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2023-08-31 14:17:52

The most CHEESY & CREAMY Mac & Cheese Recipe

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Hey y'all .

Welcome back to another recipe for today's video .

I am making a very creamy baked mac and cheese so easy if you want to see it .

Stay tuned .

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Let's make it to get started .

We're going to start by boiling our pasta .

I am adding creole seasoning with some salt in there .

Once that comes to a boil , I am going to add my elbow shaped pasta in there once it is nice and I am going to remove it , pour some cold water to it instead of the side just to stop the cooking process .

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I am going to start by melting unsalted butter .

Next , I am going to add half a teaspoon of mince garlic in there .

You can use garlic powder but I just like the flavor of the garlic .

So I like to use real garlic .

I am going to let that cook for a little bit until it's giving me like a golden I color .

Then I am going in with some flour , all purpose flour just add that in there .

We're going to cook the flour for about two minutes until all the raw flour taste is removed .

And then we're going to add our um evaporated milk .

In this video .

I use one can of evaporated milk .

You can use whole milk .

In my opinion , I like to use evaporated milk for all my pasta recipes .

You might see it on all of my video if you're not new here .

But if you know , hey , welcome .

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Be sure you all subscribe , but I am going to season it with uh onion powder .

I added garlic already .

So no garlic powder added with some dry mustard with paprika .

The paprika will give it a nice , beautiful color once it's done baking and then I'll be adding some sour cream in there as well with some cream cheese .

Ok .

That combination is the B OK .

Give it a try sour cream with cream cheese together in your mac and cheese .

Oh my God .

Try it and let me know how you guys like it once that is well combined .

I am going to add my cheese .

I am using chop cheddar cheese .

No , I didn't buy the block but feel free to use whatever cheese you like .

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So I am using sharp cheddar cheese with um another type of cheese which you will see in a few seconds , but I am going to let that melt it just like that .

Then I am going to add my um elbow shape pasta in there .

They're nice and cooked .

I don't like to overcook the pasta in the beginning because I am going to bake it , which going to cook it one more time .

So I like to kind of slightly undercook my pasta .

That's just something that I do .

Ok .

This is it right here before I even add the other cheese and it's already getting cheesy .

Like I said , this also is a creamy type of pasta .

Now it's time for me to add the cheese .

I am using mozzarella cheese .

I just love the flavor of mozzarella cheese .

That's why I am adding it , but I always add other cheese to my mac and cheese .

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But today I'm using just cheddar and mozzarella cheese mix that together and it's going to make it super cheesy by now .

My stove is off .

I don't know if you guys can tell but I turn it off and yeah , this is what it looks like so far .

It's already nice and cheesy .

And of course we're going to add some more cheese on top of it .

And also I added some salt as you guys can see because I feel like it needs some more salt .

So I add the salt in just like that .

Yes , it's already creamy .

Cheesy .

I cannot wait to bake this .

Ok .

We're going to bake it on 3 50 guys .

So stay tuned for that .

All right , this is me adding some butter on the baking dish and then we're going to pour our pasta , just pour it in there just like that .

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Now it's time to add the cheese .

I am using the same cheddar cheese that I used earlier .

Just add it all over your mac and cheese .

Ok , once I am done , I am going to add some paprika on top of it just for some color and some garnishment .

Just add a little bit of paprika that's very optional .

You do not have to add it if you don't want to , but this is what it looks like .

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We're going to bake it on 3 50 for 20 to 25 a minutes once it comes out .

Oh my gosh .

This is it you guys .

It's so cheesy , so cheesy , so delicious and it's very creamy .

You know we add all those creamy ingredients , the the um evaporated milk , the sour cream , the cream cheese .

Oh my gosh .

Oh my gosh .

Alright .

This is it you guys , this is it .

Of course you can add more cheese if you want .

You can always do whatever you want .

You don't have to follow the exact same thing that I do .

But this is it .

You guys let me know if you're going to try this one out because this one is really delicious .

Give it a try .

I'm sure the kids will love this .

Ok .

A perfect side for this one is um pork chops .

I love pork chops fried .

Pork chops .

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So stay tuned .

There will be another recipe coming your way .

So stay tuned for that .

This is it .

Be sure you subscribe if you know here , subscribe , thumbs up the video if you like this recipe and I will see you guys on my next one .

Bye .


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