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2023-08-31 14:28:28

How To Buy Minecraft Java Edition & Bedrock Edition - Full Guide

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in this video , I'll show you how to buy Minecraft , Driver Edition and bedrock .

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Firstly , you'll need to go and open up a Web browser .

This can be any and then go to a search engine and this can be any as well .

I'm using Google , chrome and Google .

But as I said before , it does not matter .

Then what we need to do is just go and search for Minecraft or alternatively , you can go straight to the Minecraft website , which is Minecraft dot net .

Um , but don't worry , I'll show you both .

So just go and search Minecraft like so and then you want to go to the top result , which is Minecraft dot net and here we are or alternatively , you could just go and type Minecraft dot net straight into the RL bar .

Then once you're on the Minecraft website , all you need to do is go and tap on , get Minecraft here or go up and get Minecraft in the top , right , like so and wait for it to load then , As you can see , we've got four different options here .

And how would you want to go and play ?

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So in this case , if you want to go and tap on computer just like so after you gonna tap on computer , we then get these two options here , as you can see , Base game and deluxe edition .

But above this , it says Minecraft Java and bedrock edition for PC .

So basically , you get both of these for buying one .

Personally , I just get the base game .

But you could go and get the deluxe edition If you'd like with these benefits here , so go and select one you like , and then you can go and tap on buy like so .

And as you can see , it is $30 .

Um , but this will convert your currency when we're checking out .

So tap on buy like so .

But before we can go and make the purchase , you need to go and sign with a Microsoft account because Microsoft own Minecraft , and so therefore you need a Microsoft account .

So either you can go and sign in if you already have one , or you can go and create one by pressing sign up for free .

So I just went and signed in with my account , and I'm actually being asked how I want to go and look on Xbox .

And this is just because , um , Xbox is basically the Microsoft part of gaming , so I'm just going to type in a gamer tag .

For that , I'll type in something like Guide Realm .

And then once you've entered that information there , it now says you're almost ready to start playing Minecraft so we can go and scroll down .

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So , as you can see , this is what we're purchasing .

So we then go and tap on next like so and then it's gonna go and ask us a way .

We want to go and pay so you can go and use a credit or debit card or PayPal or your phone .

So I'm gonna go and use a credit or debit card .

Then I'm gonna go and tap there , and it's now circling , and I just need to go and enter all this information here and then go and tap on save , and then we can go and check out .

Then , after you've made your purchase , you then just need to go and tap on download launcher .

If you're using a Mac , it's going to go and say Download launch for Mac But I'm using windows , which is why it says app .

So go and tap on it , and the download will then start .

Now my download is in the top , right , because I'm using chrome .

But if you're using a different browser , it's going to be elsewhere .

But don't worry , because you can always go and find your downloads in your file .

Explorer in the Downloads folder .

Just go and tap in there , and then you can go to your downloads folder and go and find it .

And then you can go and run the installer .

Here we are in my downloads folder .

So then all you need to to do is go and double tap on the installer like so .

And then it's going to open up and you just need to follow the instructions .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Here we are on the Minecraft launcher , and , as you can see on the left hand side , you've got the option for Minecraft Jar Edition and below that we've then got the option for Minecraft for Windows , which is Minecraft bedrock .

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