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2023-08-31 14:28:49

Fall Asleep Fast Sleep Meditation to build Gratitude for your Growth _ Mindful Movement

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Because it can be difficult to notice the personal growth happening incrementally on a daily basis .

It is useful to pause zoom out and reflect a little bit to see how far you've actually come .

I'm Sarah Raymond from the mindful movement and I hope to help you see and be grateful for the growth you have created in your life .

With this meditation every morning .

As I enjoy my coffee with my husband , I look at the plants in the room by the window that I have a connection with and from day to day they generally look the same every once in a while though I notice with a bit of awe , some substantial growth that a plant has undergone .

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I look and see flowers and think , wow , these flowers weren't even here before like the growth of these plants .

Personal growth is a slow and steady journey with bumps along the way .

It's easy to lose sight of the progress you've made as you are walking the path you've taken .

Let's pause and enjoy the observation today .

Let's set the stage for a very peaceful night's sleep basking in the knowledge of the work that you've done and how far you've come trusting that you are on the right path and you are exactly where you need to be .

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So as you begin to settle in for tonight's practice , make sure your setting is suitable for you and you have the space and comfort to drift to sleep at any point .

Now that you have prepared your environment , I invite you to make yourself comfortable , close your eyes when you're ready and begin to let go and settle into this space .

Notice how it feels to release some of the tension you may be carrying from your body .

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There is no rush here .

Take your time and begin to soften your body with every exhale .

Allow tension to fall away with the falling exhales of your breath .

Your breath is your anchor or your focal point .

You can use it to become more present .

You can use it to relax your body .

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You can use it to tame your busy mind in a moment .

Lean on your breath to allow tension to ease its way out of your body .

You can cultivate a deep state of relaxation by working with your exhale .

Allow your breath to be heavy and deliberate .

Feel your body sink down into the surface below you .

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With every exhale going a little deeper into your support , giving in and letting go surrender into this beautiful space .

Allow the stillness of the moment to swell throughout the room .

Take time for this pause .

A time to reflect .

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You may feel like there is a lot you desire to accomplish .

But this moment is to acknowledge what has made you who you are today .

You have for sure , been lucky at times and you have also had adversities .

As we all have , there have been highs and there have been lows today .

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You can choose to be grateful for it all you have grown through it all to become right here right now on your path , moving forward in a moment , I will guide you on a walk in your imagination .

You may listen to my voice and you may also choose to drift into sleep .

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Whenever your body chooses in your mind , this journey may unfold as vivid pictures , sensations in your body , ideas in your mind or any combination of these .

There is no wrong way to experience this simply allow it to come to you as you continue to relax and be open to the possibilities .

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Now , in your mind , begin to imagine a lush green forest boasting with diverse plant life .

Perhaps you see the trees , shrubs and flowers showcasing a vast spectrum of colors and textures .

There is a welcoming path that lies in front of you and wanders through this forest .

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The path is ever so inviting and you easily begin to slowly safely stride forward .

Admiring the breathtaking terrain , Mother Earth has provided you as you take in the abundance of beauty .

You notice the collection of trees that's around you .

Even though they all appear slightly different , there are some qualities they tend to share .

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They all show some variances in their structure , yet they all stand tall and strong .

You notice up ahead , you are approaching a tree that has fallen and its stump is still standing rooted into the ground .

As you approach you look closely , the stump has a story to tell the trees rings are exposed and they act as a documentary of its long journey of growth .

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Trees are similar in this way to us as humans .

These rings represent more than just the time that has passed .

These rings represent pressure , they represent strength , they represent perseverance and a commitment to growth .

Many of these surrounding trees did not have it easy .

They surely had their own obstacles .

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Many had to change course at some point to find the light and nourishment .

They needed , some had to change their shape as other trees grew into their space .

Even though there may be times when you feel nothing is changing or you just need to get somewhere different .

I assure you you have your own rings .

You have the stories and memories that shaped your path .

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You have also had to make adjustments to grow .

You have had to accomplish what once may have felt insurmountable at times .

What you had to do was not easy or simple and it couldn't have been any other way as you contemplate your own rings .

And journey of growth .

Take a seat on this stump now and reflect Mother Earth is providing you the nurturing you need .

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During this time , you can feel embraced by her warmth , you can feel held and supported .

And as you go inward , you can visit some of these memories from times that have shaped you into the person you are today .

You may have an instinct to place judgment on some of your past experiences .

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Do your best to let those judgments go love yourself right now for who you are and everything you have accomplished , love yourself for both your strengths and your opportunities for growth , love and accept yourself in this moment .

Knowing the universe is right here supporting you .

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Let the scene drift from your mind for now as you move closer and closer to a deeply restorative sleep , open your heart and settle into the feeling of gratitude , allow it to build within you .

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Welcome , true and immense gratitude for yourself , for your growth , no matter how big or small and gratitude for your inner strength , gratitude for your rings of life .

This gratitude will continue to radiate through your heart and mind .

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As you sleep deeply , further , supporting your life , your growth and your well being .

Now , I'll offer you a beautiful quote to support your positive mindset .

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Your body is so incredibly relaxed and peaceful .

Right now , it is completely safe to let go even further as your body is invited into sleep .

And as you drift into rest , my voice will gradually disappear .

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When you wake from your deep sleep .

Many hours later , your body and mind will continue to acknowledge and appreciate all of your growth in a peaceful and calm state .

There is an inviting sense of inner peace flowing through your body and you are ready to rest your mind for the night .

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May you experience a peaceful night's sleep ?


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