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2023-08-31 13:50:11

Mac Daddy Bacon Mac and Cheese with Guy Fieri _ Food Network

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Let's talk about this .

Uh Mac Mac , Mac , Mac , Mac , Daddy and cheese .

I don't know if it was necessarily the mac and cheese or my wrapping that you all enjoyed .

Uh some shallots go down and a little bit of garlic .

Now , this is one of my favorite ways to , to handle garlic and to handle shallots is to kind of slow roast them .

When you slow roast them , you kind of bring out that sweetness that you really love about it .

People say , oh , I don't like garlic , it's so bitter and so because you probably had it the wrong way .

Come over here to daddy .

Doctor garlic and I'll help you out .

OK ?

All right .

So we get those together in a little bit of a uh tent , hit it with a little olive oil .

Actually , I like to throw a little salt and a little pepper in there too .

Kind of sealed up , not super , super tight , check it out .

And now we go on a pan kind of a nice little Easter basket thing .

OK .

In uh about 3 25 20 minutes or so .

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Now , while that's going and getting nice and uh caramelized let me get some bacon and some heavy cream and this is gonna be kind of the beginning and start .

Was it the Cream ?

You big Cream fans ?

I like that .

I , I didn't , you didn't strike me as Cream fans but I OK , always check it too .

I'll tell you a great story one time I'm making fettuccini a Cajun Chicken alfredo .

Um We actually use tequila turkey fettuccini and uh we got the , you know , because I always get those mixed up and we asked my buddy's wife to stop .

It's not his wife anymore actually , but we asked her to stop and get the cream for us , the heavy cream and it was uh it was actually the sweetened heavy cream .

So make an Alfredo sauce with that .

And my buddy that's watching this right now is dying .

But I said that let's just keep it between us and the other 400 million people watching this .

Ok ?

A little time going into this , forget it .

I'm not taking it off the stem .

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I don't have any time for that , but this cream is gonna reduce down by about a third if I turn the heat up .

Ok .

Now I'm going low and slow on the bacon because I really want to render down the fat and get some nice crispy bacon because I'm gonna pile that on top of this .

Mac Mac Mac , Mac , Mac Mac Daddy and cheese .

That's all I can sing .

Ok ?

So here's the deal .

The tenders are working , the cream is going down .

The bacon's cooking .

I salt the water .

I add the pasta .

When you come back , it's Mac , Daddy .

Mac and cheese .

And the party continues .

Ok .

Shallots and garlic .

Ha ha , ha , ha , ha .

And don't tell me you don't do that at home .

Ok .

Now , the bacon is gonna work in two different ways .

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One , it's gonna be a nice crunchy topping and two .

It's gonna work as the base of my uh my , that's going to work with my cream to tighten up to make my cheese sauce .

Yes , I know you're wrong .

Bacon cheese sauce .

Yeah , my middle name .

Ok .

Open those bad boys up .

Get that garlic out .

This is a great way to do it .

I'll tell you if you take some garlic like this , this whole thing I did with the shallots and go ahead and make a spread out of it and put it on top of some bread and hit a little fresh a Roma tomatoes on top of that .

You will love it .

Who took my knife ?

That one's a turkey man .

Took it .

It's getting close to your day , isn't it ?

Ok .

Give these a quick little chop up .

Talk amongst yourselves .

Your favorite turkey recipe .

These go in now .

So I've got some hot oil .

I got the shallots and garlic .

They're doing their time .

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What's up guys ?

Hopefully all of you are doing well today , I'm gonna show you the best and easiest macaroni and cheese you're ever gonna make in a crock pot .

That's right .

My crock pot , five cheese , macaroni and cheese and this one has no eggs and no Velveeta .

So let's get started .

Here are the cheeses that we're gonna be using in this recipe .

We have some Monterey Jack Kobe cheese .

We also have some mozzarella and we have some sharp cheddar cheese .

I pre graded all of my cheeses for this recipe using the great attachment on my food processor .

I encourage you to do the same or you can even do it by hand .

I don't encourage you to use the pre graded cheese in the bag because the preservative on there is going to give you a very gritty tasting macaroni and cheese into the crock pot .

We're gonna go ahead and pour our half and half and our whole milk .

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Don't ever rinse pasta unless you're really guided to by the recipe writer , but do not rinse the pasta , just drain it and then add it straight to the crock pot .

Now , all you have to do is give the uh pasta a nice down there .

And that half and half in milk and seasonings give it a taste too just to make sure the seasonings are correct , but don't go too heavy on the salt cause remember , sodium is also in cheese .

So just adjust it slightly if you have to .

Now I'm just gonna add all of the cheese except for about 1.5 cups of the cheddar because that's what we're gonna use to put on top .

So just add that in .

Don't that look good ?

Dangerous but good .

Right .

Ok .

So now all we have to do is top the macaroni and cheese with the last cup and a half of the sharp cheddar and that's it .

We're gonna put the lid on it and let it cook on low for 2.5 hours and that last half hour is going to be a vented method .

So I'll show you what that looks like .

In the meantime , I had two crock pots going .

Actually , this one , I wanted to show you that you can add some protein and veggies .

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This is jalapeno and bacon .

You can add protein and veggies to the mac and cheese and make it into a main course .

You can add some rotisserie chicken , some precooked grilled chicken and broccoli .

Your choice .

Here's what you would do if you're gonna make the macaroni and cheese ahead of time .

Uh , and for travel , go ahead and take the insert out of the heating element , make the macaroni and cheese as normal .

Put the lid on it , place it in the refrigerator and then once you get to where you're going , place the insert right into the heating element and cook it as usual .

So , here's what I meant when I mentioned earlier that we're going to vent the macaroni and cheese , that just simply means we're just gonna give the lid a turn .

We're gonna let some of that moisture just kind of evaporate out for the last 30 minutes .

You're still gonna have a super moist and creamy mac and cheese .

As you can see , it's absolutely delicious and we're gonna hit all points and it seems to me that the points are as follows .

Number one , we didn't have to dirty up a whole lot of dishes except the crop pot in the pot .

We boil the pasta in two .

We got a recipe that really simple and easy and you can't beat it with a stick .

Three .

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We didn't have to use eggs or we didn't have to use Velveeta and five .

We got a recipe that can feed at least 12 people from a crock pot .

How about that ?

You know , you can't beat that .

I'm gonna need you guys to give this video a big thumbs up .

Don't forget to rate comment and subscribe .

Thank you guys so much for watching .

You know , I appreciate it when you come cook with me and hang out .

Don't forget this recipe and others can be found at GD seasoning dot com and I'll see you guys next time .


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