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2023-08-31 14:29:28

How to make Baked Macaroni the right way

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Hi , everyone .

I'm back and today I'm gonna show you all how to make baked macaroni and cheese .

Yes .

We're making baked macaroni and cheese today .

Here's what you will need .

You will need a 32 ounce of Velveeta and that comes in the block form .

You will need 2 16 ounce bags of cheese .

I have the Kobe Jack and Monterey Jack and I have the sharp cheddar .

You will need one can of cream of chicken or you will need one can of cream of mushroom .

Either one would be just fine .

You will need milk elbow macaroni and I usually use about a box and a half or a box and just a little bit more than a half .

You will need two eggs and onion , onion .

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Yes , guys , you need onion , one small onion and we're not even gonna use the whole onion .

You will need paprika , garlic powder , black pepper and salt .

Over here .

I have the baking dish that I'm going to use .

I like to use these kind of aluminum takeaway um pans because they're , they're perfect .

They're perfect when you wanna just bake something in the oven , cover it with aluminum foil and take it to go .

All right .

So what you're gonna need , we're gonna need a pan just like this so that we can melt our cheese and you're gonna need a pan .

Of course , I have my here that you all love with salted water because once this water comes up to a boil , I'm gonna start boiling my macaroni .

Let's get started on cutting our onion and I need to show you how to cut this onion .

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We wanna make sure that when we cut this onion , it's very , very , very finely chopped .

OK ?

You don't want to bite down into onion .

All right .

And you want this onion to be cut so small that what happens is the , the onion will release its flavor and you won't have to bite down into it because it'll be so small , it'll disintegrate during the cooking process .

And we're gonna do just that .

What's up ?

Let's take half of this onion .

That's all we need is half of the onion .

All right .

And I'm gonna cut this .

Let's make sure we get a good picture down on this onion .

I'm gonna cut it just like show and I'll show you how small we're gonna cut this fat boy .

Get back in there onion .

All right .

So this is how my grandmom used to make her baked macaroni .

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I will never ever forget she had the best big macaroni .

And so I use that recipe and it turns out perfect every time guys , you hear me now , when I'm making this macaroni , um , whichever one I have or whichever one I pick up first , I'll use the cream of mushroom or the cream of chicken and it turns out the same each time no matter which one you like .

Now , if you're a person that says , oh , Gina , I don't like cream of mushroom or cream of chicken .

Well , then your next resource would be , you could use a can of cream of celery .

Absolutely .

You could .

Ok .

Just make sure you get that cream soup in there .

All right .

So I'm gonna continue to chop this very , very , very finely .

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Today is Saturday evening and I'm gonna have a whole roasted chicken for dinner , baked macaroni and cheese and we're gonna have corn on the cob .

That will be our dinner for tonight .

I'm so excited .

Who doesn't love whole roasted chicken and baked macaroni ?

Now I'm gonna continue to keep chopping this up very fine and I'll be right back guys .

OK ?

Everyone .

My onion is fine chopping .

I just wanted to do this to show you just how small it is .

All right .

So I'm gonna put this onion right into a little bowl that I have here and set it aside until we're ready for it .

OK ?

Now , this recipe is so simple .

I know I say this a lot .

So simple , so much fun and yet it tastes so good guys .

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So , oh , you'll see you'll see when you make it and , and your family is gonna be like , oh my gosh , where did you get that recipe from ?

And you're gonna be like , Gina Young Jena Young , show me how to make it .

Absolutely .

You will .

OK ?

So the first thing that we're gonna do , my water is boiling over here .

Let's see if I can get a picture of that water .

There we go .

I'm gonna go ahead and pour our elbow macaroni and there's one box and we're gonna pour a half a box .

Yes .

Let me make sure it's a half .

It's a little over a half .

OK ?

Then I'll use this for something else .

All right , I think I like to put a little bit of more salt in the water .

Anytime you're making pasta or potatoes , you always want to salt your water .

Absolutely .

You do .

OK ?

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Because you want every layer of your dish to be well seasoned .

All right .

We're gonna continue cooking this up on a medium high heat until it's done .

