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2023-08-31 14:16:57

The UTLIMATE Baked Mac & Cheese Recipe for the Holidays!!! (cooking w_ Chef Moe)

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We're about to do something next week .

You will have one you need to , you only need to , that smells so freaking good .

Yeah .

Sorry .

My dad the I usually do tours but we're gonna do something different .

I wanted to do something dealing with food since we're now in the holiday season , especially Thanksgiving .

So I decided to remind them that here because I need some help .

Thanksgiving , Christmas New Year or even on an everyday basis .

You can make this dish and that is mac and cheese , mac and cheese , mac and cheese .

It's a mix of mac and cheese .

So you know , anybody can do it .

It cost under $8 at Walmart .

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I went to Walmart and got all ingredients for under $8 .

This is an easy , super , super easy dish to make .

So even if you're going to somebody else's house for Thanksgiving , definitely try this dish out .

You know what ?

First thing first , you're gonna need a dozen of eggs .

You're only gonna need two eggs out of it .

Then you're gonna need a stick of butter , garlic salt , onion powder , bow pasta , bow pasta is something special that I use for my mac and cheese .

Chef mo thing .

You're gonna need a skillet to boil the pasta .

You're gonna need a clear glass to scramble the eggs and then you're gonna need two bags of Velveeta cheese .

Oh , a milk .

Of course , you're gonna need some milk .

All you need is a stick of butter .

The stick of butter will basically keep the pasta from sticking together .

Hold up .

That's it .

Oh , sorry .

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Boiling pasta is simple and easy .

All you have to do is just keep the stove on high .

Uh Basically make sure the pasta is tender .

We have butter .

I I'm transferring the bo pasta into aluminum pan .

Pure sexist makes me just wanna do some push ups .

Tony's my favorite season in all time .

I put it in the mac and cheese .

I also put it in other things .

Let's reduce 2% milk .

Yeah , 2% reduced milk .

That's what you put in .

I'm gonna throw a little bit more milk in there .

Right .

Right now , Chef Mo is cracking two eggs .

The eggs are used to bind the mac and cheese together and then he's gonna stir .

You wanna make sure the eggs are completely scrambled so it can blend in evenly with mac and cheese .

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Velveeta cheese .

You use the shredded cheese 28 ounce bags .

The first eight ounce bag you pretty much throw in there and mix it all around just like you did your eggs and your milk .

Second one , you just put on the top and you layer it and then you wanna wipe the sides off .

Always want a clean mac and cheese .

So , what are we doing now ?

Putting it in the oven , put it in the oven for how long now ?

20 minutes ?

My preference is uh paprika and uh I just Sprinkle a little bit on top , please .

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That yeah .

So , so that's the basic all we use was milk eggs , pasta .

bow pasta , you taste the difference in the bow pasta .

Yeah , the bow pasta basically absorbs the milk and the cheese a little bit better than el pasta .

The elbow pasta usually dries out the mac and cheese a little bit more .

This gives a little bit more flavor , a little bit more room , you know , um , beautiful day , man thing .

I think I , you know , she's supposed to be like holding me down .

You said you want to say something about ?

Oh , and um , fill in on a different way that you can make it because this is just the foundation , but you can add a lot of different things like additional to it , right ?

You can add bacon into it .

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Uh , you actually for your veggie lovers fresh broccoli .

Um , what other ways you can do ?

Uh , you use different types of use canned milk for a more thick flavor .

Um , if you don't like the 2% milk , um , I never use almond milk with it .

That would be pretty interesting if you're going anywhere like and you have to bring a plate like to uh bring a platter to Thanksgiving or Christmas .

This is real good to have , you know , um mac and cheese .

Who goes wrong with the mac and cheese , you know .

Mm Things like that .

Definitely check out and make sure to ask him the questions we have underscore kitchen .

I'm sorry .

It's tey A S box for you guys .

This is just the beginning guys .

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I'm gonna be at house all the time and we're gonna be cooking up .

I'm trying to teach the daughter how to cook , how to learn .

Oh man , you gonna get it together if you wanna see more .

Check them up again .

Follow him on Instagram .

Follow me and I'll see you guys in the next week .

Peace .


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