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2023-08-31 09:39:49

Our Favorite Pickle Recipe - Claussen Clone Refrigerator Pickles

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So our garden has been a little bit behind schedule this year , but we finally got to go out and pick some of our first pickling cucumbers the other night .

And uh , I'm pretty excited .

That's uh one thing that comes out of our garden .

I look forward to the most each year .

So this recipe I'm sharing with you guys is , uh , it has a very similar taste to kind of the cloth and you know , store bought type pickles uh with that real nice kind of , these are refrigerator pickles , they're not like canned pickles or they can kind of sit out in the in uh the shelf for a long period of time .

But , uh they do have a very similar taste .

I think if you were after kind of a clone , a true clone of like a closs and pickle .

Uh kind of looking at the label of a container .

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It shows that they have uh red pepper in there and they have mustard seeds , which is something we generally don't grow in our garden .

So they don't kind of find their way into the pickles pickle .

So for the jars , we don't use anything too fan .

See a lot of times we just try to reuse kind of store bought pickle containers that we've kind of collected over the years or kind of pick up at uh kind of group parties and stuff .

When , when people bring pickles , part of the reason for that is we just generally don't like to use up a bunch of our mason jars on that .

We don't really kind of need it for this .

So we try to save those for uh kind of other harvest uh items like green beans and , and different stuff like that .

So the very first thing you do is stuff the bottom of the jar with dill .

Sometimes we'll put it on the very top as well .

But that really kind of depends on the harvest of dill that we have .

So the next two things we're gonna add is garlic and onion .

Uh What you can do is remove all the paper from that and then uh kind of either dice them up or kind of quarter them up and then , and kind of throw them down there in the bottom of the jars .

If you're not kind of a big onion fan , you could use white onion .

Today .

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We're actually using yellow onion , but uh white onion definitely has a little bit less of a taste .

But I , I don't think like the onion flavor is very overpowering .

I think that the garlic and the onions seem to go really well .

Together .

Now , it's , uh , kind of figuring out how you want to slice them up .

We do kind of variety .

We do spears , we kind of do smaller baby pickles and we also kind of dice them up into kind of like coin shapes .

Next , we'll fire up the stove and we'll , uh , add in two quarts of water , one cup of white vinegar and a half a cup of canning salt .

And then we'll bring that up to a boil .

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So there you go guys .

Not a whole lot to it .

Now , you just leave them out on the counter for about two days and then move them into the fridge .

They should last , uh , somewhere around nine months , we've definitely eaten them well past that .

They just tend to get a little bit more soggy .

So well , it also reminds me one other quick tip .

I wanted to kind of share with you guys , uh , generally when we kind of find those big huge monster cucumbers out in the garden that somehow have been missed summer long .

Uh We usually try to avoid using those on making pickles just because they tend to get a little bit more soggy or I guess they tend to end up being pretty soggy pickles .

So a lot of times what we'll use those for doing salads or juicing with them or actually harvesting seeds for next year's garden .

So anyways , I hope you guys enjoyed the video .

If so , let me know , by clicking that thumbs up and subscribing .

Thanks for watching .


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