Normally all it takes is 11 minutes and your noodles will be just perfect .

I'm gonna cook it a little under 11 minutes because these noodles will cook more when we cook them in the oven .

OK ?

So I'm gonna shorten the time of the cooking process .

All right .

So then what we need to do , let's come over here and we're gonna open up our Velveeta block , open up this Velveeta block and we're gonna use the whole thing , the whole thing .

Gina .

Yes , absolutely .

We are .

And here's what it looks like .

All right , let me get my kitchen sheers so that I can cut that .

And I'm gonna turn this first pan on to a low heat .

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Well , we'll start out on a medium heat but then we'll turn it to low .

Ok ?

You open this up just like this .

Oh yeah .

When I make this macaroni , people say , oh my goodness , Gina , it's so good .

And I say this is how my grandma made it .

Oh Yeah , just like this .

All right .

So you just take the block and come over here , follow me over here to our pants .

All right .

And you wanna get a rubber spatula and , and let's grab the milk and we're gonna put some milk in how much milk just put you some milk in guys because what we're looking for and we might put milk in here several times .

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What we're gonna look for is a cheese whiz consistency where your cheese is very melty and nice and thick .

All right .

So that's what we're looking for .

This is on low .

It will take some time to get started going .

OK .

So meanwhile , over here , our noodles are cooking and when our noodles are done , our cheese sauce should be just about done also .

And I'm gonna show you all how to prepare my grandma's baked macaroni and cheese that you all will die .

For you .

Hear me ?

You all have been waiting for a baked macaroni and cheese recipe from , from me .

Well , here you go .

I have a old recipe , a old video for the baked macaroni but the video didn't turn out .

I had two different videos .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um The second video was where the macaroni was coming out of the oven .

It was when I first started learning how to videotape my recipes .

But this one here , this is gonna be a better video .

It won't have to be two split videos for you .

OK .

So let's continue to cook these .

Continue to keep an eye on this cheese because this cheese will cook so fast .

You wanna keep an eye on it .

All right , you don't want for this cheese to burn and you don't want the milk to score at the bottom or scorch at the bottom .

All right , I'll be right back .

OK , everyone .

Let's take a peek in at our beautiful cheese sauce .

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Now , some of you might say Gina , how do I know I want , I need to know how much milk just put you some milk in because what I'm gonna make a promise to you all is no matter how much milk you put in , it's still gonna make a cheese sauce .

OK ?

And you see me , I just eyeballed it and poured it in there .

OK ?

This cheese is so thick .

Oh , it's gonna make a cheese sauce for you .

OK .

Just pour some in and if your cheese sauce doesn't get to like this texture , but I'll show you when it's all melted .

If it doesn't get that way , pour you some more milk in .

Don't be afraid .

Ok .

It'll work out guys .

I promise you .

Absolutely .

It will .

It's so easy .

This recipe is so easy and once you do it , once you'll never forget how to make this .

You hear me ?

I used to watch my grandma make that baked macaroni and I , I did the same thing .

I used to think like onion grandma , you know , and mushroom or chicken soup .

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Uh you know , cream of mushroom or cream of chicken .

Yes .

Absolutely .

Guys just try it .

Never knock something until you try it .

OK .

Let's take a peek in at our noodles .

Our noodles were almost done .

OK ?

Like I said , we don't wanna cook them too much because these are gonna continue to cook in the oven when our macaroni bakes .

All right .

So I'm just gonna continue to stir my cheese sauce .

I'll be taking the noodles out when I have the video on pulse because they're done .

I'll be right back .

Everyone .

OK .

Everybody , our cheese sauce is done .

There's a few chunks in there that will continue to melt even after you turn this off .

OK ?

Because this is so hot .

Those little chunks is in there .

Like let's see if I can pull it up for you like that .

Oh , it'll melt .

No problem .

And what I did is I did put a little bit more milk in .

OK .

This is the consistency that you're looking for .

You .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

See that , that cheese was consistency and this right here .

Oh , this is like liquid gold .

Do you hear me ?

It sure is .

