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2023-08-31 13:54:34

[1.20.1 Java Edition] How to Play Minecraft With Friends on PC

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Hey youtube .

In this quick tutorial , I will be showing you how to connect and play with your friends in minecraft on PC .

I have a video similar to this on my channel where I did a similar process on a Mac .

So if you are using a Mac , be sure to check that one out .

This tutorial however , is a process for windows users .

Just a quick disclaimer .

This method only works if you and your friend are both on the same internet connection .

So that means you are both connected through the same router or in the same house , et cetera .

So the first thing we wanna do is open up the world that we want our friend to be joining , which is gonna be a single player world .

So I'm just gonna open up this world , ok ?

Once you're in the world , um the first thing you gotta do is press escape to open up the pause menu and then just click open to land and you can change whatever settings you want them to be into a survival spectator , creative and sheets on or off .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then you just say start land world and you can see the start of the land world .

All right .

So now that I've opened my game to land , I'm now on my friend's minecraft .

Now we're gonna open the multiplayer tab and it'll say scanning for games on your local network and you can see here this land world .

So I just connect to this .

I am on my friend account on my world .

So you can see there , there .

I am oftentimes you won't see this option here for whatever reason .

I'm not sure why .

So there is another way to do this .

So you're gonna wanna open your terminal and to do this , go down here where it says type here to search and type in C MD and press enter and type in IP config and it will show all this information .

But all you want to know is your I PV four address .

So whatever number is right here that I PV four address is what you're gonna want to remember .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

OK ?

Once again , I'm on my friend's computer .

So you're gonna want to go to multiplayer again and then go back down to direct connect .

And here you're gonna type in that I PV four address that you found .

And then after the I PV four address , you wanna put a call in and then the land number that we saw when we opened our game to land .

And once you have this all like this , remember the I PV four address with the dots and everything and then a call in and then the land number and then you're gonna click join server and as you can see , once again , I'm in my friend's account .

Um There I am .

So this is just an alternate way if you know , you didn't see your friend's game when you were in the multiplayer time , which for whatever reason happens quite often if you like this video .

Um I'd really appreciate if you can give me a thumbs up and subscribe .

It helped me out a lot and thanks again for watching .


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