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2023-08-31 14:19:02

4 Ways To Fix Minecraft Multiplayer is disabled. Please check your Microsoft Account settings Error

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Hi guy .

Today I show you four ways to fix Minecraft error multiplayer is disabled .

Please check your Microsoft account settings method .

One ensure the Minecraft launcher is using the correct Microsoft account .

Launch the Minecraft launcher .

Take a look at the top left corner of the window and ensure that it is the correct account being represented .

If not log out of the current account and log back in with correct credentials method to log in to the correct Microsoft account via the browser , open your web browser and go to the http S account dot Microsoft dot com .

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And here make sure you are using the correct account once again if it is not a correct account , click on the account picture on the top right corner of the screen and select sign with a different account method .

Three change settings via Xbox account within the browser .

Go to the http S account dot xbox dot com slash settings .

Here you will have to sign in with the same credentials you used for your Microsoft account and the account you are using within Minecraft launcher .

If you have not previously had Xbox account , this is it now on the left side , pick privacy and online safety select Xbox One Windows , 10 online safety section , scroll down until you find you can join multiplayer games .

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Make sure this option is set to allow and then click submit method for instructions for the child account .

If you're a parent , it's a good idea to create a child account with specific restrictions on that account .

However , to allow your child to play multiplayer games on minecraft , you should do the following .

Log out of your Xbox and Microsoft accounts , create both accounts , Microsoft Xbox for your child .

If he she has not got one yet .

Once done , log back into your main account , go to http S account dot Microsoft dot com slash family .

If you haven't added your child's account to your family group yet , do it now .


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