .

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Thanks for visiting farmhouse until next time .


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