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2023-08-31 14:22:22

Easy Homemade Pickled Beets (Med Diet Episode 26)

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This is Daniel Tero .

Red beets are a nutritious vegetable and one of the simplest to grow in the home garden .

Red beets are a good source of folate , manganese , vitamin C and fiber .

For this recipe , you'll need red beets , room temperature water , white wine , vinegar and granulated sugar .

First , I've removed the leaves and washed the beets that I've picked from my garden .

Next , I sort the beets by size so that the beets will not be overcooked or undercooked depending on the size .

Baking or boiling beets can take up to an hour .

Cooking beets in your microwave oven can reduce the cooking time by up to 75% .

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My preferred method is using a pressure cooker which takes about the same amount of time as using a microwave oven using a plastic store bag to simplify , clean up .

I trim off any remaining part of the leaves and the root .

I place the pressure cooker on the stove over medium high heat .

The air vent is a visual indicator of pressure in the pressure cooker , never remove the lid .

While the air vent is in the up position .

Cooking time starts when the pressure regulator begins a gentle rocking motion to stop the cooking process .

I place the pressure cooker in the sink and cold water over the top .

When the air vent is down , it is safe to remove the pressure regulator and the lid .

Whether you bake boil or microwave , the beats are done when you can easily insert a knife , add cold water and cool until the beets can be handled .

The skin should now easily peel from the beats , trim the ends if necessary and then slice the beets about 1/8 inch thick into your storage jar .

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Repeat until the jar is filled to within about one half inch of the top .

Fill the jar or jars with cold water to completely cover the beets .

Empty the water into a measuring cup .

Note how much water is in the cup and then empty about half into the sink .

For example , if there's two cups of water , drain one cup into the sink , leaving one cup of water in the measuring cup .

Replace the water with white vinegar .

For example , if you drained out one cup of water , add one cup of vinegar to the water remaining in the measuring cup .

You want about a 50 50 ratio of water to white vinegar .

Add about one quarter cup of granulated sugar to the vinegar and water and stir until completely dissolved .

You can adjust the amount of sugar to taste when the sugar is dissolved .

Add the water to the jar to completely cover the beets .

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The beets must be completely covered with liquid to prevent bacterial growth and spoilage if necessary until the beets are completely submerged .

Gently tap the jars to dislodge any air bubbles .

Once the beets are completely submerged , tightly cover each jar cool and refrigerate .

A two ounce serving has 36 calories , 44 mg of sodium and 2 g of fiber .

Thank you for watching .


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