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2023-08-31 09:28:57

Deep Fried Mac n' Cheese Balls

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Hi guys .

It's so here in today's video , I'm gonna show you guys how to make my deep fried mac and cheese balls .

Apparently , I'm starting up the year with a few unhealthy dishes .

I always have leftover mac and cheese for some reason , I cannot make a small amount of mac and cheese .

I always , I end up making a lot .

It just tastes better for some reason , I will make a large quantity .

And with the leftover , I like to make deep fried mac and cheese balls to check out how to make my stove top mac and cheese .

Please check out the video .

I will post the link at the end of this one and also down below .

Um , keep watching and I'll show you guys what you'll need to do .

So I have here my refrigerated leftover mac and cheese .

I have my melon ball scoop that I am using just to make my balls a little bit more uniform .

But if you don't have this , you can use just a regular spoon .

Now , I refrigerate mine for at least a day or two .

If you want to use this same day , then I do recommend that you , um , don't use as much milk in the original recipe for my stove .

Top mac and cheese .

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When you're done , you wanna take two eggs and lightly beat them in my Ziploc baggie .

Here .

I have my Panko bread crumbs .

You wanna drop your mac and cheese balls into your egg mixture .

You wanna toss these very well in your egg mixture and make sure you tap off any excess before placing it into your Ziploc baggie .

And I like to do about 10 at a time once .

That's good to go .

Go ahead and seal your zip lock and just shake it all up until every surface is nicely coated with that pink .

Now , I typically do not season my Panco bread crumbs , but if that's something that you wanna do , go ahead and do a little pinch of salt and pepper , Italian seasoning whatever you want .

But I find that it tastes better plain when you're done , remove your mac and cheese balls and place them back onto your wax paper , finish with the rest and this is where you'll need to heat up your oil .

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Now , to check if your oil is hot , I'm using the Asian method .

I have the back of my chopstick here .

I'm sticking it into the middle of my pot and see how there's the bubbles forming around my chopstick tells me that my oil is nice and hot .

So now I'm just going to drop in my mac and cheese and just cook it until it's nice and gold and brown .

I like to turn it while it's cooking to ensure even browning .

And if you don't want to use a chopstick method , you can uh use a thermometer and once your oil reaches about 3 50 then it's good to go .

So these are looking so beautiful , nice and golden brown and they're ready to come out .

Oh , man , this is looking so good .

There is nothing like a warm cheesy fresh at the fryer mac and cheese bowl .

So I did finish up the rest of these .

I'm not gonna tell you how many I ate already .

Now it's time to eat .

I always say that I realize that I always say now it's time to eat .

And I do like this .

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This reminds me of um that Homer Simpson Mr Birds and he was like , I crack myself up .

Let's try this .

Oh , so good .

So good .

Yeah , I think it has a nice little crunch creamy .

Definitely comfort food in one little bite .

I hope you guys enjoyed the video .

I hope everyone's having a wonderful year so far .

Thanks for watching .

Bye .


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