If you want some good cheesy flavorful baked macaroni , use that whole 32 ounce of that Velveeta cheese , guys .

All right .

I'm gonna take this off of the stove even though I've turned it off because we don't want it to burn .

Be right back .

OK ?

Everyone I've just drained our noodles .

Our noodles are done and what I like to do , I like to go in with some cold water and just my hands are impeccably clean and you just wanna to disperse some of the cold water onto your noodles .

How come Gina the reason why is because we're gonna put egg in here and I don't want to scramble my eggs .

OK .

So I'm just gonna cool these down .

Otherwise .

Oh , that's hot .

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Otherwise they're gonna continue to cook , you know , and , and it's steam because they're steaming hot .

They will continue to cook , but by running cold water on them , they'll cool down and you'll be able to mix your egg in .

All right , be right back .

OK .

Everybody Gina Young is back and here's what we need to do .

Let's go ahead and start seasoning up our noodles .

Our noodles are nice and cool where we can touch them and it's cool enough where the egg can go in .

All right , so I'd like to put let me open this up to the big hole .

We're gonna put a nice amount of black pepper in there .

Oh you gotta have that black pepper in there guys .

We want this to be well seasoned .

Ok ?

And that's a lot of noodles there .

Alright got your black pepper in you gotta have some garlic powder .

Garlic powder is gonna let off so much flavor in here .

Garlic powder .

Awesome .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Don't put fresh garlic in here guys please do not and we're gonna put some salt .

Not too much salt , ok ?

Just enough to season because our cheeses have salt in it .

So that's absolutely enough right there and we're gonna go in with our one can of cream of chicken .

If you don't have cream of chicken , feel free to use cream of celery or cream of mushroom .

All right , let's get that in there .

Get all that goodness out .

We need all of that .

Ok ?

I hope you all are having a great weekend .

I hope you all seen the Chinese food muck Bang from yesterday .

I hope you enjoyed it .

That was a lot of fun and it was so tasty and I hope you all seen my how to make a juicy turkey burger .

That video was so much fun and it was so tasty guys .

That turkey burger was amazing .

You hear me if you all follow that recipe .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You will be so happy with ground turkey .

Absolutely .

You will .

All right .

So we had salt , we had pepper , we had garlic powder , one can of cream of chicken .

Now we're gonna put in a little bit of , I didn't tell you this ingredient in the beginning .

We're gonna put a little bit of flour in flour .

Gina .

Yes .

Absolutely .

Just a little bit .

And I'll show you how much look at this just enough .

Just let's see just about that much .

OK .

That's not a lot .

We literally just sprinkled it right on top .

OK .

What will it do ?

It will help to bind your macaroni up a little bit .

All right .

And then we have two beautiful large eggs put that on there just like so OK , now you can use utensils to mix this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm gonna wash my hands up and I'd like to use my hands because sometimes when you're cooking certain things , guys , you gotta get down in there with your hands if you know what I'm saying , like you have to in order to mix everything up .

Well , we're gonna go ahead and put our look how thinly chopped , see that .

Like I said , oh , there's so little .

It's gonna disintegrate , right .

Get all that goodness down in here .

Let me wash my hands .

I'll do that right now and we're gonna mix this up before we start washing my hands right now .

Before we start to pour our cheese and put our shredded cheese in .

Now , during this process , you might see me put some milk in .

If I feel like it needs to be thinned out a little , I will do just that .

Ok ?

And if I don't feel like it needs anymore because remember we put milk in our cheese sauce .

If I don't feel like it needs it , then we won't use it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Ok ?

So now that everything's nice and seasoned up , I'm gonna go in with my hands , mix everything up just like , so get those eggs mixed up .

Guys don't be afraid to get in here with your hands .

You know , just make sure you wash your hands and you'll be fine like I could eat this just like this .

But that cream of chicken and those onions in there .

I mean , you know , you have to build flavors and that's what we done .

We have done today .

We're building flavors that garlic powder , that salt and black pepper , the eggs and cream of chicken .

Oh , absolutely .

Bye .

Oh yeah .

