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2023-08-31 09:30:28

How To - Make Velveeta Shells & Cheese

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Step number one in making macaroni and cheese .

You must follow the instructions .

Must get a pot with water in it .

You must turn your stove all the way on high and you must boil the water .

Oh man , I just drink boiling hot water on him .

What has this been ?

Step one ?

You , you wait for it to boil .

It's not quite boiling yet and it's not clouds though .

Now we wait out the storm be right back .

OK ?

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The next step was to stick the neutrals , take out the cheese bag and then put the noodles in there until it started bubbling .

You had to stir it , make sure it stir on this .

I thought it was recording before but it wasn't .

So you gotta make sure it's full ST when you put it in , you got to turn it down to about six or seven .

You said the timer for nine M .

You should be good .

You've got to wait .

Peep , peep , peep , peep , peep , peep , peep , peep , peep , peep .

No more of that nonsense .

All right , Couer , I need your help .

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Yeah , I do .

I'm not strong enough to lift the pot with one arm and hold the colander with the other .

So uh oh I'm weak .

I need your help .

Come and help me .

Come , help me .

Now you're the one who wanted to eat this stuff .

Come on , please come help for me .

Now .

Magic .

Now we must strengthen the noodles .

No , I have string noodles .

Let's dump Zinzi butt .

Which is , why is it way over here ?

Yeah .

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The needle thing .

No , please don't go fast and move it over here on the lady .

What she's doing ?

She's stealing our mail .

Next we put the cheese in .

Now you mix in the uh , cheese and the cheese .

All right .

So you really just gotta stir it till all the noodles are covered in cheese .

Now , your macaroni and cheese is golden and ready to serve .

Optional step .

Drink Pepsi because Pepsi is good .

That's fine .

Yeah , it is .

All Pepsi products are good .

It has to be the one made with real sugar though because it's , that's the best .

First up in making Pepsi ice .

Not a make .

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No , not just drink it out of the can .

Hm .

Pepsi .

It's not gross .

It's good .

It , it's not as good .

It's not as good as what they call the throwback .

Pepsi .

That was better let they have in it or something .

It doesn't say it any reents but they did something .

It's different that mix up the proportions .

Yeah .

Whatever macaroni and cheese and Pepsi .

The ultimate


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