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2023-08-31 14:20:49

Deep Fried Pickles Recipe ! - Super Easy & Yummy !

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Today , I'm gonna be making something really , really yummy .

And these are my deep fried pickles .

So let's get on with the ingredients .

A half a cup of all purpose flour , one teaspoon of baking powder , a half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper .

A half a teaspoon of salt .

I've got some dill pickles , a half a cup of water and about a cup of Italian bread crumbs .

So those are the ingredients .

So let's get started .

All right , this is a really , really simple batter .

We have our flour .

I'm just gonna pop in my water .

Here we go .

We'll get in Cayenne pepper our salt on our baking powder .

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OK ?

And then we're just gonna mix this up .

OK ?

That's completely mixed .

And now we'll just put that aside and we'll set up our breading station .

All right .

I have everything set up here .

We've got our wet batter and we have our Italian bread crumbs .

OK ?

So first thing we're gonna grab a pickle , I'm gonna do one whole pickle and all the rest are halved .

So I'm gonna get it into our nice batter here and just give it a little shake .

Just get most of it off and then right into the bread crumbs , then I'm gonna grab my other fork and I'm going to coat this .

Now , I make these quite often and this is a little different .

What we're gonna do is we're gonna double coat these .

So the first thing you wanna do is completely coat these .

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So number one nice coat and then into the batter again , try not to get any of the batter off , you know , just kind of gently get the wet batter all over the place just like that and then give it a little shake .

Ok ?

And then back into our bread crumbs .

Now , you could try them doing a single coating .

It will be a little bit thin and that's because the pickle has a lot more exterior moisture than say , uh a mushroom , mushroom is a lot more dry .

So everything sticks better .

So there we go .

But you can see really , really , really nicely sticking there .

So there is pickle number one .

So now we're gonna grab one of the halves , get that in there .

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And what you can do is you can take a paper towel and try to get a lot of the moisture off .

But what I find you can dab them down , but the moisture just keeps coming out of the pickle .

So it's kind of a wasted step .

So there we go , we'll go back into there just quickly cover it .

And this is a very simple batter .

I mean there are so many different kinds of batter , you know , there are ones with egg and oil , all kinds , but this is just very , very simple and this is just delicious .

OK .

There we go and back in there for a second coating .

Just give it a little shake then onto our rack .

Perfect .

OK .

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So what I'm gonna do , I'm gonna do the rest of those because uh hopefully you see the , the actual method so I won't bore you with doing all of them .

So I will whip through these and then I'll come back .

Ok , I'm back .

I haven't done them all .

What I thought I would do for a test .

I'm gonna take all of these four which have been double dipped .

I'm gonna move them over and then I'm gonna do these and I'm gonna only single dip them .

So we're gonna keep them separate and then we'll fry them up and then we're gonna look at the difference .

Ok ?

So we'll do that .

So what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna whip through these , I'm gonna , I'm going to only single batter these ones .

So these four have been double battered and then these four here were only single , battered .

Ok .

So I'm just gonna zoom in a little bit with the camera so that we can just look at them before they hit the fryer .

Ok ?

I've zoomed in a little bit just so that we can inspect what we've done here .

So these four right here were all double battered .

Ok .

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So double dipped , double battered , those have been single dipped .

Now , if you look at them , you can see the batter on these ones here on the double dip .

They're , you know , quite thick here .

You can actually see a little bit of the pickles showing through a little bit here , you know .

Not too bad .

I did a pretty good job .

Ok .

So , you know , it all depends on how crispy that you want them .

When it , when they do hit the fryer , I find that when you only single dip , some of the actual coating may peel off and you'll have a little bit of pickle showing .

But anyway , what we'll do now is we're gonna fry them up and uh then we'll check them out .

So I'll set up my fryer and I'll be back in one second .

All right , my deep fryer is set to 370 °F .

So we'll start off with the double coated ones .

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So there's one to three and for perfect , I am gonna set my timer for two minutes and these will get really , really nicely golden brown .

So I'm gonna just let this go and I'll come back when my timer is up and we're back .

So let's get these out .

So I set my timer for two minutes .

So by the time I shut , shut off my timer , it's about two minutes and 10 seconds , something like that .

But you can see these are really , really nice and brown and crispy .

It looks really , really good .

So just let them drip off for a second and I put another plate here with another little drip tray , you know , so while something's frying , you can set something else up and have it ready to go .

So there we go and you can see these look really , really nice .

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Don't worry , I will zoom in so we can see them a little bit better .

So there we go .

All right .

Now , I'm gonna put my little basket down again and we will get these in .

So now these are the single coated pickles .

So let's get these in .

You know , you might actually like them like this .

It all depends on the person somebody might say , oh , I like those .

So I'm gonna set my timer for two minutes .

There we go and we'll just let those go and I'll be back .

All right , my timer just went off .

That's another two minutes again and I will just let these drip .

So I'm gonna move these over just so that we don't have any mistakes .

Which ones are , which there are our first four , then one , two and three and four .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So instead of talking about them , now , what I'll do is I'll just zoom in first and then we'll just take a little look and we'll , you know , check them out .

So here we have the pickles that were double dipped and you can see like even on this one , there's a little section there that it didn't , you know , it didn't stick that one .

There is not bad .

You can see that the coating on here is really , really nice .

They're really , really crispy .

Now , let me just turn this a little bit .

OK ?

And then here you can see a little bit of the pickle here showing through , you know , you can see and here we go , here's a good example .

You can see that some of the batter has actually come , you know , come away .

I mean , it's not really a big deal .

If you don't really like a really , really thick batter , then try it like this .

You could try a few , like I did try a few double dipped and uh some single dipped here .

You can see again that , you know , there's a little bit missing here .

Let's try this one out .

This one's not bad on the other side .

See that there is really , really good .

OK .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So the only thing left is to cut into one and I'll , well , how about I cut into a double dipped one and a single dip .

Let's try that .

OK .

I don't usually cut on a , I usually use a cutting board , but because of the contrast , I thought this was better .

So here is our double dipped pickle .

So let's just cut into that .

And there we go .

Now , remember when you're doing a deep fried pickle , you don't actually want to cook the pickle so that you don't have any crunch to it .

You know , if you leave it in the deep fryer too long , your coating is gonna get really , really dark and it'll probably burn and you're also gonna get the pickle turning into mush .

And that's something that you don't want .

So you really do want to have two minutes , 2.5 minutes maximum in your deep fryer .

So there we go .

You can see the pickle still nice and you know , it's still got a crunch to it when I cut through it .

Let's try this one here and just to show you and there we go .

OK .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So double dipped , single dipped and there we go .

Perfect .

So that's it for this video .

I hope you enjoyed it .

These are my deep fried pickles .

That's it .

And I'll see you next time .


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