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2023-08-31 14:31:43

Making crunchy and delicious wedding style vegetable pickle!

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Hello , welcome to my channel .

Today , we're gonna make some lovely mixed veg pickle .

We are gonna make a small portion of it .

We got gone those days when we had big families and we used to make it by five liter bucket and for weddings , we used to prepare 25 liter buckets of mixed veg .

So today I have a cabbage .

It was a small cabbage .

I cut a quarter of it and sliced it and I got it also rinsed out and then it was a small cauliflower that I cut quarter of that and get cleaned up .

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They have flowers and also cottage rinsed and then I got uh three carrots and this is how we cut it for our uh veg pickle .

And then I have uh almost 200 g of uh green beans that I broke and rinsed out .

And then I have a little handful of uh green chilies that I actually uh gave it a strip in the center and rinsed it out .

And thereafter , I'm also gonna add some uh board to eat and some figs , this board will actually be picked out .

And tomorrow I will sit and show exactly what I do .

And , but , and I will fix that .

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I will have to work with him because they have a lot of sand and cleaning up the , uh , uh , fix is sort of , you see the sand actually grips in this flower and then we had to clean it up properly .

And tomorrow I will uh soak it in the water and give it to several Rs and then I will show you exactly what I do with it .

And then I have almost 1.5 liter of vinegar .

Uh You can use different types of vinegar , but the white one that keeps the color in .

Ok .

I've got a container which has a ceiling lid because it's going to stay overnight .

And after every two hours , I'm gonna stir it in .

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By tomorrow morning , the entire veg will collapse to smaller sizes .

Firstly , I'll put in my uh cabbage or you can throw all one thing and you're not putting any salt or anything in it .

No , I'm not going to put any salt .

In fact , tomorrow I will show you all after when it's going to dry up a little .

Ok .

Uh There's many types of pickle when we were growing up .

My mom should actually make fish prickles , this taste ready tasty .

And we used to steal that pickle in it , but we should get caught because our trop pickle smells so strong because we live near the beach .

We used to get a lot of .

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So when the before ripening , while it's still green , we used to cut and actually make pickle with marla even with .

And the best pickle to make is jack fruit .

And uh there's a lot of pickles can be made .

So today , this is just our veg pickle , which is quite a small amount .

But would it be enough for the winter for my children's ?

Now , I'm gonna add in my vinegar .

I'm not gonna use much of a weenie yang for covering up the veg .

I will go halfway through .

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So you can see the vinegar is not covering up my veg because after every two hours , I will keep stirring it till tomorrow , you will see how it collapsed in size .

So the vinegar dehydrates the vegetables , it pulls the water out .

Yes .

And it keeps it for a longer period in your oil .

Yeah .

Welcome back .

Here's my vege table that I cut and soaked in vinegar yesterday , getting ready to make the vegetable pick up .

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So today I'm gonna actually uh drain out this vine that I have and I actually want to use the same vine to steam out my gold and feet .

Ok .

I'm gonna take my vegetables outside to dry out .

Uh It's not like a complete sun dry .

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It's only to the vinegar to dry off and you need a tray and use newspaper and then I will , I'm putting my vegetables in and then I will cover my vegetable in the meantime , I want to use this vinegar to actually steam out my bore and fig .

As I showed you all , it took a lot of cleaning in the figs and I had it soaked in water for the morning and I rinsed it about six times because figs actually have a lot of sand .

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And then I've been cleaning all this off because once when the flower is formed , it grips in a lot of sand .

And then this is the board that I rinsed out .

And I'm also going to steam with the vinegar .

Uh This is the vinegar that I used to , uh , soak my veggies yesterday , of which it was 1.5 liter .

And because I'm making , uh , the sweet and sour , I'm gonna actually add 75 ML to each pot .

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In fact , you can , if you're only making your board of figs on its own , so you can use up and your new vinegar , but not to get rid or throw away so much of vinegar , we are putting it back in use for steaming us have boring face .

