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2023-08-31 14:27:09

What I did to GROW TALLER _ Crazy Growth Spurt Story

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Hey , what's going on guys ?

So you guys probably clicked on this thumbnail because you're interested in growing taller or maybe you're just curious as to how I grew from 55 to 63 in two years .

So um before I get into this video , I want to share with you guys some other crazy growth sports stories .

Like for example , I've talked about um Dennis Rodman in another video , I think I commented that he grew from 59 to 67 within a couple of years .

Another basketball player , cj mccollum was only 54 when he was playing basketball in high school .

But by the time he got to college and ultimately entered the Pros , he became 65 .

So growth spurts do happen .

There are tons of other NBA players who had crazy growth spurts .

David Robinson is another player who was a center .

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He's 7 ft one , I believe he was average height or even short for his heights when he was a teenager .

But then he had a crazy growth spurt before I get into this video .

Let me tell you guys that it is possible .

I know there are a lot of people that don't think it's possible to grow taller , but it is possible .

There are a couple of things that you can do to make sure that you reach your maximum height potential .

I mentioned that in some other videos , it all revolves around making sure you're eating a balanced diet , getting enough sleep , doing some stretches .

If you're already an adult and you stopped growing completely .

There are a couple of things that you can do to give yourself an inch or two inches of height .

Now , when I was younger , I wasn't necessarily tall .

I wasn't amongst the tallest in my class and neither was I short .

I wasn't among the shortest in my class .

I was just sort of like average heights .

So there was nothing special about my height and most people thought I was just going to be average like maybe 5 10 .

Um , my sister , she's currently 5 11 and she's a year older than me .

She was growing way faster than me .

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And that's because , um , girls tend to grow and mature a lot faster than boys do .

Um , but also , you know , it was obvious that she was going to be tall because she was always tall .

Um , one of the tallest amongst her peers while as for me , I wasn't tall , I had friends that were taller than me that I ultimately outgrew .

I had family members who were taller than me at the same age and I also outgrew them as well .

So for me , there were a couple of things that happened that are very important and I think that you guys should know about these things because this could be what's limiting your height and not letting you reach your maximum height potential .

The first thing that happened that actually helps me increase my heights was that I got dewormed .

So what that means is that I had worms in my incest .

I'm not going to show you guys a picture because it's very gross .

But you can google stomach worms and see what that looks like .

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I had stomach worms , a tape worm in my stomach and I didn't know about it because when you have worms in your stomach , you don't know , you don't feel any symptoms .

All you know is that you're eating a lot , you're hungry , but then you're not growing , you're losing weight , you feel weak , you feel tired because what's happening is that the worms are actually feeding off of you and taking all the nutrients from the food that you're eating and they're actually growing and multiplying while you yourself , you're not growing and you're losing weight and all these kind of things .

So how do you get stomach worms ?

And how do you know if you have stomach worms ?

I'm going to leave a link in the description box down below to some of the symptoms that you might experience if you have stomach worms .

It's very important to see a doctor if you do have stomach worms because I guarantee you 100% .

This is definitely stunting your growth .

Now , you can get stomach worms from drinking water that might be a little bit contaminated some fruits , vegetables .

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Sometimes these worms are very small and undetectable to the human eye .

So it's very easy to just consume it .

And then they ultimately start growing and living in your stomach .

I grew up in Nigeria where it's very possible to have stomach worms .

So this is one of the things that I felt stunted my growth at an early age .

But luckily I was able to detect it and I took a medication to get rid of the stomach worms and it was a nasty disgusting experience .

I ultimately flushed it down my system and all of the stomach worms came out and it was very gross .

Another thing that stunted my growth is that I had really bad bow legs when I was younger .

And a lot of people didn't think I would be able to stand up straight or walk straight .

But thankfully , and luckily for me , my bones actually kind of straightened out a little bit .

I still have a slight bow , but it's a lot better than it was when I was younger .

