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2023-08-31 14:30:08

Crunchy Dill Cucumber Pickles _ “Best Tasting” Homemade Pickle _ UPDATED 2022 RECIPE BELOW

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If your meat goes on the grill wet , it's gonna come off dry .

So pet those dry very thoroughly and lovingly we want dry this off .

So with Sears and not steams and then once it's nice and dry , let's go ahead and season this up for the grill .

I'm gonna do a little drizzle of olive oil and then we'll kind of repeat our seasonings with a little bit of cayenne , a little bit of pepper , a little bit of salt .

You shouldn't eat too much because of the salt content in the brine .

And I'm just gonna take a brush and kind of smear that all over on both sides and that's really all we need to do before we head to the grill and not just any grill , our homemade brick grill .

I'm assuming you saw this video , but if you did go check it out , so we're gonna throw those down .

Of course , we're going to do the old 10 and two grill mark trick .

We have a video for that too .

How to get those professional grill marks just like a professional .

I know you get those marks once in a while by accident , but check out the video , I will show you how to get those on purpose .

But anyway , I went ahead and grilled that chicken .

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I figure if an end piece is gonna be succulent and juicy , the rest of it's gonna be even better .

So we're gonna go ahead and cut a piece and it certainly felt moist and tender and it was that pickle juice pretty much seemed to have the exact same effect that I've gotten from other times .

I brined chicken using any traditional method .

And then let's go ahead and switch to a little lower angle .

A little closer shot .

And here you can much better see the effects of that pickle juice .

You can see how moist and juicy that meat looks and don't have to take my word for it .

But it was extremely tender and delicious .

And yes , even that tiny little bird piece I just inexplicably grabbed was still quite nice and pretty much edible .

But anyway , that's it .

Pickle brine chicken breast just a little quick and tangy experiment which I think turned out very well .

So I really do hope you give that a try .

Head over to food wishes dot com for all the ingredient amounts and more info as usual and as always enjoy .

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And I'm gonna add a tablespoon of turmeric .

So you have that nice yellow color that pickles normally have stir that up and I have it sitting on an electric burner here on the countertop .

So I'm gonna go ahead and turn this on high and like any other pickling recipe , we're gonna bring this to a boil .

We're gonna let this come to a boil .

But in the meantime , we're gonna start packing our jars with our pickle spears .

So let me grab some jars and we'll start doing that .

All right , let's put these pickle spears in the jars .

I'm using quart jars .

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That's all I have left .

My pickle spears are in the sink in this big stockpot .

Once all the spears are put in the jars , then we will put the brine over top and add a few more things to each jar .

Soaking your cucumbers in the salt water in the cold salt water for several hours .

Helps maintain the little crunch that we all desire in a good pickle .

So that's why they set so long in the cold salt water .

I just kept adding some ice to it throughout the morning as I was working in the kitchen just to make sure it was good and cold .

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You could also soak them in the salt water overnight and keep them in the refrigerator and then drain them the next morning .

Ok .

That jar is full All right .

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I got nine quarts of pickles out of that batch and to each jar , we're gonna add a half a teaspoon of dill .

We're gonna add a teaspoon of minced garlic .

Then we're gonna add a couple of just whole black peppercorns .

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Right .

The pickling mixture was brought to a boil and now we're gonna fill the jars .

You wanna fill them just to the bottom of the neck of the jar .

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Now that they're filled , we're gonna wipe the rims of the jars off so we can put the lids on .

These are going to process in the water bath canner for 10 minutes .

I've brought the jars over here to the water bath canner .

This water is still hot from when I canned my second batch of relish this morning .

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So we're just gonna go ahead and turn this on high and wait for it to come back to the boil .

But the water is 1 to 2 inches over the top of the jars .

We'll just put the lid on and wait for it to boil .

The water is boiling .

We're going to start the timer for 10 minutes .

The pickles are ready to come out , turn the heat off and I usually let the boiling settle down a little bit before I lift the rack up .

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Yeah , just go ahead and lift these out onto a towel .

They look really good .

I like the color of them .

I'll just let these set here to cool down probably until morning and then I'll label them and put them downstairs with the rest of all of our canned goods .

So that's how you make crunchy dill .

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Pickles here in the country .

That's how we do it here on outdoors and country living .

Anyway .

Fairly simple recipe to follow .

There's not a lot to it just time and throwing it all together and then processing it in the water bath , canner .

But pickles , we like to enjoy them as a healthy snack alongside a a sandwich for lunch or just because .

So hopefully you can make some pickles now if you haven't ever done so , but these will be a nice treat in the winter and in months to come .

So thanks again for stopping by my country kitchen and moving one step closer to stepping up my cannon game this year .

Thanks so much again for watching and stopping by today .

Be sure you stay tuned to our channel .

We are gonna actually go out this evening and start digging up our potatoes .

So the potato harvest video will be coming out very soon in the next few days .

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Hopefully , we can get that thrown together amongst everything else we're trying to do .

So .

Thanks again .

Be sure to share our videos with friends and other people that you know , like them and make sure you subscribe .

We've got more to come .

You guys all take care and stay healthy out there .

We'll see you later .


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