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Good morning .

We're gonna be making frozen cups .

All we need is the three packs of , uh , kool-aid , three cups of sugar , your plastic cups .

And this is 16 cups .

And I think they're , yeah , 16 , six ounce cups .

I got from the dollar store for a dollar and just one gallon of water .

This may be a little bit less than a gallon .

But once I add the three cups of sugar and the three packs of lemonade is gonna , um , actually be a gallon .

So it's a little less than a gallon of water .

Anyway , we're gonna make these freeze them .

And with this amount of sugar , the three cups , when you freeze them , if you freeze them , you can flip them right out of there and the bottom will be so soft that you can actually just go ahead and start biting it .

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So this is a good substitute if you're on a budget and you wanna treat your kids in the summer when it's real , real hot , you can make these up , put them in the freezer overnight and in the morning they'll be done .

And so I've done this , uh , back in the day actually .

Um , I used to sell frozen cups , little voca and pickles and that's how I purchased my first car .

But anyway , so here is all ingredients .

You need three cups of sugar , three packs of kool aid , the cups you can use 16 ounce .

They have eight ounce , 14 ounce you decide .

And the gallon of water also .

Now , at the bottom of this cup before you add that you can take and place you like some gummy worms .

We had a lady , we call it a candle lady mama sister .

She used to put um their ranches at the bottom of hers .

They were so good .

Anyway , I'll come back .

Ok ?

Excuse my washing , my son is washing his school uniforms .

Anyway .

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So here are our three packages of Kool aid .

Pink lemonade is actually my favorite because I like that bitter , that tart sweet .

Know all you do is stir and at this point , I had to actually put my little pour and stop back on here .

So I won't make a mess off .

It's not as quick as I like , but that's because it's got to be the lemonade , the regular lemonade .

I only have one pink lemonade .

So I'm not gonna be able to show you these today .

But what I'm gonna show you is some that I've already made .

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I have some um punch and I also have some blue rash there in the , but this is the way you make any flavor .

It doesn't matter about the whatever flavor you choose .

But the key to it being flavorful is using the three packs of Kool Aid per gallon and you can make it in uh with maybe one pack or two , whatever you choose .

But this is the , this is the way we used to sell CFC when I was a kid and this is the way we used to make them .

And like I said , they , you can like , if you take it out of the freezer and set it out for maybe 30 minutes , the ice is almost the consistency of a snow cone .

You can just sit there and eat it with a spoon .

So anyway , here they are .

Ok .

So I got 2468 , I got 9 , 16 , um , ounce cups of frozen cups .

So if you go to the candy lady , this is 4 50 .

Uh , the Kool Aid .

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I got , I got it uh , eight pack for a dollar .

The Domino's sugar was a dollar 99 .

The cups were a dollar .

So , um , you're on a budget and you wanna treat your kids .

Maybe you're somebody that gets stamps .

Once a month .

You could just buy enough to get these and keep those kids going when they see other kids with , with , with snow cones or just go get a frozen cup .

Have a good day .

Ok .

So here's the red frozen cup .

I told you about , look at the syrup on there .

Look at that I just took it out of the freezer and so I'm gonna lift it so you can see what I'm talking about about how the bottom is .

This is one I'm opening .

I just got out of the freezer .

OK ?

Y'all gotta excuse me , but I'm working with OK .

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That's the syrup on it .

Sorry about that .

This camera is that I have this thing that I have it on , it is not stable .

OK ?

And so this is the top and I'm gonna flip it over for you .

So you can see , see , see how salt I'm gonna get a spoon , chocolate .

I know somebody saying no big deal .

Just a frozen cup .

Well , you know what people , some people make a living selling frozen cups .

So this may be a better way for them .

Look , see how I'm able to take the spoon and scoop it out and I just took it out of the freezer .

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But that's how soft it is .

Now , that's with the three cups of sugar though .

So I hope you try what we do here is go back , back , back , back , back , back , back .


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