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2023-08-31 09:20:56

Making Turkish Coffee & 4 important tips No One tells you

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Hi there everybody and welcome back .

So let's see how to make an original Turkish coffee in a Turkish way .

And I'm going to share with you four great tips about making a Turkish coffee that no one will tell you .

So let's begin to make a Turkish coffee .

You will need room temperature water , fine sugar and a good quality Turkish coffee .

First measure the cup , you will actually drink your coffee in it with water .

Simply pour the water in the cup to know how much water you need .

Remember each cup of water makes coffee for one person .

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So for example , for three persons , you need to measure three cups of water , add the measured water into a small metal sauce pan at the fine sugar , we have three degree of Turkish coffee according to the sweetness of it , which is less sweet where we use only one teaspoon of sugar or medium sweet , which we use only two teaspoons of sugar and extra sweet where we use three teaspoons of sugar .

You can also make it without sugar .

If you don't like to use any sugar in it .

After adding sugar , we add the coffee where we use two heaped teaspoon of Turkish coffee for each cup .

Tip number one , after adding sugar and coffee into your water , you must stir them together before putting them on the heat .

Now , so many videos tell you to stir it while on the heat .

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Well , which is wrong in the traditional way of making Turkish coffee .

You never stir the coffee while it's on the heat .

After stirring it , put it over the medium heat .

And remember the heat must be always on the medium .

After a few minutes , you will see the tiny bubbles start forming on the surface of your coffee .

Slowly take the bubbles with the spoon and pour them inside your coffee cup and keep it aside .

If the bubbles appear again , do the same .

After a few more minutes , you will see the white foam start forming on the surface of your coffee .

Remember do not stir the coffee .

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Once you see your coffee is about to start boiling , you must remove it from the heat tip number two , once your coffee starts to go boiling , remove it from the heat .

Otherwise , if your coffee boils the taste of your coffee will turn more like bitter .

Now it's the time to pour our coffee in the cup .

The same cup that we gather the bubbles .

First tip number three , you must pour the coffee very slowly in the cup to avoid destroying the white foam on the surface .

When you pour the coffee slowly in the cup , the white foam will stay on the top of your coffee in the cup and won't disappear .

After pouring the coffee in the cup , you must not stir it .

You must wait until the coffee parts to go down in the cup and then it's ready to drink .

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Tip number four , making a Turkish coffee takes around 7 to 10 minutes over the heat and you must be patient and you must look over the coffee while you placed it on the heat and not to leave it .

So don't increase the heat to make your coffee faster .

Otherwise , the coffee will not turn rich and tasty as it should be .

If you like the Turkish coffee with milk , click up now and watch my version of Turkish coffee with milk video , which to my opinion , taste even better than the original Turkish coffee .

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more traditional recipes and ancient remedies .

You won't get anywhere else .


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