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2023-08-31 14:30:25

Instant Amla Pickle Recipe - How To Make Kerala Nellikka Achar _ Skinny Recipes

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Hey guys , welcome back to my channel today .

I'm sharing my way of making Amla pickle in the traditional way , homemade pickles are a good source of probiotics also known as gut friendly healthy bacteria .

This pickle will stay good at a room temperature and does not require any refrigeration .

It's been 15 days since I made this pickle at the time of uploading this video .

And as you can see half the bottle is over and there is no fungus formation or any signs that the pickle is going bad .

The Amla has softened and the flavors are balanced due to the process of lacto fermentation .

This light fermentation process actually makes the alas softer and also produce good gut friendly bacteria also known as probiotics .

And guys note that I don't use any branded pink Himalayan salt .

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I buy whole rock salt from the market wash and sun dry and then powder at home in my mixing .

This is how powdered pink salt looks like and it only has a slight subtle pink color .

Just wanted to show you this in case you have doubts regarding the salt .

Do let me know if you want me to share how I get ready the salt at home .

I'm washing and rinsing 12 armas and to steam cook .

The alas also known as Nelia and Malayalam .

I'm using a steamer place the alas onto the steamer and steam cook for about 7 to 10 minutes on low to medium flame .

Once the armas are cooked , it will look like this allow them to cool down and then remove the seeds and it's easy to pull apart the armas when they are cooked and transfer the Amla pieces to a bowl and add in four teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt .

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Try to use pink Himan salt when making this pickle as it will help to preserve the pickle .

And now I'm just toasting the arm so that the salt is nicely coated all over the Amla pieces .

I generally do this process at night and make the pickle next day , especially when I'm short of time or you can keep this for one hour and start to make the pickle masala to make an instant Amla pickle .

Now it's about one hour and as you can see , water has released out from the Arma .

Now let's make the pickle masala .

Now heat a white pan with one tablespoon , gingerly oil also known as till oil .

Once the oil is heated , add in one teaspoon mustard seeds , 3/4 teaspoon mahe seeds .

It's also known as Fenu Greek seeds .

And once the mustard seeds platter , reduce the flame to the lowest and add in a sprig of fresh curry leaves , add in half teaspoon .

He also known as in Malayalam .

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Now turn off the flame and then add in two tablespoon , Kashmiri chili powder , half teaspoon turmeric powder and quickly give it a mix .

Now , instead of Kashmiri chili powder , you can use ordinary chili powder .

But if you're using ordinary chili powder , reduced by half ordinary chili powder has more heat than Kashmiri chili powder .

I like to use Kashmiri chili powder in my recipes as it gives a nice color to the dish .

Now make sure that you mix the chili powder really well as we don't want the chili powder to get burned , it will get lightly roasted in the residue heat of the pan .

And I'm using a heavy bottomed steel pan .

So it retains more heat than an ordinary pan makes it really well for about a minute so that the raw flavor of the chili powder is diminished .

And now for the main ingredient , this is homemade coconut vinegar which I made at home from fermented coconut sap .

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Also known as to , I have yet to share the coconut vinegar recipe and I will try to share it as soon as possible .

So please bear with me .

Now , you can also use apple cider vinegar in this recipe , but make sure you use the apple cider vinegar , which has the mother and now add in 1/4 cup of the homemade coconut vinegar or you can use apple cider vinegar , which has the mother .

Now give it a mix and make sure the heat of the pan has come down before adding the vinegar .

Add in the marinated and steamed amla pieces mixed well .

And remember that the flame has already been turned off .

This is a very easy , very simple pickle but small changes like using pink himal and salt instead of table salt and the homemade vinegar instead of synthetic vinegar makes all the difference .

I'm now just testing whether the salt is enough and I feel a little more salt is needed .

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So I'm adding in one teaspoon , pinky and salt mix well and healthy homemade Amla pickle is ready .

It's ideal to keep the pickle a couple of days and then serve it , transfer it to a glass container and avoid plastic container to store the pickle .

Remember to avoid table salt and synthetic vinegar when making this pickle .

So guys do try this healthy pickle and let me know how this turned out .

Don't forget to like comment and share this video with family and friends .

Thank you for watching and until next time .

Take care .

Bye bye .


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