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2023-08-31 13:52:27

How To install Minecraft On a Chromebook _ 2022 Linux (Chrome os)(java edition)

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Here is micro loading on my chromebook .

This is the easiest and the fastest way to get Minecraft on your chromebook .

Now , the first step is getting the Linux terminal , hit the search bar and type in settings .

Now , once the setting loads up , go to the bottom left and hit advanced , go down to developers and make sure a Linux environment is enabled so that you can have the Linux terminal .

Alternatively , you can go to the top and type in Linux and it should lead you to the same exact place .

Step two is getting to the Linux seminar commands which is linked down in the Google Docs description down below .

Now go ahead and hit set and once you hit set , just go ahead and type in Linux which will bring up the terminal .

Once you have your terminal opened , what we're going to do is that we're going to copy each one of these codes from code one to code eight and then we're gonna paste it right in the terminal .

So for now , what I'm going to do is that I'm going to copy code one and then I'm actually going to zoom out and go back to my terminal .

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CTR shift to V should do exactly the job .

I've pasted it and I'll let it do its job .

I'm going to go ahead and copy code two , go back to the terminal and then CTR CV again , copy it there .

But this time we're going to see .

Yes or no .

This is Y slash N you wanna type in Y so that the program can keep going .

I copy the third one .

I go down to terminal again and then I paste that the third one in there again .

Now I'll just let it do its job once again .

Copy the fourth one , do the same thing by going to the terminal and pasting it .

Go again and copy the fifth one .

Go back to your terminal like it's a repetitive um kind of thing you wanna do .

It's just terminal based .

That is why .

And here you repeat the Y again and then you just keep on if you guys have found this video really helpful .

So far , kindly subscribe , hit the bell button and hit the like button because it helps me out a ton because it's repetitive , copy , paste , copy , paste , copy , paste and then it should be done .

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So I'm going to do this for seven and eight .

So I don't waste too much time on the video and uh just a side note , right ?

It is where all the magic starts to happen .

Like where you see that minecraft is now actually being started to um update to copy files to bring in new things , which is Minecraft hyphen launcher .

So this is going to start the Minecraft um launch and downloading and then I'm gonna like the video is skipped in part .

So bear , bear like bear with me for the meantime , it's kept in in part just so I can finish quickly .

Now , the Minecraft launcher , after updating it is going to open what we're familiar with as a Minecraft interface where you're supposed to log in and stuff like that .

So here we are after a long day of trying to put in a law .

Of course , I'm going to input my log in the details and come back later .

So now I have my input details being logged in .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm going to choose what released version I want to play and I'll click play and then from there it should give me , it should start downloading the version I I wanted to play and then I should be able to play it .

It's just a basic , it's um code and terminal intensive in comparison to um the other coupon part of it .

Thanks for watching this video .

I hope this video was really helpful to you guys .

If you have any questions , kindly drop that in the comment section so that I can help you out with your problems or whatever you're facing .

That said guys , kindly try to smart , the subscribe button , hit the like button and enjoy my disco down and description because that helps me all the time .

And with that said , I'll see you guys in my next video .

Peace Out boy .


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