Get in there .

All right .

Beautiful .

Nice .

Well , incorporated .

Now what you need to do , I'm gonna wash my hands again .

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You need to turn your oven on 350 degrees and make sure you have aluminum foil for the top of your pan because we're gonna need to cover this during the cooking process in the last half an hour or the last 15 , 25 minutes of cooking .

Process , we'll take that aluminum foil off .

Um All depending on what it looks like .

That's why I said 30 to 2025 50 .

Um , all depending on what it looks like .

We will decide when to take our aluminum foil off so that this can get nice and brown .

Ok .

Here's what we're gonna do .

Let's go ahead and put our beautiful , remember our beautiful sauce that we made cheese sauce .

Pour all that in there guys .

Don't be afraid .

Put it all in there .

This right here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is good home style southern macaroni and cheese .

This is how my grandma made it guys .

And you all , I just can't wait till you all taste it .

You were gonna be like , oh my goodness , Gina , what have you done to me ?

All right , let's see .

I'm trying to focus because this pan is so heavy on my hand .

OK ?

Hold on .

Well , that pam was happy .

All right now , I'm going to mix this and I'm gonna use my rubber spatula .

Mix it up .

Well , take your time .

OK ?

Look at all this beautiful this .

Oh Absolutely .

This is what I'm talking about away and what I wanna do , wanna do is put a little bit more garlic powder in there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Just a little bit , a little bit more black pepper and I will put a little bit of milk .

Watch how much milk guys .

That's about it .

Nothing too much , nothing too much at all .

OK .

It'll still keep that cheese whiz consistency or that cheese sauce consistency .

Mm I love this sound .

Listen to the sound .

Why do I love that sound ?

I know I get crazier here guys but I really do like that sound .

Ok .

I'm going in with my Kobe Jack .

Let's open this up and we're gonna put almost the whole bag in .

There's some , see how I have some .

Let's see .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I have this , we're gonna do something with that towards the end of the cooking process .

OK ?

But then I'm gonna open up the sharp chatter .

Guys .

I love sharp cheddar cheese is one of my favorite cheeses .

Put some in there .

How much Gina ?

Oh , about the same amount and save you a little , you know , save about that much , right ?

And mix it .

Get it well incorporated guys .

We are really doing something in Gina's kitchen today .

You hear me ?

Oh yeah , this is a recipe .

You won't forget .

OK .

Get in there .

Now this is one recipe .

Uh I mean , this is one ingredient that grandma didn't use .

Grandma .

I don't believe my grandma put paprika in hers .

OK ?

So I'm gonna put some paprika in what it does .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It gives a little tiny bit of flavor , but more than anything , it gives a , a deeper color .

OK ?

You know , it's kind of traditional to put paprika on .

Um , you know , a lot of people put it on top of potato salad and big macaroni .

Absolutely Ok .

All right .

This is almost , you wanna make sure it's Well incorporated because we don't want a lot of cheese over here and not enough over there .

So , take your time to mix this .

Absolutely .

And we got that oven roasted chicken that I'm having tonight .

Oh , look at this .

Yes .

Yes .

Yes .

Yes .

I'm very happy with this .

Ok .

Now I'm gonna go in with another one of my touches .

You all that know me , you know .

Oh you know , I love parsley .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm putting some fresh parsley in there .

Everybody .

It's not gonna give a flavor .

It's just gonna give a beautiful color that I love to see .

I love to eat with my eyes .

I love to see beautiful food .

Absolutely .

I do .

And we cooked our noodles after the water started to boil , we cooked our noodles for about nine minutes .

Ok ?

9 to 10 minutes and then we rinsed it off in cold water .

All right .

Beautiful .

Looks like looks perfect .

I wanna put a little bit more water because I know that this is gonna cook a little bit more milk because I know that this is gonna cook for an hour .

OK ?

That's all the milk we're gonna use and it's just a splash .

OK ?

Look at this .

Oh yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now a lot of you people , some people will put butter in their macaroni and cheese .

Please don't put any butter in your macaroni and cheese .

How come Gina ?

