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2023-08-31 10:15:25

Lose 10 lbs + Get Taller in 5 Minutes! _ Exercises for Better Posture

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Hey guys , it's Katie .

And today I'm going to do a workout with you that is not only going to help you feel more confident , but also help you look thinner like you lost £10 in less than five minutes .

And I know I'm always telling you , there's no quick fix .

There's not like a magic pill that can change everything right away , which is true , but sometimes there's little things that you can do that will make a huge difference and make you look and feel totally different really quickly while you continue to make that progress over time .

Most of you guys know that weight is something that I struggle with my entire life until I got to that point where I was like enough is enough .

I need to make a change .

And I started really making those lifestyle changes and I lost £45 .

Like I struggled majorly throughout my entire life and I felt insecure , unconfident and that can really impact how you carry yourself , like throughout the day , how you feel about yourself .

And it really affects like your entire posture and your body language .

And that can be one of the most powerful tools that you already have right in your back pocket , change everything in an instant .

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It's kind of like that whole like smile theory , right ?

Like if you're not feeling great and you just smile and kind of fake it till you make it , you actually will start feeling happier and better .

It's the same thing .

So as you're working on being more confident , losing some weight , getting more fit and strong and healthy .

If you start carrying yourself , like , you know , you are worth it and worthy which you are , it'll start to happen .

So I'm going to show you different ways to correct your posture throughout the day that will help you stand a little bit , put that smile on your face and exercises that are going to strengthen your body so that you can hold that posture all the time .

If you guys watch my fall morning routine , you know that I talked all about how this time of year things get real crazy .

Like our schedules get packed , you have midterm school holidays , family , all sorts of things that can really stress you out .

So all month long , I'm going to be bringing you new videos , workouts and vlogs .

They're going to be focused on anti anxiety , destressing and helping you feel amazing starting right now with this first video to help take that stress away .

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So you can feel great if you're ready to sweat the thumbs up and let's do this all Right .

So my posture problem started pretty young .

I was in like fifth grade , the first kid in my class to get boobs and they like popped up overnight , like giant C cup really uncomfortable when you're that young .

So as a defense mechanism , I learned to roll my shoulders forward and kind of like creep like this and try to cover myself and really any time you are like stressed out , you're not confident , you're secure .

Our bodies kind of do that naturally as I got older and I continued to gain more weight and didn't feel like secure and confident in who I was .

I did that more and more .

So I ended up kind of like this , which is the number one mistake most people make .

So they tuck the pelvic , they roll the shoulders and we end up with this really bad posture .

So the first thing that you need to do is learn to stick your booty out a little bit .

So I don't want you like totally arching your back , but you want to pop your booty out and then kind of just relax a little bit more neutral , keeping your core nice and tight .

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You're gonna stack your rib cage right over your hips so that they're just above that pelvis .

Everything is stacked nice , zip the rib cage together , pull the belly in and then the last thing you want to do is stand tall , be a pineapple , right ?

Stand tall wear your crown .

So the crown of the head reaches toward the sky , your shoulders pull back and down , you're going to engage through the lap , these lower laps here , pulling them down into your back pocket and just back , everything nice and tall .

So you should feel relaxed , you should be able to move around , but you should feel strong and engaged the entire time , be able to breathe , move , but feeling like you're standing tall .

So opening up through the chest , what happens when you spend too much time here is you end up with weak muscles in the front , like really tight muscles through your chest , weak muscles in your back .

And you need to work on strengthening those back muscles and opening up through the chest .

So those are the moves I'm gonna show you guys , we're gonna start down on the floor .

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So come all the way on to your belly and from here , I want you to relax for a moment , but then you're going to squeeze your booty nice and tight , engage through the thighs and I want you to bring your thumbs up toward the sky .

So your head is relaxed , neutral spine looking down , you're gonna tap and lift , tap and lift .

So this is going to start to work into the back , into your rhomboids , your laps and really help with his posture .

So I do about 15 here and then from here keeping the glutes engaged , you're gonna lift up and bring your thumbs back behind you , squeezing the shoulder blades together , reach out and squeeze out and squeeze .

The key .

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Really is to hold on that squeeze , squeeze and left again , doing about 15 of these to really strengthen that back .

Another great move is to come onto your back .

And this is more about strengthening those weak muscles in your neck .

So all the way on your back hands , just neutral at your side , you're going to lay here .

I want your gaze to be straight up , tuck your chin slightly .

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Imagine you have a tennis ball there or even if you have one at home , grab a tennis ball , put it right there and then don't move your chin , but lift your head just off the mat and hold , squeeze your neck the front , you're gonna really feel it up here , especially if you have that forward , tilt in your head or the roll in your shoulders , lower back down , hold lower back down and do this about 15 times as well up and down .

And these are moves I try to do every single day .

The last one is gonna help again , strengthen the back , open the chest .

So bring your hands at your side .

It's a little reverse bridge .

So from here , you're gonna lift your hips .

It's easy to want to stay here .

But you're gonna have to push and pull your shoulders back behind you and then tuck your chin in .

Lift your chest , pull the shoulders back , tuck the chin in .

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If this is challenging , that means that you're real weak and tight .

So , really lift and hold , then lower back down , this is something I'm still working on all the time .

Lift it up and lower back down , you're gonna kind of look funny doing this .

So I do it in my room by myself before bed .

Lived up one more time .

Really tuck that chin Again , imagine you have that tennis ball or grab it and lower it back down .

All right .

So again , if you notice that you have that forward head , if it's leaning forward , if your shoulders roll forward a lot , these moves are going to be hard , especially the one where you're on your back , lifting your neck and the one that we just did the reverse bridge , they're gonna be hard at first , but that's ok .

They are going to help you feel so much better .

You're gonna start strengthening through those neck muscles .

Again , if you're stressed out at work and you're like working away like crazy person or studying .

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Do these take a break and they're gonna help you destress get rid of them .

That anxiety feels so much better .

And as you start walking taller , having that good posture , you literally will look like you've lost tons of pounds and it is such a good feeling .

Alright guys .

So I gave you the tips for how to stand tall and have that posture look really amazing .

And if you remember those , if you check back in with your body every single day , you will look thinner right away .

Because when you're like this , everything kind of like wrinkles together .

But when you stand tall , it elongates your body , it elongate your muscle and you're able to look thinner and you feel more confident and you can walk into a room knowing that you feel amazing .

I want you to do those four exercises every single day , either right before bed or first thing in the morning when you wake up , do about 15 reps of each .

You are going to feel it and it will really help you .

So that every day when you want to have that nice posture , your muscles already know exactly what to do and don't forget good things come to those who sweat .

So I'll see you guys next week for another amazing workout .

Bye .

Make me feel so good .


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