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2023-08-31 14:22:03

CHICK FIL A NUGGETS _ Homemade Chick-Fil-A Nuggets Recipe _ Copycat Recipe

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Today , I'm making chick-fil-a style nuggets at home and I'm starting with three quarters of a pound of chicken breast and I'm cutting them into bite size pieces .

And what I'm going to do is brine them in a third cup of pickle brine , use whatever pickle juice you have in your refrigerator .

And here I've placed all of my chicken breast pieces in a food storage bag and I'm just going to add my pickle juice .

I'm gonna close this up and just put it in the fridge for about an hour .

At least 30 minutes to brine works , but I'm gonna go for one hour for the dredge .

I'm going to use three quarters of a cup of all purpose flour to that .

I will add one tablespoon of non-fat dried milk .

I'm also adding 1.5 teaspoons of chicken boon powder .

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By the way , you can change up the ratios for these seasonings and spices to your preference .

I'm also adding a quarter teaspoon of salt , one teaspoon of onion powder .

I'm also going to be adding 1.5 teaspoons of paprika , half teaspoon of lemon pepper , a quarter teaspoon of black pepper and an eighth of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper , give that a mix and that's done for the wet ingredients .

I'm going to add one large egg and a third cup of whole milk .

I actually used a little bit too much milk here , but a third cup should do the trick and just give that a mix .

And I'm going to add a little bit of that wet into the dry and sort of mix it around and add some dredge clumps in there that will definitely add texture to the breading of these nuggets .

Now it's time to bread these .

I've removed my chicken pieces from the pickle brine .

I left them brine for about an hour .

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So what I'm going to do is just add all of my chicken pieces to the wet egg mixture , remove them from the egg mixture and then add them right into my dry mixture , my flour dredge and then you coat them .

Well , I'm actually going to do a double coating for these .

So I'm just going to repeat the process for all of my chicken pieces .

Once they're done being coated , I'm gonna let them set for about 10 minutes .

That really helps the coating adhere to the chicken nuggets .

You'll want to fry these at 350 °F .

That's a good fried temp .

I just use a wooden spoon .

It's really not a scientific method , but it works .

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Hey , so there's a new season of Rick and Morty out .

So , you know , I'm Pickle .

Rick .

Hi , folks .

My name is Adam and I like to make tiny nerdy things .

And today I made a pickle named Richard .

So obviously to begin with , I'm going to need a pickle .

Now , my original plan was to use a real pickle , you know , for , but I quickly realized that working with a slowly rotting mushy pickle would be probably more trouble than it's worth .

So for the sake of not having pickle juice all over my studio and that ever lingering sense of slowly decaying food hanging in the air .

I'm just going to make my pickle out of clay .

Fortunately , this does give me a chance to make pickle Rick out of colored clay , which I'm pretty excited about .

The hope here is that by using colored clay , I can cut out a big portion of the painting process by using the colored clay as the base and painting the details and washes later .

But as far as making a pickle , it's a pretty straightforward process , start with a solid aluminum core and then a coat of green clay over top .

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Then the only thing we have to do is add the little ketchup splatters that adorn our Gurkin hero .

And with that pickle Rick is finally finished .

However , this doesn't really feel like enough to me .

So I'm also gonna make Rick's beer bottle birthing pod for the sake of authenticity .

I wanted to make the pot out of a real beer bottle .

But for scale , I would have needed to use something like a big bottle of Schlitz and even I don't hate myself enough to have those on hand .

So instead I'm gonna be using one of these cheap and cheerful N jean bottles that I found conveniently sitting on a shelf at my local pound land .

All I need to do is chop top off using a fancy saw .

Then I can use a smaller saw to cut the rest of it out .

Or rather I can try a saw and fail than attempt to get with the knife before turning to my tried and true wire cutters .

Fortunately , these left me with a pretty gnarly looking broken glass edge .

So once I've done the necessary protective equipment , it's glass smash in time .


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