You don't wanna put butter in your macaroni and cheese because our cheese has so much butter in it .

We don't need any more butter .

I hate to eat a baked macaroni and cheese and it's greasy .

Oh , that just does me in guys .

I just want to walk out the front door .

Don't use any butter .

All right .

So then I'm gonna smooth it out .

Everything's nice .

Beautiful .

And we're going to put aluminum foil on this and add extra cheese in the bags .

What we're gonna do with it is that last ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Like I said , between a half an hour , 25 minutes or , or 15 minutes , we're gonna put this extra cheese on the top , take our aluminum foil off and we're gonna let that cheese get nice and bubbly and brown and beautiful .

But for now we're all set and done .

We're going ahead , put some beautiful paprika on there and put our aluminum foil on .

Get this bad boy in the oven on 350 degrees when it's done , I'll let you know exactly how long it cooked and you'll see me take it out the oven , take the aluminum foil off .

Put the extra cheese on guys .

We're making baked macaroni and Gina's kitchen today .

Be right back .

Everybody , when you all are putting your um aluminum foil on here , make sure you put it on nice and tight and make sure that your foil is not touching the macaroni .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Welcome back to the kitchen where chef got a cooking show is amazing guys to be in the kitchen .

I wanna say Easter is coming up .

Yes , Easter is coming up .

But this Easter , we wanna simply say to you , we're gonna do a very , very simple thing .

All right , explain it to you guys .

Anyway , this Easter , if you wanna get your pickle for Easter , you can order one from Chef Ricotta .

We're gonna give away a few free buckle for this Easter .

If you wanna get a buckle of pickle sauce , please call me 07944808765 and get a buckle of pickle sauce .

This one we should gonna make .

This one is from Chef Ricotta and I might give away a few buckle for free for your SCB fish .

This is this Easter .

I wanna simply say to you , I'm gonna give you a recipe where you are so you can make it at home .

If you wanna make it , a lot of people can manage the pepper , the pepper .

You know what I mean ?

It is very hot and a lot of people like someone make it for them .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Ok .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm mm .

So much flavor guys .

Oh my gosh .

I promise you you guys better follow this recipe .

It's so good .

Oh Take another bite .

Mm mm .

Yes .

That's exactly what I'm looking for now .

I'm gonna take a , a clean fork just gonna smear that just like that .

Nobody will never know .

All right .

So here's what we're gonna do .

Take that aluminum foil off but save it .

OK , we're gonna save it because when you go to put your macaroni away later you'll need that , uh , that same aluminum foil .

So here's what we're gonna do .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It took an hour for this aluminum foils off , put some cheese on there and let's get a nice , beautiful brown bubbly cheese on top .

I like to crack down into that nice golden brown cheese on the top , guys .

Oh , my goodness .

Oh , I'm really cooking in here .

You hear me ?

I didn't come to play with them today .

No , no , no .

Games in this kitchen today guys .

All right .

Let's get the rest of that .

And so it might take all dependent on your oven because oven temperatures may vary .

Um , it might take eight minutes for this cheese to get nice and golden brown or it could take 10 to 15 minutes .

Ok ?

Whatever it takes to get your cheese nice and golden brown .

You do just that .

Ok ?

And knowing me , you know , I'm gonna put a little bit of parsley because it's beautiful .

Right ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then I'm gonna put some paprika and we have big macaroni 101 grandmom style .

Yes .

Absolutely .

When I make a recipe for you guys , I make sure that the recipe is one of my best recipes that I want to share with you all .

That means I've tasted this recipe time after time again and I approve of it to share it with you all .

I enjoy sharing my recipes and my family's recipes with you all .

I enjoy talking with you all and messaging you guys .

All right .

That's paprika .

Where is my parsley ?

Guys ?

Here it is .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And uh so they will fry the fish and let's put the pickle over the fish .

It's a beautiful recipe guys .

And I'm gonna share the recipe to you .

This is the how to make your pickle sauce at home .

Nice recipe .

And I know you guys love it .

So enjoy the recipe .

Subscribe to the channel and leave your comments .

