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2023-08-31 14:42:00

Tips and tricks to make the best Achar ka Masala, Homemade Pickle Masala, Easy Pickle masala.

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Everyone .

Welcome to some cooking with and it is summer time .

So it is officially pickle making time .

And guys to make the pickle , you need to know how to make the pickle masala .

And that is exactly what I'm going to show you today .

Now , guys , you can use this pickle masala to not just make pickles , but you can add it to your , you can add it in your sprouts , uh salads .

So it is pretty good .

So without any further delay , let's make your kitchen , your family's favorite restaurant by making this pickle masala .

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And now let's proceed .

So guys , for this recipe , you're going to need 1.5 cup of split .

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And the has mustard seeds also called as or 1.5 cup of split and has seeds also called as me or four cups of Kashmiri Red chili powder , one cup of salt , two tablespoon of which is a and a half cup of oil and that is about it .

So now let's begin our process .

So I end up using these pickled masala throughout the year .

So for it to last throughout the year , I usually keep the mustard seeds along with the fere seeds in the sunlight .

So it gets naturally baked and helps it last much more longer than if you use it directly once you get it from the store .

So I would definitely recommend you guys to do the same .

And now let's move on .

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Now , I've taken one cup of salt and we are going to dry , roast it till the time .

All the moisture from the salt gets evaporated that you will feel it by yourself .

Once the moisture gets evaporated , the salt will become much more lighter and you'll be able to tell by yourself once the salt is ready .

So guys , I dry roasted the salt for 3 to 4 minutes on low flame and now it's totally dry .

So let's keep it aside , let it come down to room temperature .

And meanwhile , now let's start heating up the oil .

So in a kada , now let's add the oil and now we are going to heat it up for the next two minutes on a low flame .

So guys , you just double check like this , put your hand like this and when it feels hot or warm , that means the oil is cooked .

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Now , let's keep the oil aside and let it come down to room temperature .

So now guys , the oil and the salt both are at room temperature and you can see how light the salt has become like you can act , will be able to tell the difference .

So now let's keep them aside for a bit and let's take a big bowl and let's add the nuri seeds , followed by the mustard seeds .

Then the Kashmiri red chili powder , the which is a , the salt which is now at room temperature and we are going to add the oil , but then we are going to add oil after we mix this thoroughly .

So let's mix this first .

So now everything is nicely mixed in .

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So I'm just going to make a slight bit of cavity over here and then I'm gonna take about one hold spoonful of this oil , um maybe two and mix it in .

So basically , we are just gonna keep adding little oil as we go and mix that oil in this masala .

Now guys , you will ask me why I heated the oil and then let it cool down .

The reason we do that .

And the reason we don't add hot oil in this masala is because if you add hot oil , then the masala color is going to turn into dark uh red , uh almost like blackish , which you don't want .

It won't give that fresh red color rather , it will give you a very dull , dark , uh draggy red color , which you don't want .

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Also , you might be wondering why I didn't add turmeric or whether I forgot to add turmeric in this pickle masala to answer you .

No , I did not forget the reason I don't add turmeric is because OK , let's add one more .

This thing of oil .

The reason I did not add a turmeric is because after a while , like I'm not gonna use it immediately , right ?

This is going to last me a year .

So if I use it after two months , the masala might turn really dark again blackish .

So to avoid that blackish color , you don't put tame in it .

And now guys , our masala is all set to go inside of last jar .

And as I said , this masala is going to last me a year .

It's gonna be nice and bright .

Even if I am used to make a pickle out of this .

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The pickle is also going to look nice and bright till the end of the year .

So let's just start filling it in the glass container .

Now this is my airtight jar .

So I would also recommend you guys to use an airtight jar .

Also , guys , whenever you fill this Masala , you make sure that you keep pressing it down so that all the extra air oxygen from this container escapes as much as possible .

So our masala is ready now , you can start making all kinds of pickles that you want to make .

So guys , you saw it's a fairly simple process to make this pickle masala .

You can make various kinds of pickles with it and it's going to last you a year .

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And guys , if you like my recipes , then you're definitely going to like this one , this one and this one .

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So don't forget to click on these links and I will see you very soon .

Take care .

Bye bye .


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