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2023-08-31 09:38:37

How to Make Homemade Dill Pickles (Easy Refrigerator Recipe)

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Hi , guys today on Diva Ski Cook , we are making homemade dill pickles .

I love dill pickles and especially the homemade kind because they're very mild .

We get very flavorful , perfect for snacking and they are so easy to make .

Let's go .

Right .

We're gonna start with a brine .

Ok .

We're gonna add our distilled vinegar into our little pot here .

Next we have some cool fresh water , throw that in the pot as well .

We're gonna Sprinkle in a little bit of kosher sea salt .

Right ?

And then I have a little bit of sugar because I kind of like a faint sweetness .

Not too much .

Just a little mm mm .

A little , you know , I'm gonna stir this up until that salt and sugar has dissolved .

I'm gonna bring it to a boil .

Right .

And then we're gonna take it off the heat .

I'm gonna let it cool off .

Then I'm gonna put it in the fridge to get completely cold .

Right .

When you're ready to go .

Go ahead and dice up those cucumbers .

Make sure you use a pickling cucumber like Kirby .

Mhm .

I got these from the farmers' market .

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I cannot find pickling cucumbers in stores .

Anywhere like what's up with that ?

You know , I check whole foods .

But yeah , farmers market is the place to go or you can just like , you know , grow your own .

I'm gonna do little spears here .

You can do like little chips .

You can leave them whole , you know , just with eggs , go ahead and place them into your court jar , stuff them on in there .

This is kind of fun to do .

I like doing this part and of course , this recipe is a refrigerator pickle recipe .

So no caning , you know , all that stuff .

Uh uh Very easy , really easy .

OK .

All right .

So yeah , go ahead and dump those in place those in there kind of , you know , wedge them and they're just like that .

Perfect .

Alright , we're gonna move on here .

Here are my add ends .

I'm using some dill , some garlic and black peppercorn .

There are so many things you can put in homemade pickles an hour .

I'll put that on my blog different , you know , add ins .

You can make them spicy hot , you know , whatever , just you know , so much fun .

But this is a very , very , very basic recipe .

So you can like really play around with it , but I kind of like it simple .

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So yeah , I'm gonna just dump my dill weed in there evenly , divide it up evenly between the two jars .

I'm gonna add in my garlic , my crush fresh garlic .

And then last I'm gonna add in .

Ok .

That's more garlic going in .

Ok girl my corn .

Ok .

Sprinkle that this is optional .

Ok .

You can replace the peppercorn with mustard seed coriander you know but yeah peppercorn for me .

All right so now we are ready for our cold , super cold .

You don't wanna put a hot bar you're gonna have like rubber pickles uh we don't want that so my brine is like very cold .

I'm gonna dump this evenly into my jars just like that .

Fill it all the way up , put that top on there .

Alright and then give it a little shake if your man in the kitchen just shake your food like pop , pop you know they like that .

Ok ?

That's perfect .

Refrigerate it for at least 24 to 48 hours .

No cheating here .

Ok ?

The longer the better and then you are done you have the best snack and pickles .

The flavors are so balanced and you can still taste the cucumber like it's not too salty or vinegar .

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It's just like you still get that very fresh fresh cucumber taste so good .

I love it but that's it .

You guys I hope you enjoyed this video .

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