Yeah , these are 7 50 mil each for making your veg pickle if you're using bore and figs and for making a sweet and sour sauce , pickle , you had to use the same process , you had to steam out your board and fix .

Now , why I'm doing this separately ?

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Because my board have seeds and my figs doesn't have seeds .

So the steaming will be differently .

Ok .

Now , my uh figs and my bodies uh had a quick steam .

Uh you must be very careful , mustn't allow it to boil very much because the reason being it will get soft and then it will tear apart in a pickle .

So I will rinse out the vine , cut your wrist and then our old runs out , straight out was really get .

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In fact , this vinegar can still come to use when you have , uh , you know , teaspoons or tablespoons that stained with T max .

So you can actually throw them in vinegar and it will come out the beautiful silver co color again .

Ok .

I'm gonna just take a handful of , of bore and figs to actually dry with my veggies so I can add them to my vegetable pickup .

I think this will be enough .

Today is a nice sunny day in Joburg and , uh , this is where the sun is shining mostly .

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So I'm gonna put my veggies to dry out here and later in the afternoon , I'm gonna show y'all how I put my pickle and while we had to eat , uh , you can see my tomatoes actually growing like grapes , tomato became scarce and we had plentiful .

Ok .

And my veggies are dry enough for the pickle .

Uh , in fact , it was about four hours in the sun , but as you know , Joburg sun is not very hot , it's not about drying the veggies completely .

Hey , it must still stay a little moist .

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It's just about drying off the excess of the vinegar and for my ingredients , for the mixed veggies , I've uh sliced eight cloves of garlic .

Garlic must be needed a little extra .

A tablespoon of uh mixed uh pickle masala , a tablespoon of pure chili powder , a teaspoon of sugar , a tablespoon of salt because I took note that my pickle masala actually has salt in it .

And so I'm going to go directly to the container , which I'm going to store it in .

So it will not be many dishes being getting used up .

And then we are going to use oil to top it .

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But because I'm gonna keep my pickle in the fridge , uh I'm gonna use a little less oil .

But if you like your extra oil in your pickle , then you have to actually allow it to cook in the sunshine .

But in the meantime , while my pickles stay in the fridge , I will always give it a stir maybe for about two or three days before eating the first call in all my mixed veggies .

And you can use uh masala according to your taste because we don't like uh very hot chili's masala and realizing we also got some green cheese in our pickup .

So it's gonna be very hot for us .

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That's the reason why I'm using one tablespoon of and , and then it then goes garlic and this is the fix on the board .

The thing is in those years when our parents were still living , they should actually make their own pickle masala by grinding seeds and me and mustard and crushed chilies .

But now with the time we don't really like doing our own stuff , we buy it ready made .

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So gradually and then staring these items .

If you feel you like your color being a little red , you can add in some egg yellow , but you must also realize egg yellow powder as its own salt .

And now I'm gonna adding my oil .

I normally use raw oil because it tends to cook on its own .

When using boiled oil .

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Your veggies don't actually stay crispy .

So this is the second cup .

I think I still need more .

It's a third cup .

Let me stay and see .

And after your pickle is finished and you have extra oil , it tastes very nice when you actually braze your dull with it .

I think this oil is quite enough for me because each day when I'm gonna take it off my fridge , I'm gonna not give it a two and 10 .

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It's looking very well coated and there is some extras in the bottom that will allow you to actually suffering it .

And if you like to eat a pickle vege pickle immediately , you would actually uh steam it with vinegar and drive of the exits , not properly .

And then you can go straight into mixing it and you can eat it the very same day .

But you must also realize your veggies won't be crispy .

In this way , your veggies will be left very crispy .

And when you're eating , you get , like , get the sound of the crunch of it .

This can be kept for about three days in the fridge before eating .

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Thank you all for watching and I hope you'll enjoy eating pickle in the winter .


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