So , of course , having a straighter legs are also going to make you stand taller and be taller compared to having a bow leg .

So , the big question , how did I get from 55 to 63 in a matter of two years .

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So here's the thing .

So when I was younger , I really didn't think about my height much .

I didn't care about my height .

I , I didn't know I would wanna be a model and you need to be tall to be a model .

Um , back then I thought modeling was only something that women did .

Um , so I , I just didn't really care much about my height , but I started caring about my heights when I noticed that a lot of girls um especially the girls that I had a crush on when I was younger were more attracted to taller guys .

So I was like , hey , like I need to get taller .

So what I started to do is I started to research what are the things I need to do to get taller ?

And I saw that some of the things that you need to do to get taller was to consume a lot of proteins and eat a balanced diet .

One of the easiest sources of protein that I had available to me was beans and beans is actually very nutritious .

And if you're a teenager , this is something you guys need to add to your diet because helps you guys grow taller .

Some of the other foods that are very nutritious in terms of helping you guys grow taller , is eating a lot of eggs , um eating salmon , eating quinoa , a lot of green leafy vegetables and berries as well .

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These things will help you guys grow taller because they have the necessary vitamins and nutrients to help you guys grow .

Um Another thing is to try to take supplements because when I was growing up younger in Nigeria , I didn't have those supplements readily available to me .

Um but luckily for you guys now it's very easy to get your hands on supplements .

You can get it from Amazon and whatnot .

I'm going to leave some really important links in the description box down below to some of the best supplements that you guys can take to help you guys make sure you get a balanced diet and making sure you're reaching your maximum height potential .

So anyway , so I started becoming really obsessed with my heights .

Once I noticed that women are more attracted to taller guys , I started becoming really obsessive and I was eating everything that I could to make sure I was growing , making sure I was eating enough .

Another thing that I started to do that at the time I didn't realize helped me was I started to play sports .

So I played soccer growing up and I also started to pick up basketball a little bit .

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Now , of course , when you're playing team sports , one of the first things you always do before you actually start , your physical activity is to stretch and stretching is very important for soccer because you're using your lower body a lot same with basketball .

Stretching is very important .

So I was doing a lot of stretches .

So doing these daily stretches actually helps me grow to about 631 thing I forgot to mention my parents aren't necessarily tall .

My mom , she's about 55 and my dad , he's about 5 , 10 , 5 11 .

Now , one way to calculate your height potential .

If you're a guy , you take the average height of your parents and add 2 to 4 inches , that's the range of your height potential .

Now , of course , there are some outliers and you can still grow even six inches above that average height .

If you're female , you subtract two inches from the average height of your parents and add two inches .

So you're in between that range of minus two inches to two inches plus , but of course , there are always outliers .

Some people just have the DNA to just grow taller and just have a crazy growths birth , right ?

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So what can you guys do if you're under the age of 21 and you're interested in growing taller ?

You definitely need to follow these tips .

One , make sure you guys your daily stretches .

I've made videos about that .

Secondly , make sure you're eating a balanced diet .

This is very important .

Third , you should always be drinking enough water and getting enough sleep , adequate sleep is one of the most important things that you guys can do for your heights .

And then if you're over 21 you can still grow 1 to 2 inches by having better posture , doing yoga stretches .

These things will help you at least add one or two inches more to your heights .

Another thing that you guys can do is that you guys can wear insole shoes .

These , those shoes are like a really nice trick .

You can slip them into any shoes and they will give you two inches of height boost and that will make you stand taller .

All right .

So that's it for this video guys .

I hope you guys enjoyed it .

Drop a comment down below if you guys have more questions .

Um Something you're curious about if any of these tips are working for you .

If you guys have noticed any kind of height increase , drop that as well .

Um Always appreciate you guys if you guys like this video , learn anything new .

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Hit me with a thumbs up .

Don't forget to sub .

I would love to see you guys back on this channel again .

See you in my next one .


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