Thank you so much for watching Chef for a cooking show .

This is it right here .

This is the way I would start that .

This is the way and I'm gonna show you some more .

Add it or we got to have it here ready , ready to go inside of the Easter is the time where a lot of people fry a lot of fish and you know what I mean ?

They put the pickle sauce over the fish .

It's a esca B fish and you know what I mean ?

Easter ?

Oh my days , man .

It's the best time of the year .

It's on Christmas , but it's Easter .

This is where we're gonna start it .

If you wanna get a buckle of the sauce , this is all the buck .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let's stay , let's chef Ricardo and I can make you one and we can give it to if you , if you live near by me , that's fine .

You can get one if you're far away , you can get that one .

My number is 07944808765 .

Thank you so much and this is because I want to simply say to you , this is all of the ingredients which you gonna use instead of our sauce today .

I know you guys are gonna love this one .

As I said before .

This is it right here .

White onion , hot catch B pepper .

We got some fresh thyme , fresh garlic , fresh mix , mixed pepper and also some fresh carrot .

Right here .

We have some , some , some pepper , some pepper seed , some Pimental seed , uh the garlic , all a green pepper , black pepper .

But this is it right here .

We have a few of them which you're gonna use instead of some people call them out kind of .

But you know what I mean , it's pepper , all a green pepper .

But today we're gonna use all of these ingredients to make our pickle sauce .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And guys , to be honest , this is , this is one of the most beautiful thing ever you can do at Easter this time of the year , the best time of the year .

As I can see all of my ingredients , we're gonna put it together .

I got some white vinegar which we also gonna use inside of it .

Uh So guys , I know you will love it and you will enjoy it and please please subscribe to the youtube channel .

Please leave your comments .

Please guys tell someone if they would like to get a buckle of mine pickle sauce for Easter .

Let know and I will give it to you just let me know and I will get one for you guys .

This is what I'm gonna give away for Easter .

Um I will , I will do make it and if you live near by me , I can give you a bottle of my pick of sauce .

My number is 07944808765 .

Next thing you can follow me on Instagram at Cherica cooking .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Our Facebook like pit chef Ricotta cooking are on my website at chef ricotta cooking dot com .

Uh Cherica dot co dot UK .

This is it .

We're gonna make you this pickle sauce for Easter fried fish .

Enjoy the recipe guys .

We love you .

We love you guys and this is what we're gonna do today .

Let's start the show .

First thing what we're gonna do make sure you got a buckle like this one .

Some people use gloss , the gloss buckle , but I have a plastic one which I'm gonna use a new brand .

We get about 100 and 50 of them .

See a new brand comes .

So that's what we're gonna use so you can use your favorite buckle .

We like to use .

You don't really mind .

So let's start the business .

First thing you gonna do , you make sure at home fry your fish and make sure put these to soak first because it says early this year .

Alright , let's kick it off guys .

Nice .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So no , I'm putting this bonnet pepper as you can see I put in the time already so I'm putting the catchy bunt pepper remember I said to you the pepper the bun it is really hot so I have to be careful .

Alright .

This is the garlic it's putting garlic on the side and I use ac Chico garlic are simple crush , crush them and what we're gonna do we're gonna put this inside like this .

There are quite a few of them but that's fine just use with the light to use , right ?

Let's remove this board .

All right .

And then uh what I'm gonna do guys as I can see .

Look at that .

That is beautiful .

Let's change my gloves .

Nice .

So I change off my gloves .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I get rid of all of those peppers with the gloves and everything .

You can't touch the pepper and touch the back land .

You have to be careful .

All right .

So now we're gonna get some vinegar and I'm using some white vinegar and I'm gonna pour it straight inside of it .

Like , yeah , to be honest , you can add more stuff inside of it as you can see because it's a big buckle .

Right .

Next thing .

Yeah .

Seal it .

And when you see it like this , look at that beautiful and nice guys and it built to what you can also do .

Some people put sugar inside of it .

But you know what I mean ?

Come on .

We don't need to put sugar on this .

This is you can put down this as set up to the 3 to 4 months .


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