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2023-08-31 09:40:23

Refrigerator Pickles Recipe ~ Noreen's Kitchen

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Hi , everyone .

I'm Noreen and welcome to my kitchen .

And today we're going to make refrigerator pickles .

These things are the hottest thing since white sliced bread uh in , in the culinary world , restaurants are making their own pickles and they're this kind , these are super easy to make .

They take about three days to cure and you are eating crispy and delicious homemade refrigerator pickles in about three days .

So let's go see and how we make these .

All right , I'm gonna just go over all the things you're gonna need to make these great refrigerator pickles .

They're so easy .

I made them a couple of times and um been meaning to share them with you .

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But now with super bowl coming , I thought it might be the perfect time to get some of these in the fridge because they're gonna be perfect by the time you're ready to put out your super bowl spread .

And in all honesty , these are ready in about three days .

So you can enjoy them about three days after you put them in the fridge .

So what you're gonna need obviously is some cucumbers .

Now I get these cucumbers just in my regular produce section at Walmart .

These are locally grown , but I know that these are available nationwide .

They're called baby cucumbers and really , they're just pickling cucumbers .

These are little baby Kirby Dill , Kirby cucumbers and they're perfect for this application .

I have two cups of water , two cups of white vinegar .

I have several cloves of fresh garlic .

We're going to season this up with pickling spice , but I'm going to add to it .

They , they leave um black pepper corns , yellow mustard seed dill , seed , crushed red pepper , celery , seed , salt and sugar .

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Now , this bag is gonna make about four jars of pickles , maybe five .

I'm not quite sure yet , but what I did was I washed these jars with super hot water and soap , rinse them really well .

And then I just put them , I just have these plastic lids that I'm gonna use today because these don't need .

These are not gonna be canned , processed or anything .

They're gonna go right in the fridge and these pickles are going to be super and delicious .

But in order to sterilize these a little bit further , I went ahead and I stuffed these jars after I washed them , I didn't dry them off .

I just stuck them in the microwave for two minutes and um then I let them cool down a little .

So I'm gonna build my brine .

I'm gonna go ahead and get this on the stove .

So it comes to a simmer our vinegar .

Our water .

I'm gonna use two tablespoons of salt and this is just , this is my brine .

Ok .

If you don't like as much salt , you certainly don't have to use as much .

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But overall , I don't think we're gonna end up using four cups of brine .

We're just going to use enough to fill the jars and a quarter cup of sugar .

This is not a sweet pickle .

This sugar evens out the brine .

That's all this does and then give this a stir and I'm gonna go put it on the stove over a medium heat until it comes to a boil .

We don't have to watch that happen .

And you can refer to the recipe that I'm gonna post on my website to know what to , what to do .

OK ?

So I'm gonna put this on this right now .

I'm gonna show you how to process the cucumbers .

I'm cutting off both ends just a little bit .

You don't want to leave the ends on .

Um This helps them pickle a little more quickly and I'm just gonna cut these into spears like that because this is how I like them .

I'm gonna cut all of these up first and then I'll be back and I'll show you what happens next .

OK ?

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I got all of my cucumbers cut up and now I have some peeled garlic .

I'm just gonna put a few cloves in each jar .

You can do as many or as few .

You can leave it out if you like .

But I like garlic in my pickles .

This is actually what distinguishes a pickle from being regular or kosher kosher pickles always have garlic cloves in them .

So there we go .

I think that one probably has a few .

Too many .

There we go .

Now we're gonna season everything up .

I'm gonna start with my pickling spice and my pickling spice looks a little on the sad side .

So it smells really good .

Now , pickling spice has coriander seed , all spice berries , mustard seed , black pepper corns , celery seed dill seed , uh red hot peppers , things like that .

A tablespoon of um pickling spice goes in each jar .

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I'm going to throw a couple of bay leaves .

These are kind of on the small side .

So these are ours .

Yeah .

So I'm not gonna overpower it .

There was a little bit of crushed bailey um in the pickling spice but not as much as I like .

I'm gonna also amp up everything else .

I'm gonna put a teaspoon each of all of these spices , black peppercorns , yellow mustard seed , dill , seed , celery seed .

One of our favorites is those of you who watched us for any length of time .

Now I'm gonna go to a half a teaspoon and I'm gonna add some red pepper flake to each , each one of these jars .

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You can leave it out .

Of course you don't have to put it in , but I think it adds a nice little zing to the pickle .

OK .

And give that a little bit of a shake and then we're gonna put are spears in the jar .

We're just going to arrange them just like this .

Now , you want to make sure that your cucumbers are not as , you know , tall as the jar .

You want a little head space there , even though we're not processing these , you still want a bit of head space in here and you want to pack them fairly tight just like that .

See , there's not too many , but , um , there's enough room in there for everybody to soak up all that .

Yummy .

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Ok .

I'm gonna go finish stuffing these jars and we'll be back and we'll pour our brain .

Ok ?

My vinegar and my brine solution came too a boil and you just want to put enough brine in the jar to , you know , make sure that everything is kind of in there and gets all cozy and it looks like it's taking about two ladle fulls or thereabouts .

I'm definitely gonna have enough , I'll be able to just divide it up between the four jars and it doesn't matter , you don't want to fill them up .

Totally .

A quarter inch is fine .

Like I said , we're not processing these in a water bath or anything .

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These are just gonna go right into the fridge and they're gonna have a nice cold nap for a few days and then you're gonna come back and you're gonna check them , you can check them tomorrow , they'll be pickled and I'm going to go ahead and tighten this and I'm going to give this a shake and kind of get everything distributed in there just like that .

See how pretty that is and it might leak a little .

So just be careful and have a towel and your hands are gonna smell like vinegar , but I just peeled a bunch of garlic .

So my hands smell like garlic already .

Anyway , I just have to rub them on the sink and there you go .

Just like that , stick these in the fridge for at least three days .

Like I said , you can check them tomorrow .

They'll be pickle e but they won't be pickles yet .

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You'll be able to tell when they're pickles .

The best part about refrigerator pickles is they don't get soggy .

Um , they're always crisp and you don't have to add any or any , any crisping agent to them .

Just enjoy them .

Your friends are gonna love these .

You're gonna love these .

I hope you try them .

I hope you love them .

And until next time I'll see you .

Thank you for joining me in my kitchen today .

I hope you liked what you watched today and I hope that you try it and I hope that you love it .

Um If you like it yourself , please consider hitting the thumbs up button and give me a positive rating and also make sure that you hit the subscribe button if you're only not a subscriber so that you don't miss out on any of the fun we have here in our kitchen every single day .

I hope that you enjoyed it .

I'm really glad that you're here .

Thank you for stopping by .

Don't forget to come by tomorrow until next time .

Happy E .


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